Thursday, January 14, 2016

I love getting free stuff!

Especially GOOD free stuff!

Fallout Hobbies had a contest during December for a variety of store credits in return for the best painted minis in several categories that featured their decals. Not having much time to paint before the December 30th deadline, I was only able to send in a few blog pics of my Buffet Assault Group hovertank and my Black Dragons Captain. I was fully expecting to lose, but figured hey, at least I tried right?

Well, like little league T-ball games, everyone who plays is a winner! Ya see, on their FB page Fallout Hobbies announced that the contest was a bust as only four people sent in entries. However in thanks to those four that did, each got a $30 credit. Huzzah!

Ron contacted me yesterday about my prize, and this is what I ordered:

The vinyl airbrush stencils intrigued me, so I got this one to try out. True...I don't have an airbrush, but I do have spray paints and if that fails, I'll just spend some 'quality time' with my future-father-in-law as I have him teach me how to use his airbrush.

Not knowing what else to get, I opted for their decal grab bag, as its likely to have a little of everything. $4 went to shipping, and that was close enough to the $30 total for me. So many thank you's to Fallout Hobbies!

*All images are copyrights of Fallout Hobbies.