Thursday, May 12, 2016

My 30th Anniversary Marine is done!


Despite several good suggestions, and a passionate plea (of a sorts) from Neverness for the Rainbow Warriors, I opted to go with one of my original ideas and painted this mini up as an Alpha Legionnaire. Or, more specifically the 30k Special character: Exodus.

In a nutshell, Exodus is the Alpha Legion equivalent of a Vindicare Assassin, who is armed with a heavily modified bolter-type weapon of unknown origin that he/they (one can never really know with the Alpha Legion) calls 'The Instrument'.

The red light on the hilt of his power dagger (easily the most mediocre of power weapons) indicates that it is in the debatably more effective 'off' setting (i.e.: a regular CCW). 

You'll note he's bereft of any markings which conveniently is 'fluffy' as the Alpha Legion had a notorious habit of operating without any identifying iconography (as well as using false colors, and/or inexplicable iconography...anything to confuse their actual identities). Besides, the 30k Alpha Legion decal sheet from Forgeworld is a whopping $23 before shipping is added!

This mini is based in the same manner as my Grymn army. That's because Forgeworld's Imperial Militia list in their book Tempest elegantly made adding my Grymn into the Grim-Dark easier than every attempt that I've tried to do that thus far. But I'll save that for a later post. However, those of you who are paying attention will have already realized that that means more Alpha Legionnaires are in my painting queue.

Also, for my own reference, my painting recipe for the Alpha Legion is as follows:

• Primed Testors Medium Green
• Base-coated with GW's Sotek Green
• Then Drybrushed lightly with the near Ancient GW Glistening Green
       (which is luckily still available via Coat D'arms)
• Then a light drybrushing of Coat D'arms Enchanted Blue
• After all detailing, washed with Army Painter Strong Tone
• Then a very light drybrushing of GW Bleached Bone


  1. Why thank you sir! I was pretty pleased with it too. Now, on to the Mk IV marines...

  2. Whilst this is a lovely mini and paint job to look upon, a Space Shark in camo armour really would have been the tits mate. Lost opportunity I say. Hahaha!

    No really - looks amazing. The Slaaneshi looking thingie sticking out of the ground is a nice touch.

  3. Yeah, now I HAVE to do some 30k marines.

  4. @ Dai: lol, perhaps but that's not a color scheme for me...but, how bout you? Oh, and that's an Eldar bit, though admittedly their really just different sides of the same coin.

    @ Neverness: Mwuhahahaha!!!

    @Zzzzzz: Thanks!

  5. Yeah, everyone should have 30K points of space marines!

  6. Ya know at one time I probably came close to that...

  7. ...before the Ragequitpocalypse.

  8. Yes well, even whilst painting my 1st Mk IV marine, I couldn't help but ponder that ultimately the game this mini goes to kinda sucks in it's current state.

    I'm still painting 'em though...