Friday, May 5, 2017

Neverness NEEDS a challenge!!!

My buddy Neverness' blog has hit the 6 year mark (approximately) and he's giving away a Space Marine painted by him! Okay, so you can get it as is but where's the fun in that, right? He's a very talented painter (art school does that to you) and as such, I think what his post is really about, is the want of a new 'challenge' (aside from finishing a project in a timely manner, snicker...).

Here's some suggestions that you can give him if you win:

How bout a marine painted in the original Tiger Claws' color scheme?


Or a marine painted up in chocolate chip or some other camo?

Yeah this would suck...

Or, if you really want to twist the screws, how bout one of his FAVORITE chapters: have him paint up an ANGRY MARINE!!!!

They're so angry, they don't even care about typos in their memes!

So head on over and fill up his comments section with your favorite of his posts and get entered into a fun little contest as well. Congrats Neverness!!

(Oh and, you're welcome buddy!)


  1. Replies
    1. Actually that original Tiger Claws scheme is dead sexy....

  2. 1 vote for chocolat chips camo Marpat digital pattern ;)

  3. @ Neverness: My pleasure!

    @Tanith: OOH! Make him paint digi-flage! Yes, that's even more evil!!!

    1. ...I can feel the HATE Flowing through me...

  4. I actually use the tiger strip paint scheme for my tiger claws bikers, and a variant of the chocolate chip scheme (the luftwaffe leopard scheme from N. Africa) on all the vehicles and bikes.

    One of my opponents coined them the 'safari scars'.

  5. You are all too nice. What is needed is a CHROME marine.,%20Chrome,%20Marine%20Abuse,%20Non-Metallic%20Metal,%20Space%20Marines,%20Tau.jpg

  6. Oh dear god! That looks like the stuff of nightmares!!!