Wednesday, September 14, 2011



okay, this is kindova early post for me, but I'm rather enamored with my latest painted mini and I didn't feel like waiting till Thursday or Friday to post it (schedules suck anyways). So here it is, my first painted Quar!
To be honest, I don't know a whole lot of anything about the Quar or the games in which they're played. First there's This Quar's War which is company sized engagements & then Songs of Our Ancestors which I think would be a more appealing skirmish style (there's a nice little review of it here). I first found the Quar on Miniature Review when they posted the CGI Quar Short film, and have been kinda hooked on the minis ever since. I browse their forums regularly (though like most forums I rarely post), and debated for quite sometime about just what I would get. Then, right around my birthday, I ordered a handful on a whim.

Zombiesmith is a small shop, so it took several weeks for my minis to arrive. When it did the other day I found I was shorted one Royalist Rhyfler (what's pictured above), but the 'Head Zombie' responded within a day with apologies & the missing Quar is currently enroute to me. I don't know if I'll ever play the game (I showed a few friends the short film got the incredulous 'really?' response) But I'd like to get the skirmish version rulebook @ some point, along with a few more minis (just in case).

I mean just for the hell of it, who wouldn't want a little collection of seemingly overweight, bipedal, gun toting aardvarks (or anteaters?) who look like they're eternally fighting WWI? We all have minis on our shelves that we bought for no other reason than 'they look cool', right? I'll post the others as I paint them so stay tuned.

Also, in a continuation of my Monday rant. The esteemed Colonel Gravis has also just posted a rant on his blog that's in a similar vain to my own (though he is a bit more eloquent than I). Should you want to read it then you'll find it here.


The Inner Geek said...

I've seen these ant-eaters elsewhere on the interwebz before. I'll admit, I don't get it. But, they do have some charm to them!

Da Masta Cheef said...

They just strike me as a comical choice for a 'warlike' race.

Papa JJ said...

I've looked at the Quar minis before and like I them, though I don't imagine there would be many others interested in them. I can't really see myself wanting to collect enough anteaters to play the full-sized game, but Songs of Ours Ancestors seems pretty cool.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Agreed, just a handful per side would be ideal i think. Regardless of whether I ever play the game or not.