Monday, February 8, 2016

Hasslefree Miniatures is an awesome company!

Go buy from them NOW! Here's their link if ya have some extra $$$ burning a hole in your pocket...

Anyone who's read this blog knows that I have a love of their Grymn, and not too long ago I bought two more in Power Armor when they had a sale. Being a small company, the sudden influx of orders left them behind the eight-ball and it took awhile for my order to be processed. Unlike most purchases where I want some instant-gratification, this was a good thing.

These two bring me up to a squad of five.

Ya see, if they run a bit late, the compensate for their untimeliness with a freebee mini of some sort. Usually something related to your order. Another thing is when ordering, they have a suggestion box, where you can comment on what you'd like to see them make. For quite sometime now, and on my past several orders its been 'When are you going to release the Grymn Spec Ops mini in metal?'

Strangly, the backpack is optional but personally I think they look incomplete without the pack. I only had to buy one for these guys though, as I had gotten one as a freebee on a prior order.

Its my favorite Grymn by far (although it doesn't fit aesthetically with my Grymn army at all). As its a resin master, it costs 10 British pounds, or about $15ish dollars (plus shipping) for a tiny little (although really fucking cool) Grymn. Yeah-no. As much as I love that mini, I simply couldn't justify it. Especially as if it was released in metal it's cost would be anywhere from half, to one third of the resin cost.

Thus on my recent order, I once again asked for it to be released in metal, and once again they fell behind on a timely shipping dispatch, and ya know what? They sent me a FREE Grymn Spec Ops mini!!! My order was a smidge over $20 US, so they almost doubled it with this freebee! How fucking cool is that? Hell, that little Grymn was more than I've ever gotten for free from GW after 20+ years of buying their minis and paints.

As such, I posted a pic with a big thank you post on their FB page! Free minis, sales, listening to their customers (though in all honesty I never expected this response) and is it any wonder why Hasslefree is my favorite mini company?


Oh, and for anyone looking for an Ork vs. Ork Battle Report, sorry but I haven't waded thru all of the photos from Friday yet. Check back on Thursday.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

YT-1300 Conversion and repaint WIP


ooh...I might have to build one of these for myself!

Project #2 during my week of near death was to work on an extra Millenium Falcon that my buddy Billy had. Previously, I had simply repainted another of his extra Millenium Falcons (how many does he have anyways?) resulting in the YT-1300 I dubbed 'Ol Ironsides' (Billy's father's nickname).

The Ol' Ironsides.

This time however Billy wanted a conversion of some sort, well...specifically the Oota Goota. Sorry pal, but that's a bit above my pay grade. Besides, with a name like that all I could think of is that it would crewed by a bunch of Oompa Loompas, lol!

Why not? There were E.T.s in the prequels...

But come implausible is that? I mean Lando had Nien Nunb by his side and seriously how far off is he from an oompa?

Anyways...back on topic, my only previous YT-1300 conversion was my own, my beloved Scarlet Harlot:

The Scarlet Harlot.

Starting off, I cut out the corridor to the cockpit (and the cockpit as well). As I was half dead, I forgot to take WIP pics of that, or pics of cutting off the front of the ship to reposition the cockpit there. It looks pretty good thus far though to be honest I apparently should have had a sharper blade, as my cuts were a bit rough.

No more nasty port-side blind spot! Now there's all sorts of blind spots!

Doesn't look so bad here, but...

Oh well, it'll have to do I suppose. Below you can see its been primed black and has its first layer of gray drybrushed on. Several more layers are coming and...some sort of color scheme after that. Dunno what exactly, but I'll figure it out eventually.

...the first layer of dry-brushing makes it look kinda...ugly. Sad face.

Monday, February 1, 2016

A Wet Willie and a rant...

As it turns out, it was a good thing that my game with Neverness had already been postponed, because I was yet again struck down by illness this past week resulting in a fairly unpleasant 4-day weekend. My beloved Wolfy and I have been sick more or less for the ENTIRE month of January it seems and we're all too happy to be done with this infernal month!

That said, stuck at home and all on my own on Thursday and Friday, I got a fair bit of hobbying in...well, in between the frequent 2ish hour naps, and all of the coughing, snotting and general malaise. Bereft of games to talk about this week due to the aforementioned illness, instead this week's 2 posts will be about what I did as I staved off death...

For the first project I finished was my Khurasan APC for my (as yet still unused) Gruntz army: The Buffet Assault Group. Armed only with a medium grenade launcher in the turret, this is really just an APC rather than an IFV. Still, it painted up nicely and I'm quite happy with it. With this model's completion, all I have left to paint for Gruntz is my Commander's mech, a mortar team, and the in-progress vending bot.

Sorry for the wicked glare. 
Ah yes, their adoring fan base...
Also, whilst half dead, I made my weekly stop by the BoLS to see if they had anything of interest. As usual I was disappointed, but still I had to comment on their 3rd, carbon copy post in about 24 hours about the new Karate-Kid Wulfen. Seriously, it had nothing new at all offer over what the prior two near identical posts had! Its such a shame that what was once the premiere 40k/mini gaming blog is now just a 'click-bait' website.

Speaking of, how does one unfollow Spikey Bits's blog? When I log into blogger, my blog update feed shows:

Spikey Bits
Spikey Bits
Spikey Bits
Spikey Bits
Spikey Bits
Spikey Bits
Somebody actually has a post then more of:
Spikey Bits
Spikey Bits
Spikey Bits
Spikey Bits

Yes, it seems that not content to spam the living shit out of BoLS with his mindless garbage, his own page is even worse! (with the exception of Sundays it seems, I guess he's at church...) Yet looking on the page, I see the followers listed nowhere, keeping me from unfollowing the accursed thing!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

This week's odds & ends


Unfortunately I'll have to start this one off on a sad note. It seems that lost in the rugged and mountainous hinterlands somewhere between eastern Tennessee and western North Carolina, half frozen by the blizzard and no doubt starving to death (there were only so many grots to go round I guess...), WAAAAUGH Neverness has fallen casualty to last week's blizzard and as such our game this coming Friday has been postponed.

Despite the inclement there wasn't a whole lot of free time to paint this past weekend, but I did start work on my APC for The Buffet Assault Group. Its not too far along, but then again I'm no speed painter either. No worries though, the WIP pics below highlighted several flaws that need going over. Normally the camera doesn't show me those till after I declare a mini 'done'.

Gaaaah! So many flaws, so little time!
I'm still on track for the goal painting all of them before I get anymore. That's a feat that I've NEVER once accomplished in all of my gaming career!
A side-by-side with its stable mate. 

In other news, I heard an interesting tidbit from Admiral Drax. Apparently, he enjoyed painting my Tankbustas soooo much, that he's looking to get a job here in the good ol' US, presumably so that he'll be able to paint even more of my Orks! As such I wish him the best of luck in that job search!


Monday, January 25, 2016

Pyg Bushwhackers


This week in (not-so) random ebay purchases:

Don't be hating Rob!

Nope, I don't like the game...but I do like to paint the minis from time to time. These guys will go along with my Captain Gunnbjorn. Its almost like I'm building a themed 'The Big Bang' army...BUT REMEMBER, I only like to paint them, I don't read their rules or anything...

This box has an MSRP of $45, meaning I didn't think I'd ever get it. However, after making minimum bids on this boxed set several times I finally won it in an auction. $20 shipping included? Yes please! Granted, the auctions I had lost previously were only going for $25ish, makes ya wonder why they go for so cheap till ya read about these guys on Battle College.

Apparently they suck.

Not totally, but in comparison to say...Trollkin Highwaymen, they do. Aaaaand we all know that all Warmahordes players are a bunch of cutthroat mother-fuckers who only play purely optimized lists, right?

I kid, I kid (well, no, not 

...anyways, I'm not sure how long it'll be till they find their way to the front of my painting queue but I'm looking forward to painting them up!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Rizin' like da Feenix frum da ashes!

Dats right folks, Da Long Wayz Dezert Groop is prepping for its first battle of 2016! This will also be my first game of 40k since...uh, hell its been a long time to be honest! With the return of my Tankbustas from Admiral Drax, da boyz are once again up to fightin' strength! Especially as my Green Alliance Kickstarter Orks are still nowhere to be seen...

I realized after the fact that adding in my url was kinda redundant...

Neverness and I have been planning on playing a new shitty Ork codex vs. the old shitty Ork codex game since my Tankbustas returned. I sold the new codex several months back because I despise it, and reverted back to the previously flawed (but still better for the most part) codex. Ironically though, my Tankbustas are one of the units that managed to improve in the new codex (assuming you ignore the new, retched mob rule) due to the 'Glory Hogs' rule no longer being insanely stupid. That said, in one of my 2 games with the new codex, after suffering 3 casualties, the Tankbustas failed their mob check and then my 15 point-a-piece Orks with their 6+ save tore themselves to ribbons, only 2 remained afterwards rendering the mob next to useless.

Yup, you know they've done well when after winning 2 games with the new codex, I hated it! Locally, when the dust settled, of the 5 Orks armies known to frequent our FLGS 2 Ork armies had been sold/traded off almost instantly. Mine suffered a major purge of the ranks, and the remaining two (along with my shattered army) went into hibernation.

Good Job GW! 

Not knowing how many of da Boyz survived ebay, I pulled em out of their case to find that I had more than I thought (though not much by Ork standards). I also found an old list and scribbled changes all over it till I had a new, 1k list for this coming Friday. I can probably stretch it up to the 1250 point mark, but given that neither of us have played in well over 6 months and neither have the 7th ed rulebook either (lol). Odds are the game will go slowly anyways without adding in more troops.

Monday, January 18, 2016

My egg plane is complete!


After I worked half a day Saturday, Wolfy and I decided that we'd just have a lazy Saturday from that point on. So, whilst she watched movies and colored, I painted all afternoon, something I haven't done that in quite some time.

After starting out on my Grymn for a bit, I switched gears and painted from start to finish my Lemming Mk I Fighter for Bolt Action. I'm rather fond of it and as its kinda late as I type this, I'll just end it here with a few pics of a fun afternoon's work.

I tried applying the 'Flying Tigers' fanged mouth decals, but they just wouldn't cooperate for whatever reason.
lol, the instrument panel is so high behind the canopy, I don't think the little hobbit pilots would be able to see forward!
Such...uh, sleek lines...
A close up of that instrument panel.