Monday, January 18, 2021

The underworld expands!

I ordered another set of caves and they arrived this past week. I just love these things and probably spent an hour or so just putting this layout together, assembling and reassembling so as to use every piece that I have. 

The full layout though as always, once disassembled the same layout will never again be made. 

15mm marines performing a sweep and clear. 

The marines consist of a Lt., and (3) 5-man tac squads of 'first born' bolter grunts. It's all straight up 40k with just their movement rates halved.

'Movement detected up ahead...'

...and then there is my Quarmy. Easily representing IG in 15mm, albeit with a few minor alterations.

Both forces clock in at 250pts., though for an almost kill team-esque option, the Quar split in half evenly enough to make two, 125pt forces. I mean let's face it: in tunnel fighting, marines are going to slaughter the IG.

Squad sgt. watching the Sentinel tank as it advances up the narrow passage way.

Company CO bellowing out orders via's no wonder the marines can here them!

It's called Zone Mor-what?!?

The Commissar ambling along in the rear, shooting any stragglers for his own amusement.

As always I want more, but am thinking I'll hold off on any more purchases till I get these painted up. Yeah I know, everybody says that...but this will more or less just be an exercise in dry brushing using a color palette reminiscent of the vastly larger Triceratops I painted some years back. 

I sent the layout pic to my GF, and almost immediately this meme is what I got back in


neverness said...

Let me know when you got it painted so we can play on it! :)

Monkeychuka said...

Awesome, you need to paint this! 'Quarmy' indeed! Anyone who has painted a 1:1 scale Triceratops and lived to tell the tale is instantly elevated to legendary status.

Da Masta Cheef said...

@Neverness: Don't hold your breath...

@Monkeychuka: Yeah the GFS museum had gotten the partial cast on loan from another museum in one of the Dakotas. Luckily one of the employees had taken sculpture in college and were able to sculpt the missing parts. Whereas I painted virtually the entire thing (the bastards even put my IN the display at one point as I was working on it...).

So when folks ask what's the largest model I've ever painted, it's a Triceratops skeleton. The skull itself was approx. 5 feet, end to end!