Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Musterin' Da Troopz...


Neverness recently commented that we were about due for our 'quasi-annual' Orks vs Orks 40k game. I agreed and started looking thru the ruins of my army to see what all I could scrape together. 

Turns out: not much.

I have approx. 1,000 points using the 'patrol' force org. No doubt CP farmers are already giving that army type a hardy 'boo-hiss', but the battalion list requires 3 troops choices which I don't have. Following the debacle that was the release of the 'updated' 7th ed Ork Codex, and my subsequent rage-quit/ebaying frenzy, I found my current troops allotment down to a mere 13 Ork boyz and only a handful of grots!

I found the stikkbomb toting grunt a bit odd, till I read that 1 in 10 ork boyz can have tankbusta bombz in the new codex. 

Funds are tight currently, but I did find a cheap squad of 10 (and for once, well assembled) boyz on ebay and picked 'em up. I'll probably get another from the same seller in the future if they're still available to get the requisite (if only the minimum) of 3 troops choices, but the 20ish that I have now will just have to suffice for the time being. 

Monday, May 20, 2019


lol, sorry, but when it comes to buying a Funko Pop Marine, I think 'lol cats' speak is appropriate. I sent pics of this to the gang, Hoss, Screech and Kushial were amused, Neverness, not so much. 

I think the lack of a bobble-head option is a missed opportunity...

Meanwhile Funko Pop collectors are no doubt choking on their Mountain Dew thinking: Ack! You IDIOT! You don't take 'em out of the box! You're depreciating it's (meager $10) resale value!!

Yeah what the fuck ever. Personally I think the only reason people never take these out of their respective boxes is that it makes 'em easier to dust off.

As for this one, I need to find a suitable plinth/base for it. Will then prime it black followed by dry brushing in various shades of grey (to look like stone) and then will use it as an Honored Imperium (Impeerweeum?) Kill Team/40k terrain piece.