Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Two more Ultramarines assault intercessors are complete!



Sure they're a week late and (as is always the case with 40k) quite a few dollars short, but at least I did manage to finish these two up before going off in some other direction. Like my prior post featuring Lt. Horridus, this is just a photo dump of these two marines. My apologies for the indoor photos, but I ran out of daylight and rain is forecast for the next few days leaving me no other option. 

In addition to their red pauldron edging, the 3rd company's number is displayed on their left hip armor plates.

The skull on the left hand marine's holster is likely in recognition of a particularly impressive kill-shot.

In addition to the left side pauldron, chapter icons are also displayed on the right hip armor plates (just incase you were indeed confused by the camo and didn't know who these guys were...). 

Here they are cutting a striking pose with their squad sergeant.

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Ultramarines Primaris Lieutenant Horridus is complete!

The title says it all really. I got a bit excited painting this mini and as such Lt. Horridus kind of left his two subordinate assault intercessors in the dust. They're still in the paint queue though and I hope to finish them sometime in the next week or so. Anyways enough rambling, here he is:

Once again I loathe whomever it was that decided on the helmet stripes to visually identify a Lieutenant. 

I'm still fond of the urban camo, though as always it's effectiveness is suspect at best. 

Originally he was going to be a Captain, armed with the relic version of the master crafted auto bolt rifle. Oh well, this still looks better than the bolt rifles used by the other lieutenants. 

Again, note non-standard Astartes Chainsword, suck it primaris purists! I started scribbling in the margins of the Codex Astartes just as soon as I started applying camo! 

I'm quite certain that those scribbles on his pauldron banner say something heroic.

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Smurfs in progress...


Hey Siph? Do I have the correct hair color for Lt. Horridus?

Just a quick update to let you all know that I'm celebrating Orktober by painting Ultramarines. Because...heresy and all that...or something. Lt. Horridus is now ready for decals I think. 

He is so named as Siph kindly ordered and shipped Neverness and myself each an event only Primaris Lt. last year for the UK price. That cost, with shipping was still $20 CHEAPER than if we were to order them ourselves from GW USA directly (yes we gratefully reimbursed Siph for his troubles). 

He is armed with a master-crafted auto-bolt rifle and an Astartes chainsword. Yes I know the latter is non-standard, however I've paid a Lt's power sword's price for it. Thus I doubt any opponent will mind. 

Originally, I envisioned Lt. Horridus leading my Silver Drakes. However their small army already has a Lieutenant at the helm so when I started my camo Smurfs some ways back, this guy was duly transferred to lead the force.

All three in this WIP batch. The two in back will tip their squad's scale towards the mostly painted side. 

My small Primaris horde is slowly being divvied up between the Drakes' blue and silver and the Smurf's urban camo. Both clock in at about 500-750 points, though that will eventually change when minis a from all individual units start getting painted. Currently my Hellblasters and a 2nd assault intercessor squad are bereft of paint, whilst the bofors turret is both still on the sprue and in it's box. 

Wednesday, October 6, 2021


Why am I painting Ghar again?

Best I can offer you is this: who the hell knows...

Sorry, these indoor pics kinda suck, but I ran out of daylight...

There ya go, the view that most of their foes see: the backsides of these little buggers as they flee for their lives!

I tried eBaying off my previous little Ghar rebel army for close to 6 months to no avail, and eventually gave 'em to my buddy Bob who already had a small Ghar force of some sort (I think). When I got rid of 'em, I included the rule book as well. It's not like I ever played the game, nor is anybody else here locally either. In all honesty, I really don't like any models other than just the basic outcasts (no, not even the Black Guard barring just the one that I have). 

Lovely little cannon once assembled. Assembling it so that the gun itself sits level however...

Anyways, I had kept my original, lone Outcast and had called it a day on Beyond the Gates of Antares...or at least until I stumbled across a NIB, sealed outcast box for $20 on eBay. So here we are again...even less of a force than before. No rules. Neither any hope of, nor intent to actually play the game. Yet I'm painting Ghar rather than my new Orks, the still on the sprue DKK and Ork Terrain, or any of the other myriad new toys that I bought in my last spending spree. Nope, I'm painting Ghar (well, and Battletech minis who have earned their paint jobs in glorious combat). 

Yeah there they go too! It seems that these two are no braver than their compatriots...

These are fairly close though not entirely consistent with my original outcast mini. However they're rebels, so they're not really supposed to be I'd imagine. The lugger guns and disruptor cannon walker on these few are rusted all to hell, having been scavenged from long discarded battlefield detritus. Not all of them will have rusty weaponry though, as I'd imagine that there are at least a few who managed to maintain a white knuckled grip on their guns when fleeing from combat. 
I would imagine that following a battle, once the Ghar forces moved on Fartok's Blackguard would drop in an operative or two to seek out equipment to salvage and outcast survivors to either recruit or else form into insurgent cells such as this one (not that a lone squad of outcasts will strike fear into the hearts of...well anyone). 

The squad so far.

With these five minis now painted, I have just 4 more to go. Hopefully they will scratch the itch sufficiently enough to not encourage any further needless expansion into this seemingly dead game system. That said, there is a somewhat deranged thought that's been rattling around my head here recently to buy several squads of these outcasts, call them Hrud, and use 'em as counts as Imperial Ghard, because you know. I play 40k anymore as often as I do Antares...