Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Sikh & Destroy (Part 2)


The guy kneeling in back will actually be the loader for my already painted LMG gunner.

Coming on the heels of assembling the last of my 30k Blood Angel infantry (still have a Kratos to go), I've been assembling my Sikhs for Bolt Action this week. I've had a hankering to go mucking about with Bolt Action again, and the first step in that process is build some semblance of an army. A little one anyways. 

The 2nd Infantry squad's LMG team.

Sergeants with SMGs. If I ever play any early war games, these guys will simply be omitted. 

My little collection, both those painted and still on the sprue total out to about 500pts for early war, or else 650ish for late war (and only because I recently picked up a 3D printed Chaffee). Whilst I would prefer early war, Screech (my most likely opponent) insists on only playing late war, otherwise known as the part of WWII where his Germans lost all of their battles, their country, and indeed the war.

PIAT team using the PIAT launcher from a Rubicon vehicle stowage kit. It worked out alright, I think.

To each their own, I guess. I'm sure it has more to do with the late war German super (unreliable) tanks which will make mincemeat out of my Chaffee, but whatever. I can always team up with Neverness who also has British troops. Between the three of us, we might even have a vague idea of how to play the game...maybe. Of course there's always Bob who actually knows how to play, but where's the fun in that? lol.

Chaffee is one of my favorite tanks, even though it only arrived at the very tail end of the war. 

This one came primed black; however, I'll reprime it OD green now that I've added the stowage to it. 

Anyways, below is all that I've put together here this week. I have another 15-20 or so infantry to go, then will set about painting them.

They'll be a bit daunting to start painting once the rest are all assembled!

Friday, September 9, 2022

Mk VI Marines, they came by twos....


Currently they're camouflaged to look like Space Wolves.

Welp, my Horus Heresy Mk VI marines are all assembled, and I can honestly say: I'm notta fan. Oh sure they look fine and all, rather what I dislike are the way the models are designed. I mean, they're mono-pose marines, how is anyone to get excited about that? 

I do like the bayonets. My Mk IV guys all have sheathed combat knives bayonets strapped to their belts, allowing me to mix 'em in with these guys.

Well, at least they're not like the 2nd ed 40k mono-pose marines!

No mixing and matching of parts with any of the other various armor types here. No variations of pose aside from: is he looking left? Or right? Or just forward. 


It's bad enough all of your characters are mono-pose, but now your grunt infantry have to be too? It's not like they're fielded in squads of 20 where the massed repetition will be noticeable or anything, right? 

Well at least these two turned out differently after one was promoted to Centurion. 

Speaking of, the only pistol-in-hand option that comes with this kit is a plasma pistol, which is still quite possibly lethal to its wielder in HH. So instead, I scrounged up a modern 40k bolt pistol hand. 

I ordered a bunch of 'IX' pauldrons from eBay. Seemed fitting for the 9th Legion.

Comms/augery scanner dude on the right is the rare marine who stands out in this crowd.

Also, I like assembling 2-piece pauldrons said no one ever. Yeah I get why they did it, but it seems unnecessarily fiddly to assemble, much like the Praetor's cloak which is inexplicably in 3 pieces. Also, even with the instructions, did anyone else have a hellova time getting the cloak and backpack fitted together just right? Or was that just me? 

This beastly bit will remain detached until I paint it and the Praetor, otherwise there will be no reaching those recessed areas!

Anyways...for the time being, these guys will constitute my 2 base legionnaire squads of 10 each. Once I build the Kratos, I'll have approximately 750 points meaning I'll need to buy another squad of something to at least hit 1k. Not sure what though I can assure you it won't be anymore Mk VI's!

Someday these guys hope to all be in the same squad (assuming I don't lose interest well before then...)