Monday, November 24, 2014

Grymn Flyer WIP Post #...uh...3?

Yes 3, I had to look in my links to figure that out, it is 3. Anyways, there wasn't really any photogenic progress on the Traktor Muls from my last post, so instead here's the latest on my Grymn's Garvus Lighter's base (the flyer will use the Arvus Lighter's rules).

The hole in the generator's top is for the Lighter's acrylic base.
Basically, its done. The flyer? Not so much...its not even out of its box yet. The Grymn on this base is a pirate model, so presumably a member of the lighter's crew who was drafted in the Grymn's military along with her ship. Given her attire, its obvious that flight crew are given a lot more latitude in their dress codes than the basic foot-slogging grunts do.

Some of the Lighter's crew up close.
Best of all: she has a Minion!!!! I love minions by the way, can't wait for the upcoming minion movie either! The minion is yet another lovely Bombshell mini. I gotta stop looking at that site, there's about $100 I need to scrounge up for a unit of bots (the arms are interchangeable between those 2 designs) for my Grymn army, but somehow I'm afraid that fixing my car is higher on the priority list than that. Sad face.


Oh well, I'll try to get another post in for Thanksgiving, but no guarantees.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

...and so Infinity begins...


With my 40k minis going out the door in droves these days, I'll admit that very, very few minis are coming back in to replace them. Indeed, in exchange for the 100-200 or so minis that I've sold on ebay, only 5 new ones have been purchased with the proceeds (maybe 6...I think I bought a Battletech mech a month or so back as well). The rest of the $$$ has been dumped into the checking account and thus spent via the usual daily living expenses.

New toys, yay!

Of those few new toys, all (one mech aside) are for Corvus Belli's Infinity. I've purchased for myself an Ariadna Dozer-Engineer (below on the left) to go along with a pair of Traktor Mules (above), and a Moblot to use as a Lt. Only one of the Mules will be for me however with the other going to my GF Wolfy. I also bought a Dozer-Engineer for her as well, though her's is a Hasslefree mini rather than the Infinity model.

Her small collection of HF minis are all female and I figured we'd continue with that theme. However, Corvus Belli's female Dozer-Engineer is a ridiculous pin-up poster-like model with an RPG on her shoulder….because that's typical of even a sci-fi combat setting right? Bikini Battle Armor for the win! and all that nonsense. Instead I got Hasslefree's Modern Trooper: 'Harlequin' pictured below, who as you can see in the side-by-side comparison, looks badass while still being equal (equipment-wise) with her Corvus Belli sculpted male counterpart.

Copyrights of Corvus Belli and Hasslefree Miniatures.

Since we're just starting out, we'll both use her HF minis as stand-ins for: Metros, Line Kazaks and/or Caledonians, and one as a Wulver (who I've already decided is a: shoot that one first!!! model). These, along with the minis above clock in at a 100 point starting force for the each of us. After we figure the game's rules out more, we can decide then as to where we want to go with our troops from there...or if we'd prefer a different faction, etc..

Monday, November 17, 2014

6th ed redeux?


As I said last week, this weekend I took my Spess Mahreenz to the FLGS for a game of 40k. Mac was there with the Red Corsair army I'd given him, along with some reinforcements he added, all of which looked amazing! Indeed, so much so that I tried to convince him it was a loan, and I wanted them back but as compensation he could 'borrow' my Storm Wardens and Angry Marines to paint for awhile.


No, he didn't buy that line of bullshit but did offer to play against me at least. I did take several pics of the army but alas, I had shaky hands syndrome (can I blame my bronchitis for that?). As such quite a few photos were of no use. Thus I'm no sure how coherent the following bat rep will be (not that mine are ever the most coherent to begin with...).

1500 points, one of the old missions w/o the stupid cards...the one with 1 objective each. No psykers either, so really it was a rather enjoyable 6th ed game with a few minor tweaks to the vehicle damage chart, charging into terrain, and apparently rending is only AP2 now (making my Eldar snipers even worse than they were last week). Sorry, no pics of the deployments either, to be honest I think I just flat forgot to take any...

This was the only showcase pic that wasn't blurred all to hell. Here, the Cultists prepare to unleash the hounds (Spawn).
Unleashed they were, only to be charged by my Dreadnought on turn 1. The Spawn couldn't hurt the dread, and it settled into an oh-so-rare and happy state of winning in HTH...
Turn 2 and an already damaged Hellbrute Charged in, to try and save the hounds for some even rarer dread on dread combat!
1 Hull point lost and the hellbrute goes down, leaving my dread to return to his original targets!
My Captain lost his tactical combat squad to these Raptors with a mark of Slaanesh, though he did kill their champion in the challenge.
A turn or two later, the techmarine and another chewed up combat squad tried to save him, but his Relic blade succeeded in finishing off the Raptors, who finished him off in return. The rest of the I4 schleps could only watch in horror...
Having disembarked from their rhino, and wading thru all sorts of fire, the Angry Marines slaughter their way thru the cultist horde.
The Chaos Lord with the Axe of Blind Fury tries repeatedly to climb the wall and take my objective (in the tower one level above my tac squad), but to no avail. He would fall to overwatch fire before succeeding. That said, he did wipe out a Dark Hands' Sternguard Squad earlier, so he probably paid for himself at least.
Having wiped out the cultists, and run down the Obliterator, the few surviving Angry Marines spot what looks to be a beer cooler on the top level and advance to take it...
Here we have Mac, painter extraordinaire and heinous Chaos warlord who informed the triumphant Angry Marines that the objective only contained diet coke! Enraged they hurled endless obscenities in his direction!
I do believe my dread had found his happy place, as he never left this combat till the bottom of turn 7 when he finished off the last Spawn.
Bereft of its storm bolter, the Angry Marines rhino, after multiple turns of going flat out tank shocks a havoc squad out of its cover (pancaking one in a death or glory attempt)!
Unable to contain himself from the diet coke treachery, my Angry Marines leader: The Fist Fucker, calls out the Havocs and kills them all in glorious combat!
 End result: I had both objectives and had tabled Mac's beautiful army. Huzzah!

However as a parting note: before anyone comments that I only like 40k if I'm winning, after my game I dropped right back into my usual rant mode along with Bob, who was suffering under stupid psychic phase and it's near-impossible to deny-the-witch BS.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

The state of my 40k: Astral Claws


Arch Centurion Carnac Commodus in all his glory!

Current Disposition: 

With the demise of my Tyrant's Legion army as the cultists have long since gone the way of ebay, my Astral claws are kindova small and redundant army now. They're also the last army I played prior to my 4ish month hiatus from 40k. Indeed, when 40+ models died to Mephiston (with biomancy of course!) and the Sanguinor who themselves were nigh invulnerable...yeah, that was soooo much fun I simply waked away from 40k for awhile. Now that I've returned, I'm thoroughly unimpressed with the game...but on a higher note, some IG models that went the way of ebay earlier this week funded some new Infinity minis!

Regardless, the state of this army is abysmal. Devoid of cultists, they're just a SM army now. However the almost fully painted Storm Wardens have commandeered the Astral Claws predator, and the Angry Marines have stolen their rhino leaving them on foot.

Future Recruitment:


The Ebay Threat:

lol, well...why don't you check out their current ebay listing here.

Monday, November 10, 2014

The Eldar's path of: The Dysfunctional


After a 4ish month hiatus, I decided to play 40k to see if I still liked the game. Thus I loaded up my biggest army, the Eldar and headed down to the FLGS where I fought against William and his Eldar...dysfunctional Eldar indeed. 1500 points, one of the maelstrom missions which is full of cards that invariably say the same thing as the one you just discarded. As always, the terrain is all Imperial, even in this Eldar vs. Eldar fight because, well GW sucks when it comes to a variety of terrain.

I held the Dragon Knights and Corsairs in reserve. This was my left flank.
My center with a Spiritseer bolstering the troops...
...and what would turn out to be my treacherous Iyanden right flank.
My opponent's left flank and my target priority number one!!!
His center, with the Striking Scorpions deployed far forward...
...and his right which was loaded with a Seer Council, Dark Reapers and bikes.
I failed to steal the initiative, and one of my Expedite Defender squads got chewed up pretty bad but held (the flame template was used to show who needed a LD test).
COWARDS! After just 4 casualties, the Autarch (the schmuck with the sword) and the Iyanden Dire Avengers roll an 11 for LD and flee off the table! With my right flank having already collapsed on turn one, it was probably game over. Suspecting treachery, the Exodites grimly press on with their attack...
The Iyanden Wraithlord stuck around, but took 2 wounds in turn 1!!! The Spiritseer cast renewer on it and it gained one back, but still fell to bladestorm in short order.
Just about all I managed to accomplish in turn 1 was killing off most of the jetbikes. It was pretty sad. Apparently my dice were unhappy with my failed attempts to sell the Exodites on ebay. This experience wouldn't be a deterrent to try again.
Can somebody explain to me why sniper rifles are so fucking useless?
Never mind...they died turn two, so it was a moot point I guess.
I guess I got excited that something was finally going my way because I forgot to take any photos of the Seer council failing to charge my Guardians. They were summarily shurikened to pieces for their failure! Meanwhile the Scorpions charged the other emboldened Guardian squad and in doing so, proved just how lackluster Striking Scorpions really are. This combat would take quite awhile to run its course.
The Corsairs deep strike in and break a squad of Guardians with their shooting!
The also deep striking Venom and Vyper take 3 hull points (collectively) off of the 2 Wave Serpents along with one of the twin-linked Scatter Lasers, but failed to take either of them out.
Turn three and the Corsairs were all but wiped out, however the Dragon Knights (Wraithguard with D-Scythes) arrived from reserve to find that the Warp Spiders forgot to jet-pack out of their cozy little position, hehehe...
Meanwhile this Warlock, the last of his squad, fought to the end and killed the last Scorpion!
This last damned bike was starting to piss me off, between it and the Dark Reapers the other Defender squad was reduced to its warlock and Scatter laser (note, the Dire Avengers and Spiritseer died somewhere along the way). Still, that scatter laser took out the Warwalker which was a nice last gasp effort!
The Corsair prince (sans Blade Sworn and Venom) lobs a haywire grenade, taking a hull point off of the Wave Serpent, but failed to do it anymore harm on the subsequent charge.
Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE D-Scythes? lol, how do you kill cheesy Warp Spiders? With even Cheesier Dragon Knights of course!
His last words: I'm not getting paid enough for this job...
The Hero of the hour! After taking down the last Scorpion, he turned and finished off the Wave Serpent with his Singing Spear!
Gulp! This will not end well...
With everything concentrating on the Dragons, they too fell. Came right down to the last die roll, or else one would have lived to incinerate another squad. Of course that would only have prolonged the inevitable...

Ouch, that was rough. In the end I had 2 VPs, and William probably had dozens...that's what it felt like. My take-aways from the game? I probably held a bit too much in reserve, the dice really didn't like me and when they finally turned around, it was too little too late. I still dislike the psychic phase, as even with psykers everywhere, its damned near impossible to dispell anything. Seriously if they were going to port the Magic phase out of WHFB, then where the fuck are my damned scroll caddies??? Warlocks would make great scroll caddies I think!

Also I think the Maelstrom cards still suck. Its kind of hard to build a strategy vs the opposing army when I'm too busy chasing objectives that are nothing more than luck of the draw. My opponent got several VPs for holding objectives he was already on top of, whereas my cards drawn were for the same objectives which were clear across the board. Gee thanks, let me just run forward suicidally into enemy fire while my opponent can just sit tight in his 4+ cover. There's already too much random shit in this game to make even my mission objectives purely random.

So do I still like 40k? 

Eh, I'm still kinda 'meh' on it to be honest. There's nothing to shift my opinion that 7th ed was nothing more than a poorly thought out and too rapidly shoved out piece-of-shit product that had no other intent than to raise GW's bottom line after THQ tanked. Oh and no, even had I won the game above my opinion of the game wouldn't be any different either. This sentiment certainly wasn't my opponent: William's fault, his army and friendly manner was just what one would hope for in a good game. Sadly, 40k just doesn't seem to me to be a good game anymore.

Unfortunately, 40k is still the #1 game at the FLGS. So I'll begrudgingly bring out the Spess Mahreenz next week and go thru the motions again. Especially as right now I don't have the heart to even bother with my beloved Orks (what little is left of them). That codex still feels like a kick in the teeth (and no, I'm not dropping another $100 on supplements for the good rules...the so-called 'supplement' concept annoys me so much, I don't even want the free Russian-hacked PDFs of them).

Thursday, November 6, 2014

The State of my 30k: Emperor's Children

lol, I guess this is slightly off topic for the first of my 'State of my 40k' series.

Current Disposition:

My apologies for the crummy photos.

Yes folks, I actually painted a pair of Space Marines this week! It is the first time in months in which marines of any sort have landed in my painting lineup! Sadly (as you can see) I don't have the FW recon marines, but lowly scouts…albeit with minor conversions done to them. Recon Marines are fully fledged marines and not in-fact 'lowly scouts' however they can switch to 'scout armor' which reduces their save to a 4+ in exchange for outflank.

The Night Lords Vigilator I had intended to pair with this unit originally is going to go into the Simple Green for a repaint (again!?!). Not sure what I'll do with him to be honest though. An infiltrating, Warlord with a 4+/5++ sounds great on paper, but a few test games with him resulted in all but giving my opponent the Warlord VP! Hell, the fucker never lived beyond turn 2! So needless to say, I intend to have someone else serve as my Warlord. I also wanted a more 'generic' army than the Night Lords list (true, that's optional, but the only Legion to wear the Aquila was the EC, not the NL. If anything my force may end up being a mix of beleaguered loyalists rather than just the Emperor's Children.

Ya see, unlike the usual 'pretty boy' appearance of the Emperor's Children, mine are (as is so typical of me) dirty and grimy with battle-damaged armor. These guys are loyalist (and thus short-lived) survivors of the Istvaan III betrayal. Forewarned of the impending virus bombing by Captain Saul Tarvitz, this squad took shelter in an abandoned drop pod after resealing the hatches. Luckily the pod was undamaged (ensuring a proper hermetic seal) as the Life Eater virus would have otherwise resulted in 100% casualties for the squad. Following that, they weathered the subsequent firestorm in the pod as well. Such an inferno was more or less 'just another day' in the life of a drop pod, and so was a safe place to continue to hold tight. Suffering psychologically from the outrage of betrayal, these marines fought to the last against their former brethren…and they certainly look the part!

In addition to this squad, I have an unpainted/assembled Techmarine with conversion-beamer, and his retinue of servo-automata (servitors with bolters and chainswords), and my old 1st. generation Predator, the aforementioned Vigilator and…well, that's it.

Future Recruitment:

God I wish! Currently even the Chinese knock-offs are financially out of my reach. Though going that route, It looks like about $130 would bring my force up to about 1K in points. For the time being, I'll have to content myself with painting what models I have. Of course given that I only ever manage to paint 3-4 models for any one project at a given time (at most), that ought to keep me content for quite awhile. If someone wants to play 30k, then I can (hopefully) borrow from Bob if needs be, as he has a sizable Emperor's Children force (or at least he does compared to me).

The Ebay Threat:

Zilch. If anything, ebay will be my answer to someday financing more 30k Emperor's Children, rather than finding themselves on it!

Monday, November 3, 2014

I don't casual.


Thursday evening, Wolfy and I made a trip out to the FLGS for a game of X-Wing vs. I.R./Voril and Kushial. Originally it was supposed to be a 3v3 game, but getting 4 out of 6 original players is about right for  the stereotypically unreliable gamer crowd. I asked if I could borrow I.R./Voril's Lambda shuttle so I could give it a try. He's never been fond of it, but Wolfy really wants one, or rather wanted much to our surprise, I.R./Voril gave it to her! Holy crap!?!? Really?

Yes really. So awesome!

X-Wing is really just bumper cars with guns...

As such, it was put to immediate use in our game, and Wolfy and I, fielding the Empire and won the game (eventually...200 point games can run rather long)! In a following 100 point game, I.R./Voril and Kushial won, though it was fairly close as their 2 ships had 2 hull points left between them, making it a rather close game and a good night of fun!