Monday, November 24, 2014

Grymn Flyer WIP Post #...uh...3?

Yes 3, I had to look in my links to figure that out, it is 3. Anyways, there wasn't really any photogenic progress on the Traktor Muls from my last post, so instead here's the latest on my Grymn's Garvus Lighter's base (the flyer will use the Arvus Lighter's rules).

The hole in the generator's top is for the Lighter's acrylic base.
Basically, its done. The flyer? Not so much...its not even out of its box yet. The Grymn on this base is a pirate model, so presumably a member of the lighter's crew who was drafted in the Grymn's military along with her ship. Given her attire, its obvious that flight crew are given a lot more latitude in their dress codes than the basic foot-slogging grunts do.

Some of the Lighter's crew up close.
Best of all: she has a Minion!!!! I love minions by the way, can't wait for the upcoming minion movie either! The minion is yet another lovely Bombshell mini. I gotta stop looking at that site, there's about $100 I need to scrounge up for a unit of bots (the arms are interchangeable between those 2 designs) for my Grymn army, but somehow I'm afraid that fixing my car is higher on the priority list than that. Sad face.


Oh well, I'll try to get another post in for Thanksgiving, but no guarantees.


Kushial said...

So you been in the Christmas candy section of Walmart yet then? We've got Minion Peeps. MINION! PEEPS!

Nuff said.

Da Masta Cheef said...

I don't like peeps though, they somehow ruin marshmallows. How is that even possible?

Kushial said...

Don't like peeps? You're as dead to me as everyone's expectations of Murl decisively picking a Bolt Action army.

Da Masta Cheef said...