Thursday, October 29, 2020

The Inquisitorial Abomination

At some point this hover throne was occupied by a radical member of the Emperor's holy Inquisition. It is not unlike (though clearly a bit less sophisticated) than that utilized by the infamous Gideon Ravenor. Whilst the throne itself is neither fully armored like Ravenor's, nor as heavily armed (psycannons vs. a rotary stubber/bolter), it still was a potent symbol of Inquisitorial might. 

The base model was created by Ill Gotten Games, 3D printed under license by Alter3dimensya, the cannon is from Hasslefree Miniatures, the base is from Gydran Miniatures, and of course there are a few GW bitz used as well. 

The name of it's original occupant has been removed from Imperial record, but what is known is that this deceased Inquisitor utilized a daemonhost which ultimately lead to his/her demise. With the binding wards failing, and their retinue of minions all slain, the Inquisitor in a fit of desperation tried to (and was ultimately successful in) binding the escaping daemon within the form of this rather large root vegetable (perhaps they were in a agricultural market, I dunno)!

However the process of the daemon's re-binding killed it's 'master' and this abominable daemonhost has taken control of the hover throne via it's incredible Beta (carotine?) level psychic powers. Still, as is evidenced by the tool kit strapped to the throne's side, it is suffering from the loss of proper Adeptus Mechanicus' maintenance, incantations and unguents. 

The Hired Swine are also from Ill Gotten Games and produced by Alter3dimensya.

To tend to both the throne's systems as well as all of it's other needs, the daemonhost has suborned a coterie of as yet uncontacted by the Imperium species of xenos which at least visually can best be described as 'Hired Swine'. 

lol, this may never actually see table top use, but if they do I'll do my best to have them face off vs. Neverness who has a special love of off-brand models. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Hellblaster Sergeant Insomnia

Yes, I named him at 4:30am this morning, how'd ya guess? 

Previously this marine was dutifully serving amongst the ranks of the Deathwatch. However when their new rules were released and he learned that Primaris marines wouldn't be getting any of the cool shit, he summarily took his ball and went home. He'll now serve as my Hellblaster sergeant by virtue of being the only non-easy build model in the squad. 

Friday, October 16, 2020

She's Back!!!


Well it took me a bit, but I finally repaired the ruined paint job of my Fem Fa'Tau Fire Warrior Shas'ui.  It didn't take too long actually, especially as half of the mini was fine as is, rather the delay was more psychological than anything. One thing of note that I don't think I mentioned originally is her helmet. It's a 3D printed variant produced by Onos Industries, I thought I had bought 10 but instead had only ordered 5. 

Note the lavender once again poking out of the hole in the hatch just for Monkeychuka.

Oh well, the pulse carbine equipped Fire Warrior is the worst of the lot, so a minimum sized squad isn't much of an issue I guess. It does make it so that every Fire Warrior/Pathfinder/Breacher type has it's own unique helmet style to correspond with their specific gun type. 

Speaking of the Fem Fa'Tau, I've started work on my new crisis suit commander. Nothing too flashy as of yet, still just in the base coating phase. Not sure if I'll keep the flight stand or not. Whilst it would likely negate the fear of ankle breakage, it's position, despite my best efforts doesn't quite line up with the feet, meaning said ankles would always be under tension. 

Sorry Siph, but your boys ought not have gone looking for souvenirs in this neck of the woods... 

On the Spess Mahreen front, the Incandescent Coyotes Rhino has achieved the 'Woolly Bear' state. It's been easier going this time around now that I know what route I'm actually taking. Next step is onto the detailing. 

I guess two is a charm?

Lastly, Neverness and I played our annual Orks vs. Orks game at the FLGS last weekend. Just in case you missed it, you can find the battle report here

Monday, October 5, 2020

I finally bought a display cabinet


It's already filled with a random smattering of favorites, of which only the Grot Spee, Baby Squiggoth and Exodite Autarch on the griffin are likely to see any actual future in-game use. 

I've always wanted one, but they're usually quite expensive and take up a fair bit of my little house's limited space. However and old friend of My Beloved Wolfy whom I'd never personally had met until this purchase was selling one for a mere $75 and I pounced on it! His parents had stored it at his house during a move and never retrieved it. He himself had never used it for anything and it never made it back to them or their estate sale. 

It's solid wood and as you can see it also has a mirror back panel and interior light. the boxes on top are full of My Wolfy's mementos that I don't have the heart to go through/look at right now, as well as the hat she wore at our wedding and a few Halloween decos (her favorite holiday).