Thursday, May 29, 2014

A few new toys for the Fem Fa'Tau...

....oh stop it and get your minds out of the gutter!

lol, just a quikie post this time, forgot its Wednesday night and time for a new post. Anyways, I've purchased (or just assembled stuff that we've had in a box for a long while now) a few new additions to my GF's Fem Fa'Tau army and have been working on them this week. Ironically she's going to give my Exodites a try this weekend and I'll be fielding her Tau.

So here's what we have:

A new Piranha (the green is just primer).
Pulse Accelerator and Grav-Inhibitor drones for the Pathfinders...
A pathfinder with Shadow Sun's unhelmeted head, and a (now defunct) Paulson games Sashimono made for an easy Dark Strider conversion.

Monday, May 26, 2014

The Red Corsairs in all of their Glory!!!

So, as some of you may recall, a little over 2 years ago, I was given an amazingly converted Red Corsair army by one of my readers (a concept that still boggles my mind!). However aside from painting a model or two, I never did anything with it and eventually passed it off to Mac, one of my friends here locally. Mac is, at most maybe 19, and is easily the fastest the painter in our group. Likewise he's arguably the best painter we have as well. Indeed, if you'd like some of his painting tips, check this out.

Mac is a bit of an elitist in that he won't bring an army to the FLGS unless its fully painted, so we haven't seen the Corsairs till this past weekend. In their battlefield debut, he fielded 1k of them against my GF's FemFa'Tau (and was victorious in doing so). Here's a gallery of the minis:

You can see why this guy left the Space Wolves: he brushes his hair!

He added some Raptors to the army, and the flesh hounds function as spawn.

Looks like there's another Fallen Angel to add to the Dark Angels' list...

Love the way the red just pops on all of these guys!

Check out that free hand work!
The full 1k. He still has another 500 or so points to go!

Okay seriously, given the speed with which he paints these models, and considering the level of quality, I think Mac ought to look into starting a painting service in order to finance his hobby (at his age, this game is beyond his pay scale!). I mean, wouldn't you guys pay to have an army that looks like this???

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Warhammer 30k preparations


This week I've managed to squeeze in a little bit of hobby time. In doing so I cleaned up my original predator a smidge in preparation for giving 30k a try this weekend with Scott. I also added a few bits and bobs. Spikes with the heads of those victims of Istvaan IV, a spare fuel drum, and a havoc launcher which I acquired in last weekend's game night bitz swap.

Headlights? Night lords don't need no headlights! (The more I looked at the Alpha Legion rules the less I liked them...)

I plan to plasticard over the sides (including the hatches) to look like spaced armor. Plus that will save me from trying to scrape the old dried glue crud from around the hatches. In case you're wondering there's a crew access hatch under the fuel drum, best not to suffer a penetrating hit though, as odds of getting out of the inferno before dying is debatable.

For all the Tim Conway fans out there, its: DORF ON ROBOTS!!!

Another fun addition has been my Magos Dominus to lead my Mechanicum forces. Not wanting a techmarine to lead the droids (proxied Necron Immortals for this first outing of 30k). I also don't like any of the engineseer minis aside from the old GW SKULLZ models which go for exorbitant prices on ebay. So after some perusing ebay I found an old, and reasonably priced Chaos Squat in exo-armor (the Nids hadn't reached the galaxy yet).

Being the runt that he is, I decided to outfit him with an 'Abeyant'. That's a mobile unit that give the 'magos' move thru cover, it will not die, very bulky, hardened armor and an additional wound. Most important of all, it means he'll be able to see over walls too!


Monday, May 19, 2014

What if General Pickett had trukks to help take the ridge...

Here's a battle report of my game this weekend. I wanted to use Da Long Wayz Dezert Groop in all of its mechanized glory! When tallying things up, they clocked in at 2K! Patrick, always a fan of bigger games as it allows more than one Riptide was all to happy to take me on.

2k, Standard deployment, relic (as-fucking-usual), Orks went first, with no first turn night fight...

It seemed fitting to have the relic be an immovable Ork totem, as anyone who touches a relic dies before they can move anyways...

My deployment zone from the left side...

...and the right.

The Tau left flank...

...and their right (which one doesn't belong kids?).

My kommandos infiltrate, more to push the Pathfinders back than anything.

Turn 1's bonsai charge saw the buggy skwadrun quickly lose a member to difficult terrain. Fix-a-flat had to turbo boost to get to it!

There was minimal shooting as the trukks all went flat out, though I did manage a single wound on one Riptide.
First blood! (no surprise there...).

Unsurprisingly, the trukk charge runs into a wall of pulse fire and the trukks cease to exist, along with several orks...

Turn two the Deff Kopta and Da Masta Cheef, his nobs, and their battlewagon make use of the 'Master of Maneuver' warlord trait by outflanking into the Tau backfield. The battlewagon's shooting was ineffectual, but the deff kopta took out Longstrike's hammerhead with one shot! Huzzah!

Despite the withering overwatch fire, (some) orks reach the tau lines, tying up the Riptide and seeing off some pathfinders!

The Tau Left flank prepares for an about face...
I guess the liked that Longstrike guy...
Da first wave of buggies round the flank as the Tau are distracted by the infantry that's up in their grill!
The Riptide takes down the battlewagon and the onslaught of fire comes in at the Nobs mob!
Darkstrider's squad vaporizes the Kommandos but my flank charge moves in to avenge them!

Despite some casualties, the eavy armor, cybork bodies and Painboy hold up, and the nobs open up into the Fire warriors who summarily flee off the table (taking their Cadre Fireblade with them) leaving them w/o a charge to make. :-/

SHOCK AND AWE!!! The Tankbustas in da Matilda (battlewagon) take out the devilfish thru HPs, and Darkstrider's squad, fails their break test from ork shooting, and also flee off the table.

Da Matilda goes down taking most of the tankbustas with it, though they put another 3 wounds on the right most riptide in the interim. The 'lolz skwad' of proxied storm boys FINALLY arrive and shoot nothing. Hate this unit, it never does anything...

Da Masta Cheef, his nobs mob shot out from under him withers overwhelming overwatch fire to charge the Left side riptide...

...and Da Riptide is DEAD!!! 5 wounds inflicted with the powerklaw, nice!!!

On the right side, the wounded riptide and lone stormboy scrub kill each other eliciting a big cheer from me and a few onlookers! Guess I ought to paint him now. :-/ I still don't like that unit though...
Despite another huge volley of overwatch fire which put another wound on Da Cheef, apparently the Broadside fired the rail cannon in HTH killing da Cheef before he could swing his claw! :-(
With the cheef's (and most everything else's demise) The Tau went into mopping up mode, wiping out virtually everything.
I say 'virtually' as here is the last surviving Ork boy as he flees off of the table.

...and with that, I was tabled the top of turn 5. So I guess the trukks wouldn't have helped Pickett either. Still we had fun, and Da Boyz had several highlights:

• The Deffkopta one-shotting Longstrike's Hammer Head
• The Tankbustas putting 3 wounds on a riptide and actually killing a vehicle (for once they accomplished something!).
• Da Masta Cheef killing the Riptide in one round of combat!

So it was all good.

Speaking of the Tau, the Fem Fa'Tau were engaged by RTVoril's Eldar. I really didn't see much of the game, however at game's end, RT named my GF 'She who destroys armies'! So you can easily tell just how their game

No, I don't think anyone captured their relic either, typical.

Friday, May 16, 2014

So can someone explain to me why this is $85...

...and why a Codex, which is only ONE book, has no slip cover and totals less than a 3rd of the pages, still costs $50. 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Doom of Mymeara (without those pesky Mon'keigh).


I got a game in with my friend RTVoril this past weekend, he was using Dark Eldar whilst I had Exodites and Eldar Corsairs. We played on the FLGS' new ice world table and thus the Doom of Mymeara  it was!

1500 points, 'Tau deployment', Relic mission, I think I went first, but it was night-fight so my shooting was entirely ineffectual aside from killing some mandrakes who popped up behind my lines. The following are a few pics of the game, mostly taken by Neverness (thanks by the way!).

The wall of the 'soon-to-be-martyred'. (Kushial can be seen in the background in the blue shirt).
Despite having killed off both squads of Mandrakes, and 'Supafly' deep striking in, the Exodite battle line is suddenly thrown into disarray...
These brightly colored fuckers are why. Repeatedly flying over head, decapitating the unwary in the process!
Such a DE pretty force isn't it! A Corsair Vyper deep struck into the backfield hoping no one would notice. Then the gunner opened up (killing nothing, WTF?!?!) and, well...they were 'noticed'. In short: Vyper go boom.
Deep striking and scattering badly, the Corsairs landed with their backs to the wall (literally). Inconveniently, they were right where they couldn't see the squad on the balcony. A few made it to the Relic, before dying to massed splinter fire.
The combination of cover+Conceal and Embolden allow the Exodites to secure the relic repeatedly. However they're (also repeatedly) gunned down like their Corsair allies before them. At this point I dubbed these ruins: 'the Alamo'.
Technically I won, Warlord and 1st blood (thank you Mandrakes), vs. the DE getting Warlord only. As usual anyone foolish enough (me) to pick up the relic was summarily, while I did win, it was a pyrrhic victory at best. I had a mere 5 models left, and would have been tabled (easily) had the game gone one more round. In short, the DE kicked the ever-loving-shit out of my Exodites and Corsairs! We had fun though, so it was a good time!