Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Doom of Mymeara (without those pesky Mon'keigh).


I got a game in with my friend RTVoril this past weekend, he was using Dark Eldar whilst I had Exodites and Eldar Corsairs. We played on the FLGS' new ice world table and thus the Doom of Mymeara  it was!

1500 points, 'Tau deployment', Relic mission, I think I went first, but it was night-fight so my shooting was entirely ineffectual aside from killing some mandrakes who popped up behind my lines. The following are a few pics of the game, mostly taken by Neverness (thanks by the way!).

The wall of the 'soon-to-be-martyred'. (Kushial can be seen in the background in the blue shirt).
Despite having killed off both squads of Mandrakes, and 'Supafly' deep striking in, the Exodite battle line is suddenly thrown into disarray...
These brightly colored fuckers are why. Repeatedly flying over head, decapitating the unwary in the process!
Such a DE pretty force isn't it! A Corsair Vyper deep struck into the backfield hoping no one would notice. Then the gunner opened up (killing nothing, WTF?!?!) and, well...they were 'noticed'. In short: Vyper go boom.
Deep striking and scattering badly, the Corsairs landed with their backs to the wall (literally). Inconveniently, they were right where they couldn't see the squad on the balcony. A few made it to the Relic, before dying to massed splinter fire.
The combination of cover+Conceal and Embolden allow the Exodites to secure the relic repeatedly. However they're (also repeatedly) gunned down like their Corsair allies before them. At this point I dubbed these ruins: 'the Alamo'.
Technically I won, Warlord and 1st blood (thank you Mandrakes), vs. the DE getting Warlord only. As usual anyone foolish enough (me) to pick up the relic was summarily, while I did win, it was a pyrrhic victory at best. I had a mere 5 models left, and would have been tabled (easily) had the game gone one more round. In short, the DE kicked the ever-loving-shit out of my Exodites and Corsairs! We had fun though, so it was a good time!


Greg Hess said...

Such gorgeous armies! I love love love that Dark Eldar paint scheme. It's stunning!

rogue.trader.voril said...

"These brightly colored fuckers are why" - I approve! :)

It was a fun game, and not just for stomping 'light kin', but we usually have fun... and brutal games.

RTVoril may need to change to Archon Voril. :)

neverness said...

Yeah, I was glad to see RTVoril's army when I got there, as the last time I saw them only handful of them were painted. They look great!

neverness said...

LOL. Why not Beastmaster Voril? RT Talos? Oh this could distract me all morning, I better stop!

Da Masta Cheef said...

Yeah I figured you'd like that