Sunday, April 28, 2019

Deff Skull Lootas...

...yes, they apparently exist...

Dat kar iz ev'n da propa kolor: BLOO!

A friend of my Beloved Wolfy took this pic a few weeks back:

Dude this is friggin' Tennessee. How do you, of all people not have a damned pickup truck???

Monday, April 15, 2019

Another Fleeting Rainbow Warriors appearance...


My right flank. All 3 of these marines (there's one far forward on the left, out of focus and in terrain) died quickly to enemy fire.

Welp, just in case anyone was wondering if any 'progress' has been made: Nope, I still kinda suck at playing Kill Team. 

A target rich environment!

The blob in the foreground is one of my scouts,
trying to decide on which target to miss...

My buddy Phil asked if I wanted to go in a 4-player free-for-all a week ago and I figured why not? Its been all battletech lately, so I was up for a little change. Skip forward to Saturday and my Rainbow Warriors...or...well, maybe just their accompanying dice were most displeased with having to earn their keep and as such put forth minimal effort. Thusly thwarting all plans of glory on the battlefield. 

Green Arrow and my scout sgt. preparing to do a sweep and clear of the ruins Noah was hunkered down in (as usual). 

When the game (officially) ended on turn 4, Bob and his Thousand Sons were in the lead, Phil and his vile Ulthwe xenos was 2nd, Noah and his Salamanders Pollywogs third and I claimed dead last. Yay. However it was early, and my Beloved Wolfy was in the midst of a board game, so we decided to play it out till the end of turn 6 just for shits and giggles. 

My team, having swept away the last of the Pollywogs, close in on a Guardian fusion Gunner (strange looking fusion gun isn't it?). However Green Arrow put his Deathwatch training to go use and dispatched the alien with 1 shot.  

Given that it no longer mattered, the Rainbows suddenly came alive, gaining 3 more KPs, along with the 'help' of Phil (he killed my scout sgt., so not that helpful...), we removed Noah from the table entirely by the end of turn 5, putting me in 3rd at the least by the game's unofficial end. Indeed, for turn 6, I took Noah's vacated seat as 3 of my 4 remaining KT members were in his deployment zone (the 4th, my up until that turn useless ML gunner was still back in my corner). 

Oh well, I had fun anyways, despite my abysmal die rolls. That said, the Rainbows haven't moved themselves up, or even into the painting queue with this performance!