Thursday, March 28, 2024

The Primaris golf cart is assembled!


How do you say 'DAKKA, DAKKA, DAKKA!' in Primaris?

Yeah, yeah, I know they call this thing an 'ATV" but actual ATVs have ground clearance. This thing would likely bottom out on a street side curb! Space marine bikes (both new and old) have always suffered from this trait as well. 

As you see it above, its outfitted in the infantry killing configuration. On the nose it has the driver operated, twin-linked bolt rifle, as well as the pintle mounted Onslaught Gatling Cannon (weaponry naming conventions clearly don't follow the 10th ed 'simpler' concept). 

Collectively pumping out a whopping 10 shots a turn from this little buggy! Add to that, the bolters rerolling wound rolls, and the gatling having devastating wounds, this little ditty ought to be a priority target. As such, I see some outflanking maneuvers in its future...


Or swap out the gatling cannon for a multi-melta (the bolt rifles are fixed), and you get what my buddy Rob's commented: 'Fast moving multi-meltas scare me.' Noted. Although, that's not as much of a concern for me, were I to face one of these (Nevereness has one for example), as I tend to run basic infantry hordes with minimal vehicles and elite units. 

Snap-fit for the win!

As you can see above, the pintle mount and the gunner's arms are not glued in place to allow for the swapping of the main armament. Also, both the gunner, driver, the ATV's handlebars and the cross-shaped armor plate in front of them are also removable to make this easier to paint. 

That said, due to all the nooks and crannies even when it is halfway unassembled again, this will likely go to the Black Dragons. Because well, deep down little details will not really be seen, especially when everything is black. Also, it will give me the chance to drybrush on some lavender 'dust & grime' to match the rest of the army's basing which ought be an interesting change from the norm. 

Monday, March 25, 2024

These little guys again?


Yeah, not everything measures up to a Space Marine.  

This week my new Zombiesmith boxed game arrived! This time with the Quar in (semi) multi-part plastic minis rather than metal, huzzah! Produced by Wargames Atlantic, I've been waiting quite awhile for this set! You get enough for a dozen each of Royalists and Crusaders, along with a quick-start, skirmish only ruleboook. 

You can cut the box up to make basic terrain printed on the inside, though I don't plan to do so. I have other ideas for my Quar terrain...

The rules are as ever mystifying to me, especially as rules comprehension isn't my strong suit. That said, some folks are working getting some youtube battle reports posted up which ought to help. For example: I have a halfway decent understanding of Star Wars legion due to watching battle reports, despite never playing the game. 

At first these struck me as being even smaller than the old sculpts.

However after some side-by-side comparisons, they're actually bigger in all respects. Though still dwarfed by the Primaris Marine in the first pic above.

Proportionally, they don't gel too well with the old metal minis, though I'm sure folks will mix their metal and plastic forces. I only have a handful of older metals sculpts left, nominally set up for Bolt Action. As such They'll likely be kept separate from these guys. 

These three are a royalist Yawdryl with a Doru SMG on the left and two Rhyflers with Harlech (you read that correctly Kushial!) bolt action rifles to his right.

Note that unlike the Rhyflers, the Yawdryl carries only a food canister and light rucksack with two baguettes sticking out of it. If you couldn't tell by their rotund stature, the Quar like to eat!

These come with flat, 25mm bases akin to those of say Bolt Action, however I've ordered some 20mm bases which are in transit currently. I test fitted them to some of the old, gunked up 20mm bases that I still have and their little integral bases will fit on them just fine without any overhang. 

Two Crusader Rhyflers (one could be a Yawdryl, as they're equipped the same) with semi-automatic Bogen rifles, and one gunner with what's called a Ryshi. Its basically a cross between a Bogen and a WWII Boys anti-tank rifle!

Crusaders tend to carry less gear on their backs than their Royalist opponents. That said, extra Ryshi ammo is spread across the squad. This is important as each squad can have up to three of them!

So why 20mm bases you ask? Because once mounted on 20mm bases, combined with their short height and stooped stature, these Quar will be perfect for some skirmish-styled tunnel fighting in my caverns terrain! Since nobody that I know of locally is even remotely interested in 15mm gaming (admittedly, they're not interested in the Quar either...), my caverns have sat boxed up in the basement, untouched for well over a year now. 

Stay tuned, there will be more about these guys to come!

Friday, March 15, 2024

We March-er...or-uh, mosey(?) for Macragge


Its been a busy month for me so far and as you can tell by the title, odds are that I'm not going to get all 20 of my remaining Smurf intercessors and hellblasters painted like I had originally had hoped to. Indeed, two weeks in and I've managed just five so far. 

Judging by the color, I'd say the guy in the middle pushing his plasma incinerator a little too hard...

That said, they look pretty good, and I'm rather pleased with the glowy effect on the plasma guns. The three Hellblasters bring me up to a combat squad of those guys, whereas the two Intercessors round those out to a dozen painted. Ignoring these two intercessors, I can now field 635 points of fully painted Ultramarines! So yeah, still a long ways to go. 

Beneath the grime, you can just make out some campaign badges on their thigh armor plates.

I had only intended to work on basic troops as they are both the most numerous and least exciting to paint. However after my last game with Neverness, the Librarian has wormed his way into the next batch of Smurfs to paint thanks to his glorious psychic deeds in combat! 

The next five on deck. 

Likewise the 2nd squad's sergeant is in there as well due to consistently rolling 6s to hit & wound with his bolt pistol. He's even successfully wounded a Carnifex with said bolt pistol! Curiously, he also brings 5 chainsword attacks to the table (Suck it assault intercessors!). Backing that up is another 27 CCW attacks, which ought to make even basic intercessors a worrisome target to charge into.

With luck, hopefully I'll get these five (and maybe a few more) done before the month is out. 

Monday, March 4, 2024

Henry Rollins, Black Dragons Ancient


Yes, because he's carrying a Black Flag

This guy's been knocking about on my desk for a few months, so I decided to finally paint him up. Like all of my Dragons he painted up fairly quickly being predominantly of just one color: black (you'd think I'd have more of them painted...). Unfortunately said color makes these guys a bit difficult to photograph as they try to turn into silhouettes. 

There are 7 decals on the standard alone, including the first use of the chapter icons from my new decal sheet.

I'm not sure as to just what type of or how many accolades Mr. Rollins has racked up in his long and varied career, but with this model he gains one more: The most decals that I've ever added to a single infantry model; 11 in total, yeesh.

The left pauldron icon, and a white wing on the thigh armor plate which signifies...something.

The right side thigh plate no doubt tells of his epic deeds. That, or perhaps its just a collection of links to his personal website & webstore, Wikipedia page, Facebook and Instagram...

Armed with the Standard bolt rifle, he's not the most potent of characters, though he does make for a nice centerpiece model who will easily stand out amongst the still mostly primed black horde.  

Insert Khorney joke here.