Monday, March 25, 2024

These little guys again?


Yeah, not everything measures up to a Space Marine.  

This week my new Zombiesmith boxed game arrived! This time with the Quar in (semi) multi-part plastic minis rather than metal, huzzah! Produced by Wargames Atlantic, I've been waiting quite awhile for this set! You get enough for a dozen each of Royalists and Crusaders, along with a quick-start, skirmish only ruleboook. 

You can cut the box up to make basic terrain printed on the inside, though I don't plan to do so. I have other ideas for my Quar terrain...

The rules are as ever mystifying to me, especially as rules comprehension isn't my strong suit. That said, some folks are working getting some youtube battle reports posted up which ought to help. For example: I have a halfway decent understanding of Star Wars legion due to watching battle reports, despite never playing the game. 

At first these struck me as being even smaller than the old sculpts.

However after some side-by-side comparisons, they're actually bigger in all respects. Though still dwarfed by the Primaris Marine in the first pic above.

Proportionally, they don't gel too well with the old metal minis, though I'm sure folks will mix their metal and plastic forces. I only have a handful of older metals sculpts left, nominally set up for Bolt Action. As such They'll likely be kept separate from these guys. 

These three are a royalist Yawdryl with a Doru SMG on the left and two Rhyflers with Harlech (you read that correctly Kushial!) bolt action rifles to his right.

Note that unlike the Rhyflers, the Yawdryl carries only a food canister and light rucksack with two baguettes sticking out of it. If you couldn't tell by their rotund stature, the Quar like to eat!

These come with flat, 25mm bases akin to those of say Bolt Action, however I've ordered some 20mm bases which are in transit currently. I test fitted them to some of the old, gunked up 20mm bases that I still have and their little integral bases will fit on them just fine without any overhang. 

Two Crusader Rhyflers (one could be a Yawdryl, as they're equipped the same) with semi-automatic Bogen rifles, and one gunner with what's called a Ryshi. Its basically a cross between a Bogen and a WWII Boys anti-tank rifle!

Crusaders tend to carry less gear on their backs than their Royalist opponents. That said, extra Ryshi ammo is spread across the squad. This is important as each squad can have up to three of them!

So why 20mm bases you ask? Because once mounted on 20mm bases, combined with their short height and stooped stature, these Quar will be perfect for some skirmish-styled tunnel fighting in my caverns terrain! Since nobody that I know of locally is even remotely interested in 15mm gaming (admittedly, they're not interested in the Quar either...), my caverns have sat boxed up in the basement, untouched for well over a year now. 

Stay tuned, there will be more about these guys to come!


Kushial said...

A small force of those painted up as WW1 Bavarians would make for a nice look.

Zzzzzz said...

Whenever I see Quar, I think of you. Which is why I always think of Quar as Chewbacca sized.

Da Masta Cheef said...

@Kushial: The one that I have painted up for Bolt Action (currently) are kindo on that wavelength. Am thinking of going with a brighter, more cartoony green for the Crusaders. Will see if I like that or not following a test model or two.

@Zzzzz: lol, I'm good with those associations! I don't think they're quite that tall though.