Thursday, January 28, 2021

Making progress on painting up my caverns.


One of these is not like the others...

Welp, this project is going faster than I expected. After trying one or two color combos I just opted to go super easy, with a simple dry brushed layer of Bleached Bone over Testors Light Earth flat spray paint. 

Amusingly, my generic base flocking works quite well in the caves.

Mad Cap Mushrooms?

To break up the monotony, I've added a few little tufts here and there in a variety of colors representing alien shrooms, fungi, or flowers that apparently don't need any light. Several columns and wall sides are also 'ard coated to look wet but that doesn't show up in these pics. 

I have 2 of each type of entrance. 

No cave trolls spotted...yet.

The two cave entrances that I have painted thus far are flocked mainly on the outside and around the arch undersides, representing the forest beyond. 

The simple dry brushing really ties it all together nicely.

Zone Mortalis in 15mm!!

These are fairly quick and easy to do, and am batch painting them at a rate of a half dozen at a time. Already about a third of the way done, I'm hoping I can push thru the rest before running out of steam, with my hobby butterfly wandering off to paint something else. 

Monday, January 25, 2021

The Carrot

Behold! Inquisitor Gideon Ravenor in his vegetative state...

And the angel of the lord came unto me, snatching me up from my place of slumber. and took me on high, and higher still until we moved to the space betwixt the air itself.

And he brought me into a vast farmlands of our own Midwest.
And as we descended, cries of impending doom rose from the soil.
One thousand, nay a million voices full of fear. And terror possessed me then

And I begged, "Angel of the Lord, what are these tortured screams?"

And the angel said unto me, "These are the cries of the carrots, the cries of the carrots!

You see, Reverend Maynard, tomorrow is harvest day and to them it is the holocaust."

And I sprang from my slumber drenched in sweat like the tears of one million terrified brothers and roared: 

"Hear me now, I have seen the light! They have a consciousness, they have a life, they have a soul! 

Damn you!

Let the rabbits wear glasses! Save our brothers!"

-from 'Disgustipated' by Tool

Note the discolored gatling gun barrels, no doubt from shooting at many a varmint... 

We all know that Neverness wants one of these...

I mean come on, had I not posted that Tool monologue in this post, then somebody else would have in the comments. Hell, when I posted a WIP pic on facebook a little ways back, the above was one of the first replies I received. 

This was a fun little side project (not that I really have a main project...). No idea what I'll do with it now though, so this is currently hovering ominously in my display case. I have a 2nd one of these I'm looking to 'medieval up' a bit for use as a mobile root vegetable in effigy for Turnip28. But that's a project for a later date as WHFB-esque wagon wheels aren't as easy to come by as they once were. Will need some medievalish looking planking as well...

Thursday, January 21, 2021

He's blue steel & sex appeal!

Yeah, sorry Smurf fanbois, this post isn't for you. To the devotees of Slaanesh however, read on...

Sure, he'd prefer to kill the minions of the corpse god as much as any other traitor marine, but going by his tabard of recently flensed Ork's hide along with Ork skulls on his base, clearly any opponent will do. 

To be honest, I actually just sold off the bulk (meagre as it was) of my Children of Torment chaos marines just the other day. The hideous amount of detail on every sculpted surface makes the notion of painting them in bulk something of a nightmare in my opinion. 

From this angle, you can barely see the pink armor. 

But there it is. Curiously it all goes nicely together. 

Already having two painted chaos marines (that Helbrute is now gone btw), I painted this one up this week (and just when you though I'd given up on painting 40k minis...). That leaves me with my aspiring champion, cultist champion and flamer gunner left to go. They, along with my already painted cultists are enough to make a nice looking Kill Team. I could squeeze another cultist in there actually, but folks want too much for em on eBay, and hell they're only 4 points so the absence of one isn't really worrisome. 

Here you can see them as they're being blinded by the glory of Slaanesh!

Originally I was painting each marine with their armor trimmed in a different metallic color, because Chaos. Conveniently, having three of them, it'll now be easy to differentiate which kill team specialist is which. 

It'll do till I get him something better. 

Next up though I think I'm going to work on some cavern tiles as I have 6 of the primed and ready to go. Also my father-in-law got Frankie's lightsaber working...without really doing anything, but the kid is thrilled so it's all good. Speaking of, Ultrasabers finally contacted me today after 19 days of silence, by basically repeating their last email which I had already answered but they apparently failed to actually read. 

As such, I pretty much told them to go to hell. Schmucks.

Monday, January 18, 2021

The underworld expands!

I ordered another set of caves and they arrived this past week. I just love these things and probably spent an hour or so just putting this layout together, assembling and reassembling so as to use every piece that I have. 

The full layout though as always, once disassembled the same layout will never again be made. 

15mm marines performing a sweep and clear. 

The marines consist of a Lt., and (3) 5-man tac squads of 'first born' bolter grunts. It's all straight up 40k with just their movement rates halved.

'Movement detected up ahead...'

...and then there is my Quarmy. Easily representing IG in 15mm, albeit with a few minor alterations.

Both forces clock in at 250pts., though for an almost kill team-esque option, the Quar split in half evenly enough to make two, 125pt forces. I mean let's face it: in tunnel fighting, marines are going to slaughter the IG.

Squad sgt. watching the Sentinel tank as it advances up the narrow passage way.

Company CO bellowing out orders via's no wonder the marines can here them!

It's called Zone Mor-what?!?

The Commissar ambling along in the rear, shooting any stragglers for his own amusement.

As always I want more, but am thinking I'll hold off on any more purchases till I get these painted up. Yeah I know, everybody says that...but this will more or less just be an exercise in dry brushing using a color palette reminiscent of the vastly larger Triceratops I painted some years back. 

I sent the layout pic to my GF, and almost immediately this meme is what I got back in

Monday, January 11, 2021

Check out my new Light Saber!!


er...well, actually it was a gift for my girlfriend's 11 year old son Frankie. The look on his face Christmas morning when he opened the box was priceless. Sadly, those few minutes of glee are about all the good that came out of this purchase. In hindsight, do your research before buying folks, because I got taken for a ride. (not linked because you SHOULD NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM!!!) was the only company I knew of that makes light sabers aside from going to a Disney theme park. As such, as I've since read on reddit (a site I normally loathe as I find it difficult to navigate) that I made the 'classic mistake' of making my first saber purchase from Ultrasabers. They're one of the longest running, most heavily marketed, and biggest names out there. 

The power button is depressed yet it is unlit, as usual. 

It's really just a glorified flashlight, albeit with faulty wiring. Oh and forget the warranty as there are countless posts about them refusing to honor them. 

Years ago, they were one of the best too. A friend of mine has one of their sabers, has had it for about 3 years now and loves it. However after lighting up as it did above, I wrapped the saber up and awaited Christmas (FYI: you can only return your saber within 3 days of arrival, because they're clearly aware of their poor quality). Christmas morning it went out after about 5 minutes of swinging it around, coming into contact with nothing. 5 sets of batteries later (all different brands) and I realized we had a problem. 

You can remove the blade so as to display just the hilt on a stand (also purchased), however when Frankie took the blade out this silver reflective liner fell out immediately. He tried to get it to back in and it crinkled...  

...and this is what ya get as a result (again, on the rare occasion it'll actually light up). So much for that beautiful glow in the first pic. The blade is clearly designed to be removed, also-don't ever fucking do that! 

After 2 weeks of the run around by customer service, I went looking online and found youtube videos, reddit posts, Better Business Bureau ratingreviews and complaints and found that at some point the company took a bad turn and is now pretty much the worst of the worst. I've read a lot of the horror stories this past weekend, and have to say my experience with them is sadly one of the better ones. 

My father in-law is more or less a retired electrical engineer (skills-yes, that actual degree-no), so will see if he can fix it as from what I've read, were I to send this piece of junk back, I'd never see it again. Currently I'm researching other makers and will buy Frankie a proper, functioning light saber soon I hope (he's such a great kid, he feels bad for me because I've been so mad about what I thought would be the ultimate present that was instead total garbage). 

Don't be like me, do your research before clicking the 'buy' icon! Also, NEVER EVER BY ANYTHING FROM!! 

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Team Yankee LAV & HMMWVs assembled


I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that keyboards count as difficult terrain...

Whilst watching our national embarrassment play out on the news, I was at home, fortifying my 15mm defenses by assembling my Team Yankee LAV-25 and TOW missile equipped Humvees. The irony of assembling a WWIII army whilst rioters had raided the US Capitol building just a few hours earlier is not lost on me. 

They're simple little kits that go together quite easily. That said...Screech has informed me that my two A-10s are reportedly rage inducing according to a mutual friend of ours who has already built them. If that turns out to be true, then perhaps one of my infamous Nerd-RAGE!!!! rant posts is in the future? lol, we shall see.


I got these three for $20 along with what I had thought was an M-113 sprue. Instead it turned out to just be an M-113 upgrade sprue (because I apparently can't read). These were actually my first Team Yankee minis purchased, with the prepainted Abrams horde being bought just a little while later. Speaking of, I asked the Abrams' seller what paints he had used and inconveniently, all of them were both oil-based and OOP. So trying to match those paint jobs ought to be fun (but hopefully doable, due to my collection of 'army' colors).

I suppose I ought to try playing a game or two of TY before buying anymore stuff for it but...well, you all know how that goes.