Friday, December 20, 2019

15mm Datasheet WIP


As another nightmare of a month grinds its way forward, I've had little time for painting or playing. Prettymuch the only thing I've been able to work on (mainly on lunch breaks and the rare down time at work) has been adapting more datasheets for 15mm units as a continuation of my last post. Anyways, here they are, and let me know what ya think. 

The first (and only) datasheet so far to have a mini that I painted on it (and I sold it...years ago, sigh...). Not sure If I'll buy another of these, but it was an expertly cast model and if this does take off it will be tempting to get another...

Rather than an addition to a player's army, this is more of a random 'environmental' effect.

I do have one of these minis, the infamous 'Taco' of Rogue Stars fame, however its not painted/photogenic. I got this pic from CMoN (giving it my vote of a '10'), and just removed the jetpack from the image. 

IG Veterans, the minis pictured are from Khurasan Miniatures and on my to get eventually list. 

These minis come from Clear Horizon Miniatures, a company I'd totally forgotten about until Waaargh Pug mentioned them in a comment on my last pos. Thanks buddy!

A Viper Mech, this sheet was made at the request of Hoss using a mini from another company I'd forgotten about: Rebel Minis (located right here in good ol' Tennessee).


Welp, that's it for this year. So I hope all of you folks have a merry Christmas and happy New Year!

Thursday, December 12, 2019

15mm 40k


We all know that nowadays I have a love/hate relationship with 40k. However 8th ed is an easy system to learn and readily available to most everyone. For awhile now I’ve wanted to try a 40k/kill team hybrid in 15mm (indeed, I’ve pondered this idea previously). 

Huzzah! These are FINALLY available!!

To start out (on the cheap) it’ll likely be Marines vs. Nids. On the Nids side I just need to pick up a single gargoyle to use as a flying Hive Tyrant, I have a genestealer which will fill in as a Carnifex, and I have 18 old Termagants which will work as Tyranid warriors. 

(no idea why the above paragraph won't justify like the rest...)

Primaris LTs.
For the marines I preordered a 32 man platoon of Khurasan's new earth doom reserves minis which I'll use as primaris marines in terms of stats. I want to ditch 40k's backstory/aesthetic/universe entirely and we can easily make up our own instead. I'm just calling them primaris here for familiarity's sake. 

Basically will just be using 40k rules with KT's initiative and the you go-I go, on a per unit/character basis in lieu of an individual model as per the KT rules (essentially), rather than the 40k one side annihilates the other turn method.  We can also leave out with bits we don't like (CPs and CP farming, the endless, mostly situational stratagems that slow game play to a crawl, oh and those fucking maelstrom cards that turn strategy into the luck of the draw would be my top picks for omission!). 

Okay wait-I'm getting ahead of myself. We're just trying to go super basic at the outset, to see if this is viable and/or if anyone is really interested (so far my buddies Scott and Hoss are). I have PDFs of all of the codexes and will pare them down to just what is needed. Am wanting to see if this works w/o having to write a whole new game. 

Intercessors Colonial Marines.
As for miniatures…if you really wanted the 40k aesthetic, Vanguard minis makes 15mm Orks, Marines and IG, Onslaught minis makes 15mm IG, SoBs, Chaos, Squats, Dark Eldar, and a sorta Kroot faction. The Ion Age has these space...umm...frogs? that ought to work well as Tau...maybe, as well as Space marines (male and female) of their own. And of course Zombiesmith makes HORDES of 15mm Quar which are easy analogs for the Imperial Guard (as aliens), or rather they did and will soon do so again. Currently they are retooling/resculpting the entire line. 

The above is just a small sampling though as there are TONS of 15mm mini gaming manufacturers/retailers out there!

Regardless, this endeavor will be MUCH CHEAPER than actual 40k though as the platoon I ordered clocked in @ $34, which is the price of just ONE fucking character model for 40k these days! Seriously, WTF?

A Rhino Hippo with a turret slapped on top at the
expense of 2 troops carried, kinda like real life AFVs
Conveniently, 40k points are structured so that you have to buy the weapons for the basic tank hull/trooper allowing you to essentially build the tanks and infantry with whatever you want, and ignoring the 40k aesthetic altogether. 

As you can see, my 'datasheets' just a few examples, with all of the rules*, points, and stats coming from the Space Marine codex. 

*Okay, I made up the Amphibious rule because tanks plowing thru water like its not even there is dumb. I also shortened the walking speed because these guys are little!

Monday, December 2, 2019

Its all about the bases...


I hope all of you Americans out there are all still fat and happy (and not terribly bloated) after eating all of that food on Turkey day. I know I am!

The base itself is an excellent value, and that's not including the three freebee smaller bases. These-with shipping from Greece, clocked in at a mere $13.44!
Highly recommended!!

All is pretty quiet on the non-battletech front here of late. I did however order a new flyer base off of ebay that's both textured, as well as having a deep cut out for the flight stand to fit in. I've always thought that just having the flight stand glued to a flat base might be an easy break point, so this will hopefully alleviate that concern whenever it is that I get around to building my Dakka Jet kit. 

Don't hold your breath though, I bought it when it first came out back in...2012? And uh...yeah, its still in the box and on the sprue. 

Monday, November 18, 2019

Why are we in this bloody expensive hobby again?


I finally made it to the FLGS for what seems like my annual paint restock this past Saturday, my first visit there in months! Indeed, the stores owners asked if I didn't like 'em anymore. Sad face, real life sucks. Anyways...

Neverness suggested I do a blog review of the White Dwarf, but honestly I wouldn't even know where to begin on such a thing

Paint wise I bought, some more agrax earthshade as my washes were down to a mix of the last dregs of all I'd had left. Testors' flat black spray (depleted that morning) and matte varnish (almost gone as well), Leadbelcher (which was down to sludge), 2 shades of grey for all of my new Battletech terrain, and lastly the orange contrast paint to try out on my cultist/renegade IG horde. I looked at the hideously overpriced GW contrast undercoats, but opted not to get one, instead hoping one of my half dozen primer colors will instead suffice...will see I guess. 

Orange, the prefect color for these 'liberated' penal troopers, but a nightmare to paint. Hopefully the contrast paint will help with that...

I also bought a pack of grass tufts to try out (hard to believe I've been in the hobby this long and have gotten any of these), a pack of green stuff (my mortal enemy) to fix a pair of my mother-in-law's Christmas earrings (don't ask), and lastly my first White Dwarf purchase in many, many years to get the new Inquisition rules (my favorite non-Ork faction). 

Not too impressive of a haul, but when I got to the register and Tennessee added it's 9% sales tax in, that all clocked in at $75.75! The sticker shock left me wondering 'why do I do this again?' Guess it's no wonder that I only restock my paints on an annual basis. 

Sheesh! Felt like I ought to sell an army or something to balance this all out, but then I remembered that the Orks were the only army I had left (and I doubt any of my multitude of kills teams would net that much). So, I counted this as my annual Christmas present to me and likely won't be back to the FLGS to shop again till next year. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Da NOO Masta Cheef!!


Da' old Masta Cheef, back in da day...

Back when I semi-rage quit playing the Orks upon the release of the wretched 7th ed Ork codex, I sold the lion's share of my army, along with my Warboss 'Da Masta Cheef'. I felt he ought to be leading hiz boyz whereva dey wuz  fightin'

My Beloved Wolfy and Neverness both were aghast upon hearing that and over time I did in the end have a bit of seller's remorse about selling Da Cheef. I'll admit it now that...every now and again, when bored and with time to kill, I'd peruse the ebay offerings for used warbosses in hopes of findin' Da Cheef. 

'Acting' Warboss Krump & Pittance, in all of their mediocre glory.

Countless auctions of this one, same mini, in everything from on the sprue to primed to 'pro painted' (sometimes yes, and so very, very often laughably no). But never once did I see my old Warboss. In his absence, Krump & Pittance stepped up to assume the role for the few 40k games played since then. He has performed with mediocrity which is all that can be expected of a glorified nob. 

Wouldn't it be nice if GW got over the fucking endless Primaris offerings and released a new (not 10+ year old) foot slogging Ork Warboss? Yeah, no. Apparently not. there anything else out there? 

Yes, quite a lot actually, or as Bob so eloquently put it: 'When other companies GW better than GW itself can actually do.' After searching through all of the 3rd party offeringsI found a new warboss from Hardcore Miniatures, one of the MANY non-GW companies filling that obvious void!

Thus, I present to you: Da NOO Masta Cheef! Armed wiv Da Dead Shiny Shoota relic (orks & relics? wtf?) and a power klaw bit from a mega nob! 

Next to a shoota boy to show the scale.

The requisite skulls and beakie helmets on the base.

The little engine exhausts on the bionik arm were a nice touch.

Hopefully I'll get him painted before he sees the table top, and with no 40k games on the horizon there's a halfway decent chance of that actually happening.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Star Wars Legion AT-RT


Whilst slogging through the nightmare of October, I decided on a little bit of 'retail therapy' in hopes of taking my mind off of reality for a bit. I couldn't make it to the FLGS, and I was assuming (quite correctly) that at that point in time we were flat broke. Thus I went to my usual haunt of ebay to see what sort of bargain I could scrounge up.  In doing so I found this AT-RT.

This was my first Star Wars Legion purchase, as I only know of a handful of folks playing it locally and my contact with them ranges from next-to-never, to avoid at all costs. It looked like someone was selling off their personal collection, and this was the lone unpainted mini (and as it turns out, also missing a few parts but I'll get to that in a bit). Anyways, I bought it for a mere $6.14 including shipping, and then had a new toy/game to research when time permitted, which added to the bang for my buck considerably!

The AT-RT is an obsolete though still formidable walker dating back to the Galactic Republic and Clone Wars. As such, by the time the Rebellion rolled around, all surviving examples were rebuilds from either battlefield salvage or junk heaps. Meaning that if anything, the few missing parts (2 pistons, 1 per leg) were if anything totally in character for this model.

It would have been MUCH easier to paint were it disassembled (or at the least the pilot removable), but such are the penalties of dirt-cheap, 2nd hand ebay minis. Most of the body is a lovely shade of rusty metal, with only the blast shield having any sort of camouflage (a not uncommon feature of surviving AT-RTs, though I'd imagine that it would be of questionable value given the small surface area of the armor plating). 

My initial attempts at said camouflage were disastrous, and my urban camo looked more like a badly rendered white/black/grey zebra striping. The 2nd layer of camo (in hindsight) ought to have used some paints with a bit more contrast. Sadly, it's been so long since my last paint restock, I'm more or less in an involuntary limited palette mode most of the time. It looks alright though I guess. 

Luckily for me, conformity, especially amongst the more rag-tag and motley units of the Rebel Alliance isn't much of a concern, and any future vehicle purchases can simply be painted differently without a second thought. In all honesty, I was thinking this as more of a 'Scum and Villainy' unit (ala the X-Wing game) rather than proper rebels.

To date I only have the Generic Rebel leader specialist (another dirt cheap ebay buy) to paint to complete my Legion 'collection' lol. Not sure if I'll really pursue Legion as a game to be played though, or rather just something different to occasionally paint. 

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Dreadtober 2019 Part 4: The baby squiggoth is DONE!!!

...and just in the nick of time! Truth be told I didn't think I'd have the time, but in the end I did what any responsible 40-something would do, I put aside adulting for a few hours and instead said:  fuck it, I want to paint my miniatures!

And promptly did so.

lol, anyways...I'm really happy with how it turned out. Technically, this still needs another coat of matte varnish followed by 'ard coat over the eyes, tongue and entrails that are hanging out of the trunk. However its raining and with 100% humidity outside, and I don't want to risk the varnish fogging, so that part can wait till this front passes thru in a couple of days. 

Anyways, here are the completed pics:

Whatever that huge skull belonged to has been dead long enough
for the local flora to grow through it, and die as well.

Just a close up of some of the requisite human skulls.

An overhead shot of the entire model, base and all.

Thanks again to Mordian7th for organizing another successful Dreadtober!

Monday, October 28, 2019

Dreadtober pt. 3: The clock's a'ticking...


Yeah its been an awful month. However Saturday I was finally able to get some hobbying in and tried to make up some lost time on my baby squiggoth. That way, when the weekly round up posts you won't be seeing my prior post (again) for the what....3rd? or is it 4th time?

Anyways, I'll just show my latest WIP pics and then get back to it as I have less than a week to finish this project all up!

All inked, now for the dry brushing!

Have opted for those being entrails, lots of
blood for the blood god paint to come on that trunk!

This wouldn't fit on a killa Kan's 60mm base, so I stole the
ginormous one that came with the Venom Crawler. 

The literal chaos of my creative process...

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Dreadtober Part 2


A bit light of a blue for da Deff Skullz, but I'll darken up before the end...

Just a quick post for an equally short amount of hobby time this week. I managed to steal and just  about an hour or so this afternoon to at least try and achieve some sort of minimal progress on my baby squiggoth for Dreadtober. Honestly, its the only hobby time I've had all week, and the next isn't looking any better at the moment. 

The zig-zag looks a bit more consistent on the ass-end.

Nonetheless, the baby squiggoth has achieved the infamous 3-color minimum. I like the base idea for the blue/black hull, though it needs a bit more refinement. It doesn't have to be perfect though since as I've mentioned before, it is the Orks we're dealing with here. 

Eh...not too far off from my initial idea. Though this is a bitch to do amidst the hull's detailing and recessed gribbly bitz. 

Am hoping I can get more done this week, otherwise it'll just be a late month crunch-time run I guess. 

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Dreadtober Part 1

.....aaaaaand we're off to a slow start. Typical.

The turret is no longer stuck facing sideways!

It was a pretty busy week, however I did manage to get the turret situated, meaning it now swivels freely. It was a bit laborious sawing off the insert that went into the hull with a little hobby saw. I did end up with one gouge due to getting a bit crooked in my sawing, but I caught the issue before it got too bad. 

Its ugly but it works...mostly.

Still lacking green stuff, I instead just cut a few small squares of plasti-card to fit the square in the hull (where said insert had gone previously), and then glued 'em in, one atop the next until they sat flush with the top of the hull. Once dry I made an 'X' to find the center and drilled in an 1/8" hole to fit a magnet. Likewise I did the same with the bottom of the turret. doesn't line up on center as I had hoped/planned. But hey, its the orks right? Right. Of course, the more astute amongst you may have realized that that's all but an admission that I can't line up a turret any better than an Ork/grot. To that I say: Thanks for paying attention Neverness, now sit back down and be quiet!

just as planned....

Additionally...not only is the turret now out of a proper center alignment, but my counter-sinking didn't go quite deep enough meaning there was an appreciable gap between the turret and hull. Thus I cut a rectangular, plasticard 'ring' to fill the gap. With that taken care of, all is now primed and ready for paint.

Lastly, I'll be putting this on the ginormous base that the venomcrawler came with (necessitating the purchase of another for the crawler) as this wouldn't fit on a killa-kan's 60mm base. This week is looking ugly, but I hope to have some hobby time at some point...maybe. :-(

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Dreadtober is on approach!

So I'd best get crackin'!

My last effort for this community event came in the form of my old (and now long since sold) Salamanders' Dreadnought. For 2019's entry, I'm hoping to actually finish my Baby Squiggoth which is essentially a 'counts-as' Killa Kan. 


I hadn't touched it in a while due to some serious gaps and the need for greenstuff (my mortal enemy) to remedy them. However I never got to the FLGS to buy any, nor did I order any either as I didn't want to pay for shipping charges on the stuff. So, I instead set about trimming/shaving down the interior portions that lock the top and bottom halves together and in short order, the gaps were a thing of the past and I was able to glue the kit together. 

What to do about that gap? hrmmm...
Also note the dud anti-tank rounds stuck in the forward and side hull!

That said, there still is one awful gap behind the head that I may yet need GS to fill. Its probably all the more noticeable after I made a bad air bubble look like battle damage. Yay me. 

Shall I paint the stuff coming out of the trunk as ropes? Sausages? Entrails? Oh, and yikes! Look at that gate I missed on the back of the turret!!

This ought to fit on a 60mm Killa Kan base...well, maybe.

There is still a bit of clean up on the sides as well, but nothing too, too bad, mainly beneath the ropes on both sides. The turret itself still needs the most work however. For whatever reason, it was designed so that it would sit stationary and at an angle. It can neither swivel nor point directly forward which is rather annoying. 

Kindova dumb design choice if you ask me...

As such, I figure I'll just saw off the insert from the turret bottom, smooth it out and then countersink a magnet into it. As for the hull top...I dunno, I guess the easiest method would be to fill it with greenstuff and then mash a 2nd magnet into that. Unless of course I can scrounge up something else to fit into there and countersink a magnet into that instead.  

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Before you read this post, you must first sign this consent form...

Yes really. This is apparently a thing. So take that as a warning before proceeding because you know me...oh, and be sure to read the red text before clicking the link before it.

Also, just to get it out of the way first, you can blame Neverness for this post. He called me Monday afternoon, handed me the molotov cocktail (so to speak) and told me to run with it on here. Dumbfounded and disbelieving at what I was reading, I looked to My Beloved Wolfy who simply said: yes. (doing so with a wicked gleam in her beautiful eyes).

Whether or not the following is an entertaining post or total crap I couldn't tell you at this point as I've written and deleted it about a dozen times now, no doubt losing some of its venom along the way, but i'd gotten way, waaay off topic, and repeatedly. 

 I wouldn't trust his signature consenting to anything!

From behind her screen, the DM looks around the table at her fellow gamers,
all with D20s in hand: Okay, so who's on point?

In this crummy world we all now are forced to slog thru on a daily basis, now we can't even run to hide in our imaginary gaming worlds without first reading, filling out and then signing yet another fucking consent form available for free here (yes, they're quite serious about this). What comes next character generation? Or pseudo-therapy sessions with the DM just to make sure all is good? I can assure you that you'll be hard pressed to find a DM out there with the proper schooling for this shit. 

Roll for initiativ-oh wait, yeah never mind..

That PDF linked above has freaking safe words for fuck sake! This isn't some sort of BDSM dungeon (LINK IS NOT SAFE FOR WORK!!!!!!!!), no-just a gaming one.

Who the hell wants to play with kid-gloves on? Don't we have enough of that crap to deal with in real life? Looking back to my old RPG days, it was more like this: 'you what? That bothers you does it?' As I look around the room at who you had thought were your friends but now instead resemble a pack of grinning hyenas with blood dribbling out of their toothy grins.

In this post-PDF-cosenting gaming world, how the hell do you start these gaming sessions exactly nowadays? 

Is it like this: The lights are dimmed in the living room, save one in the middle for whomever has the floor. Geeks and gamers sit in a circle, empty cans of mountain dew, Monster energy drinks and the empty bags of munchies strewn about,...slowly Rothgar' the Ogre's player stands, shuffles to the center of the room and looks about glumly (all  present then speak in character): 

Hi. me Rothgar. 
Hi Rothgar.  
I...well, Rothgar is murder hobo. 

Followed by grave looks and down cast eyes from all present. Rothgar's player sits, ashamed.

Next the DM speaks: Thank you for sharing Rothgar. Who's next? How bout you Saia, mistress of the dark arts?


God I can't wait, where do I sign up? 

Man this is group gonna be great-wait wha? Consent forms...for-huh? I thought  we were role playing?

...aaaaaand there we go, now that everyone's signed their consent forms, and we're clear on what's good and what's not. So, is everybody ready to roll some dice for some savage rated G combat vs. this cuddly Cthulhu here? 

So what the fuck do you want when you game? Do you want grim-dark sci-fi or fantasy? Or do you want mildly hostile yet heavily armed teddy bears? Do you want a dark, dank dungeon, or genestealer infested space hulk? Or would you rather fight in a padded, softly lit room?


News flash kids, the latter is a fucking insane asylum! Google that shit and you'll see how much fun those really are! 

Or this?

I dunno. I...I just don't know what the hell the gaming world is coming to. Here, just skip that stupid PDF and just use this instead:

Warning: if you use this the party will only make it worse for you!