Friday, December 20, 2019

15mm Datasheet WIP


As another nightmare of a month grinds its way forward, I've had little time for painting or playing. Prettymuch the only thing I've been able to work on (mainly on lunch breaks and the rare down time at work) has been adapting more datasheets for 15mm units as a continuation of my last post. Anyways, here they are, and let me know what ya think. 

The first (and only) datasheet so far to have a mini that I painted on it (and I sold it...years ago, sigh...). Not sure If I'll buy another of these, but it was an expertly cast model and if this does take off it will be tempting to get another...

Rather than an addition to a player's army, this is more of a random 'environmental' effect.

I do have one of these minis, the infamous 'Taco' of Rogue Stars fame, however its not painted/photogenic. I got this pic from CMoN (giving it my vote of a '10'), and just removed the jetpack from the image. 

IG Veterans, the minis pictured are from Khurasan Miniatures and on my to get eventually list. 

These minis come from Clear Horizon Miniatures, a company I'd totally forgotten about until Waaargh Pug mentioned them in a comment on my last pos. Thanks buddy!

A Viper Mech, this sheet was made at the request of Hoss using a mini from another company I'd forgotten about: Rebel Minis (located right here in good ol' Tennessee).


Welp, that's it for this year. So I hope all of you folks have a merry Christmas and happy New Year!

Thursday, December 12, 2019

15mm 40k


We all know that nowadays I have a love/hate relationship with 40k. However 8th ed is an easy system to learn and readily available to most everyone. For awhile now I’ve wanted to try a 40k/kill team hybrid in 15mm (indeed, I’ve pondered this idea previously). 

Huzzah! These are FINALLY available!!

To start out (on the cheap) it’ll likely be Marines vs. Nids. On the Nids side I just need to pick up a single gargoyle to use as a flying Hive Tyrant, I have a genestealer which will fill in as a Carnifex, and I have 18 old Termagants which will work as Tyranid warriors. 

(no idea why the above paragraph won't justify like the rest...)

Primaris LTs.
For the marines I preordered a 32 man platoon of Khurasan's new earth doom reserves minis which I'll use as primaris marines in terms of stats. I want to ditch 40k's backstory/aesthetic/universe entirely and we can easily make up our own instead. I'm just calling them primaris here for familiarity's sake. 

Basically will just be using 40k rules with KT's initiative and the you go-I go, on a per unit/character basis in lieu of an individual model as per the KT rules (essentially), rather than the 40k one side annihilates the other turn method.  We can also leave out with bits we don't like (CPs and CP farming, the endless, mostly situational stratagems that slow game play to a crawl, oh and those fucking maelstrom cards that turn strategy into the luck of the draw would be my top picks for omission!). 

Okay wait-I'm getting ahead of myself. We're just trying to go super basic at the outset, to see if this is viable and/or if anyone is really interested (so far my buddies Scott and Hoss are). I have PDFs of all of the codexes and will pare them down to just what is needed. Am wanting to see if this works w/o having to write a whole new game. 

Intercessors Colonial Marines.
As for miniatures…if you really wanted the 40k aesthetic, Vanguard minis makes 15mm Orks, Marines and IG, Onslaught minis makes 15mm IG, SoBs, Chaos, Squats, Dark Eldar, and a sorta Kroot faction. The Ion Age has these space...umm...frogs? that ought to work well as Tau...maybe, as well as Space marines (male and female) of their own. And of course Zombiesmith makes HORDES of 15mm Quar which are easy analogs for the Imperial Guard (as aliens), or rather they did and will soon do so again. Currently they are retooling/resculpting the entire line. 

The above is just a small sampling though as there are TONS of 15mm mini gaming manufacturers/retailers out there!

Regardless, this endeavor will be MUCH CHEAPER than actual 40k though as the platoon I ordered clocked in @ $34, which is the price of just ONE fucking character model for 40k these days! Seriously, WTF?

A Rhino Hippo with a turret slapped on top at the
expense of 2 troops carried, kinda like real life AFVs
Conveniently, 40k points are structured so that you have to buy the weapons for the basic tank hull/trooper allowing you to essentially build the tanks and infantry with whatever you want, and ignoring the 40k aesthetic altogether. 

As you can see, my 'datasheets' just a few examples, with all of the rules*, points, and stats coming from the Space Marine codex. 

*Okay, I made up the Amphibious rule because tanks plowing thru water like its not even there is dumb. I also shortened the walking speed because these guys are little!

Monday, December 2, 2019

Its all about the bases...


I hope all of you Americans out there are all still fat and happy (and not terribly bloated) after eating all of that food on Turkey day. I know I am!

The base itself is an excellent value, and that's not including the three freebee smaller bases. These-with shipping from Greece, clocked in at a mere $13.44!
Highly recommended!!

All is pretty quiet on the non-battletech front here of late. I did however order a new flyer base off of ebay that's both textured, as well as having a deep cut out for the flight stand to fit in. I've always thought that just having the flight stand glued to a flat base might be an easy break point, so this will hopefully alleviate that concern whenever it is that I get around to building my Dakka Jet kit. 

Don't hold your breath though, I bought it when it first came out back in...2012? And uh...yeah, its still in the box and on the sprue.