Thursday, September 26, 2019

Dreadtober is on approach!

So I'd best get crackin'!

My last effort for this community event came in the form of my old (and now long since sold) Salamanders' Dreadnought. For 2019's entry, I'm hoping to actually finish my Baby Squiggoth which is essentially a 'counts-as' Killa Kan. 


I hadn't touched it in a while due to some serious gaps and the need for greenstuff (my mortal enemy) to remedy them. However I never got to the FLGS to buy any, nor did I order any either as I didn't want to pay for shipping charges on the stuff. So, I instead set about trimming/shaving down the interior portions that lock the top and bottom halves together and in short order, the gaps were a thing of the past and I was able to glue the kit together. 

What to do about that gap? hrmmm...
Also note the dud anti-tank rounds stuck in the forward and side hull!

That said, there still is one awful gap behind the head that I may yet need GS to fill. Its probably all the more noticeable after I made a bad air bubble look like battle damage. Yay me. 

Shall I paint the stuff coming out of the trunk as ropes? Sausages? Entrails? Oh, and yikes! Look at that gate I missed on the back of the turret!!

This ought to fit on a 60mm Killa Kan base...well, maybe.

There is still a bit of clean up on the sides as well, but nothing too, too bad, mainly beneath the ropes on both sides. The turret itself still needs the most work however. For whatever reason, it was designed so that it would sit stationary and at an angle. It can neither swivel nor point directly forward which is rather annoying. 

Kindova dumb design choice if you ask me...

As such, I figure I'll just saw off the insert from the turret bottom, smooth it out and then countersink a magnet into it. As for the hull top...I dunno, I guess the easiest method would be to fill it with greenstuff and then mash a 2nd magnet into that. Unless of course I can scrounge up something else to fit into there and countersink a magnet into that instead.  

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Before you read this post, you must first sign this consent form...

Yes really. This is apparently a thing. So take that as a warning before proceeding because you know me...oh, and be sure to read the red text before clicking the link before it.

Also, just to get it out of the way first, you can blame Neverness for this post. He called me Monday afternoon, handed me the molotov cocktail (so to speak) and told me to run with it on here. Dumbfounded and disbelieving at what I was reading, I looked to My Beloved Wolfy who simply said: yes. (doing so with a wicked gleam in her beautiful eyes).

Whether or not the following is an entertaining post or total crap I couldn't tell you at this point as I've written and deleted it about a dozen times now, no doubt losing some of its venom along the way, but i'd gotten way, waaay off topic, and repeatedly. 

 I wouldn't trust his signature consenting to anything!

From behind her screen, the DM looks around the table at her fellow gamers,
all with D20s in hand: Okay, so who's on point?

In this crummy world we all now are forced to slog thru on a daily basis, now we can't even run to hide in our imaginary gaming worlds without first reading, filling out and then signing yet another fucking consent form available for free here (yes, they're quite serious about this). What comes next character generation? Or pseudo-therapy sessions with the DM just to make sure all is good? I can assure you that you'll be hard pressed to find a DM out there with the proper schooling for this shit. 

Roll for initiativ-oh wait, yeah never mind..

That PDF linked above has freaking safe words for fuck sake! This isn't some sort of BDSM dungeon (LINK IS NOT SAFE FOR WORK!!!!!!!!), no-just a gaming one.

Who the hell wants to play with kid-gloves on? Don't we have enough of that crap to deal with in real life? Looking back to my old RPG days, it was more like this: 'you what? That bothers you does it?' As I look around the room at who you had thought were your friends but now instead resemble a pack of grinning hyenas with blood dribbling out of their toothy grins.

In this post-PDF-cosenting gaming world, how the hell do you start these gaming sessions exactly nowadays? 

Is it like this: The lights are dimmed in the living room, save one in the middle for whomever has the floor. Geeks and gamers sit in a circle, empty cans of mountain dew, Monster energy drinks and the empty bags of munchies strewn about,...slowly Rothgar' the Ogre's player stands, shuffles to the center of the room and looks about glumly (all  present then speak in character): 

Hi. me Rothgar. 
Hi Rothgar.  
I...well, Rothgar is murder hobo. 

Followed by grave looks and down cast eyes from all present. Rothgar's player sits, ashamed.

Next the DM speaks: Thank you for sharing Rothgar. Who's next? How bout you Saia, mistress of the dark arts?


God I can't wait, where do I sign up? 

Man this is group gonna be great-wait wha? Consent forms...for-huh? I thought  we were role playing?

...aaaaaand there we go, now that everyone's signed their consent forms, and we're clear on what's good and what's not. So, is everybody ready to roll some dice for some savage rated G combat vs. this cuddly Cthulhu here? 

So what the fuck do you want when you game? Do you want grim-dark sci-fi or fantasy? Or do you want mildly hostile yet heavily armed teddy bears? Do you want a dark, dank dungeon, or genestealer infested space hulk? Or would you rather fight in a padded, softly lit room?


News flash kids, the latter is a fucking insane asylum! Google that shit and you'll see how much fun those really are! 

Or this?

I dunno. I...I just don't know what the hell the gaming world is coming to. Here, just skip that stupid PDF and just use this instead:

Warning: if you use this the party will only make it worse for you!

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Universal Carrier is complete!


I pilfered the decals from my defunct Eleventy First Weird War II army, and as such the Quar shall now bear that name in battle!

For once I actually followed thu and finished something when I said I would! (don't get used to it...) I finished up my universal carrier for for my Konflikt '47 Quar. Its a fairly simple (and tiny!) tank to paint, but was enjoyable nonetheless. Especially as its so rare that I paint a 28mm scaled tank of any sort these days. 

The homes of the Quar's country folk bear a striking resemblance to Hobbit homes, so the Hobbit door/roundel is actually quite appropriate.

Aside from the box art and the standard google search of images, I looked to both Admiral Drax and Neverness for some painting inspiration. Of course it wasn't all that hard I suppose, as this is really just a little OD green box on treads, but sometimes its fun to see what others have done with this same model first. 

Note the troop compartment's grubby interior.

Borrowing from Neverness (and I'm doing so heavily in this post) I opted for some outside/natural light photos of the finished carrier. Furthermore, I took a page straight out of his playbook since he isn't using it himself currently (though admittedly not by choice) and took some 'on patrol' pics in what he so eloquently calls Backyardistan, lol.

Over there! I heard something over there!

Hunkered down in concealed positions. 

Conveniently for this pic (and not needing to mow Backyardistan) it hasn't rained in weeks resulting in these 'picturesque' dead spots. 

I had cobbled together a Tesla AT gun for this carrier to tow but I dunno, I'm not too thrilled with it. So I may just skip using that and for the time being use this as the in-between-games-personal transport for my Lt. and FO., and as a recon/harasser in games (assuming that I ever actually play one)

Monday, September 9, 2019

Turns out, you can put a round peg in a square hole...

...ya just gotta square it off first.

The 'round peg' in question is the one on the left.

Note the svelt meatball shaped physique of the sitting quar in the photo above. I needed two of the rotund little guys to fit into the driver/gunner's compartment of my Warlord Games' universal carrier. That was no easy feat I can assure you, especially the driver's position as its a lot narrower than the gunner's spot!

Short, fat, metal, and with an integrated base, yay. Now largely legless, these two will never walk again (if they're ever removed from this little carrier). The driver meanwhile underwent a, via a hacksaw whilst being held in place with channellocks. Those were in addition to the snips, x-acto, and hobby saw which had already been used on the two! 

Between games, this will serve as the tow for my light tesla AT gun for Konflikt '47, as well as the ride for my Lt. & FO. As for the AT gun's crew, they'll have to walk.

In the end though, whilst the literal hack job was a little ugly, it worked and in they went! Then I finished assembly aside from the tracks (which are still removable), primed and began base coating this tiny tank. Hopefully I'll finish it up this week.


On a sadder note, this past weekend was in a word: heartbreaking. We had to say goodbye to our beloved Sheba. We only had her a little shy of 3 years, and whilst we knew that getting an older dog meant we wouldn't have her long, as it is with so many, cancer took her well before her time. She is already sorely missed. :-(  

They're wonderfully gentle dogs and we highly recommend greyhounds to anyone who wants what is essentially an 80lb cat. The link above is for our local greyhound rescue, but if you're interested just google rescues in your area, I'm sure there's one nearby. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Back to Weird War II...I guess?

Yes that's right folks, the Quar have returned! 

I love these goofy little minis and really missed them after trading away my army a few years back. I bought a small squad the other day on a whim, as Zombiesmith was having a labor day sale. Thus, taking a (small) break from Battletech and...well, everything else, I painted up these few that I had bought well over a year ago (also on a whim).

I adore this in-game pic for reasons that I honestly can't really identify...

Not knowing what to do with 'em exactly, I opted for the same route as the last time: Bolt Action. Ya know: that game that I really want to like but find to be kinda too generic, and better yet no one that I know around here is playing currently? Yeah, that one. There's also Konflikt '47, but I don't know of anyone who plays it.

I guess my Quar are coming out of their retirement Quonset...

All that remains of my old army is the tank which is currently buried somewhere, and my Quar-Quonset terrain piece. Of my 'new' collection, I have a Bolt Action universal carrier, in which I'm having to seriously butcher the Quar crew (who when in the sitting position, are kinda shaped like meatballs with appendages and uniforms) to fit into said carrier (which is still a very-much WIP), and the minis below. 

Going with the standard BA setup, first up is my Lt., armed (presumably) with a pistol holstered somewhere under his long coat.

At some point in his long, half-painted career on the shelf, he was dubbed:
Leftenant Archibald Wrex

Next up is my FO and his 'Walkie-Talkie'. The FO is also armed with a pistol.

I thought I might have been going overkill with the leaves, but then thought of my yard in Autumn and nah...

Lastly, my Boys Anti-Tank rifle gunner. Despite the mediocrity of the AT rifle, in my old army it proved it's worth many-a-time, whereas the sniper team (of which this guy technically is one of) was patently worthless aside from capping a lone German officer in one game.

This is easily my favorite Quar sculpt!

Group shot!

I also have a cook who will likely assist  either the AT rifle gunner, or my HMG gunner (as the latter is likely not to fit into the universal carrier). I also have a squad of 6 coming, one of which will serve as the other gunner's mate. Once all of these are painted (or there's another sale), then I'll see what I'll add to this both fledgling and for the foreseeable future totally worthless army...