Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Star Wars Legion Mud Troopers


My first squad (sans oxygen masks).

The Imperial Guardsmen of the Star Wars universe are undoubtedly the Mud Troopers. These guys were easily one of the best parts of the Solo movie. 

I've designated this guy as the squad leader by adding a red stripe to his shoulder pauldrons.

Technically this guy ought to have been the leader as he looks as though he's listening to incoming orders, but he was already painted when that occurred to me, and so was demoted to mere grunt.

Bereft of his E-10 blaster rifle, this guy looks like he just picked himself up out of the muck to throw a grenade as he has nothing else left to fight with.

Trooper #4 looks like he's tripping over this small boulder. Of the three advancing troopers this one had by far the most awkward pose.

Strategically advancing in the other direction!

I have another squad of four grunts, four support weapon troopers to give both squads two options for said support weapon, plus a generic officer, and lastly a crewman to have standing in the hatch of my TX-225 Occupier tank (once I figure out just where that's buried in the basement). The next Legion project is to finish painting my Rebel 'pizza cannon' which I found while looking unsuccessfully for the tank.

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Bolt Action Korea


My next potential time waster...

On a whim I purchased this a few weeks back and have been perusing it when time permits. The book itself was a lot thicker than anticipated, though given all of the scenarios, army lists, etc., I ought to have known better. No idea if I'll ever play the game, however as I find myself without an army currently the point is moot.

Perhaps not historically accurate in colors, but it looks good. 

This is you on the wrong end of a BAR

He is loaded down with kit!

As you can see, I did get the special edition mini pictured above and painted it up in between painting various SW Legion minis and the odd contrast paint 'test' Ork.  I'm pleased with how he came out though I'm wary of building another metal army that I'll likely never field (and my display case is already all but stuffed full of side projects at this point). 

Thursday, February 16, 2023

You Rebel Scum...


One of these is not like the others...

This was originally intended to be my Monday post, that is until I ended up with an unexpected horde of Orks (still sorting that menagerie out btw). 

Anyways, going along with my earlier Mandalorian post here are the first three of yet another small, 3D printed rebel force for Star Wars Legion (my last bunch of rebels were traded for some custom YT1300s that I painted years ago for a friend who was otherwise going to eBay them along with the rest of his X-Wing collection).

The squad leader on the right has shinier armor plates then the grunt on the left. 

I'm rather pleased with how their cloaks came out, am hoping I can replicate this effect across both squads that I have. 

The two with the cloaks are Anomids who according to wookiepedia are normally pacifists, but as with any race or society there are a few rotten apples in the bunch.

Unlike your average Yeti, this one does not hold water...

He is however outfitted for war!

Next up is Moroff, who made a brief appearance in the movie Rogue One and is in general just an all around cool looking mini.  

Monday, February 13, 2023

BIG changes at Da Groop!


This past Saturday my Buddy Rob and I arranged to get a 1k game of 40k in. I was fielding my Orks again, indeed it was the same exact list as was used vs. Kushial. Rob said they'd be a welcome change from the norm and he brought his Votann out for another go. 

As he walked in the door at the FLGS he looked at me and said two things: 'Don't say no and don't eBay them.' He then hands me 2 plastic cases and says 'Call it a wedding present, enjoy.' Not knowing what he was going on about I opened the top case and found his old Ork army. 

'Dude what the hell?!?' 

To which he replied that they had been in languishing in a corner of his closet, hadn't moved in years, and he had no intention of ever using them again. 

Holy shit, seriously?

So what all did he give me? Well, excluding 20ish orks without bases and or missing parts (which are likely in the bottoms of said cases), and half as many again of 2nd ed grots, I tallied them up to the following:

99 AoBR Slugga boys

38 Plastic Grots

3 metal Big Shoota Boys

2 metal Burna boys

8 metal Rokkit launcha boys

2 runtherders (1 Metal)

1 metal pain boy

1 metal nob with waaaugh banna

1 metal Big Mek with KFF

20 Nobs, 6 with power klaws, the rest big choppas

1 AoBR Warboss

Am pretty sure that's an accurate count of what's pictured above. Needless to say the Orks are suddenly my biggest of armies by a wide, wide margin! Haven't even started to reorganize my army, but as I seriously doubt I'll be gaming any next weekend, I have time to figure it out I guess. 

Tankbustas + Battlewagon once again = Winning!

As for the game, Da Groop put a good ol' wollop'n on the Votann claiming victory for the 2nd week in a row. Collectively there was something like 80+ VPs with the Orks leading by about 20 or so. GW's secondary mission cards along with the scenario conditions result in so many friggin' VPs (often collected in increments of 5 or more) that you all but need a calculator to keep up. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2023

DLWDG vs. The Lions of Harlech


Yes I know, I know. It has indeed been next to forever since Da Long Wayz Dezert Groop itself has seen the tabletop for a game of 40k, however last weekend Kushial and his Lions of Harlech came to my FLGS and we got in a game. We fielded 1K each and fought over two fairly central objectives, worth 1VP apiece for whomever controlled them, and here's how it all went down: 

Da Groop led by Ad'Mral Orkbar. 

Kushial's Lions of Harlech who blended in surprisingly well with the gaming mat. 

My deployment with those previously mentioned Flash Gitz in the foreground.

Kushial's camouflaged force's deployment. 

Wiv Da boys' start'n off furst, Da Battlewagon trundled forward and da Tankbustas vaporized da contempta dred in front uv dem! Huzzah!

Da shoota boys shot lots and da weedy gitz hit little

None to pleased with the surprising demise of one of his Dreadnoughts, the Lions' Assault marines and jump pack chaplain made a beeline for the Battlewagon!

Da Tankbustas fired overwach an' killt 3 or 4 beakies az dey charged in, huzzah!

Nonetheless, the Assault marines clearly hit a hydraulic line or the like and the battlewagon's lifeblood began flowing out of it in earnest, ouch!

Da Ad'Mral called a stage wun WAAAUGH! and everyone charged 'cept da battle wagon which retreated so da tankbustas could shoot da uver beakies killin' a few. Plus, fer da furst time ever (for me) itz BOMB SQUIG TIME! (which killed a marine)

Da shoota boyz let da beakies have it den charged in fer sum fun!

Dems wuz winnin' too but trouble wuz a comin'...

On da uvver side, afta da beakies shot sum boyz down, all da gitz failed der charges...sad face. 

Dem shoota boyz tho, dey beat 'em down to jus' da bonez-covered boss beakie.

Seeing the inevitable (not) green tide on approach, Kushial's marines come out from cover, bolters blazing and then charging into combet!

NOOO! Dems iz runnin da uvver way-wait, hooz dat guy?

Da Battlewagon died and da tankbustas tumble out an shoot at da dred but don' do nuthin!

The lions on the other side hit with all of their gene-crafted might but the Orks weather the charge and a brawl ensues.

Diz wun haz a big sword!

Their Chaplain screaming litanies of fury and resolutely fighting on alone inspires all of the remaining Lions of Harlech to charge into the fray! Ya know, its not a good'n propa' ork game unless multiple units from both sides are fed into a meatgrinder in the middle somewhere. 

All da uvver boyz died or ran away, but big sword or not, Da nob 'az a BIGGER CHOPPA!

Oi! No fair,deyz gotta dred!

Da last of da shoota boyz run away so dat da tankbustas shoot da uvver dred doin' 6 wounds.

Krump and Pittance and da tankbustas den charge!
(da WAUUUGH! wuz at stage too at dis point me thinks)

AD'MRAL ORKBAR charges in and whiffs! (because that's what all of my friggin' warbosses do!)

The Lions' Dread wades in yet again...

The company champion, seeing the warboss as the obviously more dangerous threat directs his attacks at the monster, inflicting 2 wounds. Distracted by this new foe, the Nob inflicts 2 wounds on the champion as well!

Oi! Wut iz you gitz doin back dere anywayz?

Deyz lookin' good! (but not much else)

The Lions' champion unloads into the Warboss dropping him to a single wound! However Orkbar retaliates in kind and kills the champion!

Da last beakie boss fightin' to da last az iz good'n propa!

At this point it was the bottom of turn three and Kushial ran up the white flag. Going forward I could camp the big choppa nob on an objective and wrack up VPs while he was stuck in combat on the other side with little hope of achieving even a tie before game's end. 

Victory to Da Groop!

As for the new Ork codex, its...stout. The 2-stage waaaaugh in particular as well as the T5 across the board (soon to be negated by 10th ed from what I hear) is really nice! After this experience, I'm surprised that I haven't seen any other Ork armies locally. That said it'll take a few more games to see whether or not this was a fluke or not.