Monday, November 28, 2022

And they went 'Wee! Wee! Wee! All the way home!'


Yes, I did in fact say that during the game itself. 


Murl & Screech and I played our usual 1K, 3-way, central objective 40k game the other night and below is more or less a highlight reel of mostly my army rather than a proper report (as I only took a few pics). 

New codex in hand, Murl pulled his Imperial Guard army out of deep storage (of about a decade or so) and gave the new codex a try, leading the way with his ogryn. 

About turn two or three my Breachers emerged from cover and hosed down said Ogryn thoroughly. Murl was not appreciative and in the following turn his Demolisher returned the favor. 

The Remora's seeker missiles proved as ineffective vs. Screech's War-of-the-Worlds 'Cron walker as anything else I've ever thrown at that damned thing! The burst cannons then strafed the Necron lines for two turns or so before they blew it out off the sky. 

On my left flank, I 'took the hill' with 20 carbine equipped troops and proceeded to hose down the Necrons with 40 carbine shots a turn. It was pretty devastating and Screech took heavy casualties. 

At the bottom of turn 4, my center and left flank had just about arrived at the objective (in that little building) enmass. Victory looked assured as no one had any VPs yet with the Necrons having given up on it entirely, content to instead wade into the IG lines for some close combat and short ranged fire fights.

At the top of turn five, two of Murl's tanks rolled in...

...wiping out two whole squads and a few hogs as well. 

However going last, my Hogziliaries ran into to claim the objective handing me victory at the game's end!


Monday, November 21, 2022

The Exalt Champion of...tedium.

The Black Legion's Children of Torment subfaction's exalted champion. 

Ya know, I wish GW would put some more detail on the Chaos marines said no one ever! Seriously, WTF?!? These guys are a nightmare of detailing (Chaos Marines aren't supposed to be the stuff of those kinds of nightmares...). 

The Thousand Sons...yeah, I'm notta fan. 

He does also have a power sword not that it is easily visible. 

I'm using the 'Legends' rules for my Exalted Champion as the *only* weapons fit for an Exalted Champion is a bolt pistol, power axe and combi-melta with no variations whatsoever. Very chaosy, every traitor exalted champion having the exact same stuff. Hell even Primaris Lieutenants who are known for their lack of options have more variety than that!

His armor has 2 shades of pink as well as lavender, each color representing a separate squad sworn to him. Whether or not I'll be able to stand painting three squads of these guys remains to be seen...

Even then this guy technically has an illegal weapons fit, as he has a mere bolter rather than a combi-bolter not that any future opponent will likely mind as it means less shots coming their way. 

Lining up to kick that helmet like its a football! 

Monday, November 14, 2022

Returning to the realm of the living...


They're just a little side project...

Yes, I alive again and as such I managed to get in a little bit of hobbying this past weekend. First up: I assembled my new squad of Demiurg allies to go with my Tau army. These will be used as an auxiliary support detachment which will cost me 2CPs and a bunch of special rules that I forget to use 99% of the time anyways. 

Droid on the left and some dude with bionic feet on the right. 'Hey, remember the day that Bob tried to dive to safety thru the airlock, but he didn't jump far enough because he's short and the blast door cut him off at the ankles?' I'm sure that there's some sort of story like that to account for his bionic feet. 

I've armed them with Ion Blasters which teams up nicely with the Tau allied theme, not to mention they pack a lot more of a punch (in exchange for range and rate of fire). The support troopers have an HYLas auto rifle and an L7 missile launcher. Plus there's a scanner dude and a medic. The leader is holding a plasma knife which sounds cool but has no stats as like the Tau's bonding knives, it's purely ceremonial. Because reasons. 

I also painted up another 15mm tank for my Quar. I intend to use the Bolt Action ruleset with these at some point with Frankie as my 'guinea pig' opponent (unless somebody else wants to try it out). They'll be fighting in my caverns terrain which ought to be interesting. 

It's a neat little self-propelled gun not at all outta place in a WWII-like army. It remains to be seen as to how well it'll work in a cave...

lol, with the hand on the head of the guy in the middle, it's almost like he's saying:
'Fuck, where'd that shot land?' 

Yes, I had to paint the crew separately and then glue them in place afterwards.

Fat little bastards barely fit into their uniforms it seems. 

They'd better correct their aim quickly, only 5 more shells left...

Thursday, November 10, 2022

The weekly round up...

The ever wily Neverness during last weekend's game. Yes, he has a battle report in the works... 


So this week I painted...

Actually I didn't do a damned thing right until I took the following photos and then wrote this post. Once again I have Papa Nurgle to thank for this (no, the shot I got last month didn't help at all). Monday at work was a nosedive into oblivion (I was masked and thus my coworkers were spared), and today is the first day in which I feel halfway-ish human again. Well mostly.

 But enough of that shit, on to the fun stuff:

Its a Tau House! Lacking any windows, I would imagine that little pre-fab structures like this would serve as weapons caches, listening posts, guard shacks, and a myriad of other uses. 

Not sure if this particular shack is being overrun by the local fauna do to a lack of use/maintenance, or if it's simply an attempt at camouflaging worst of those egregious print lines.

Models can go inside for close combat purposes, though if you think I'm going to paint details on the inner walls then think again!

The first container started is the last one finished, how ironic. The doors aren't glued in place which is annoying, but they'd just snap off otherwise I would need something for a 2 inch x 9 inch base Neverness, this is exactly why I was 'distracted by a piece of balsa wood' at the FLGS last weekend. 

The 'office' end of the container. The box off to the right likely doubles as a seat.

Look how neatly organized that stuff is, there's a view of the contents here.

All of the containers together. I don't think it's visible in any of my prior pics of it, but somebody apparently died quite messily while next to the yellow container.

Thursday, November 3, 2022

Dreadtober 2022 sidebar


Much like Neverness, Westrider and no doubt others, I too worked on other projects and minis amidst working on Dreadtober project of Commander Firestorm. 

One cargo is toxic and the other is radioactive, it'd be best to just pass these two containers by...

Most noticeably were the second and third of the 3D printed munitorum containers that provided a backdrop to Firestorm throughout the month. These two along with the much earlier painted Smurf container are all from the same set. 

Apparently Smurfs are radioactive too!

I also have a bunch of ammo crates and barrels that came with these three that I've yet to do anything with. I also painted up a pair of Star Schlock Astro-Guard, one as an Inquisitorial acolyte and the other...

The Lavender armor matches my still half painted Ordo Hereticus Razorback. Note the one on the left whose face and purpose are both shrouded in darkness. The lower half of her face looks more feminine than masculine (not that you can tell in this pic) which is why I'm referring to her as a female.

Iggy backpacks work well with these minis. The canteen in the other pic above covers up a missing strap from the sculpt's combat webbing. 

I'm not quite sure what I'll do with the one with the sword. She could be an acolyte, Mistress of Ordinance/of the Fleet, or possibly an Inquisitor in her own right.

Possibly a radical Inquisitor escorted by some Men of Iron dating back to the Dark Age of Technology perhaps? 

Oh sure they look harmless enough, almost 'cute' even. However if they were fielded as 'counts as' Spindle Drones...

The robots are from and were purchased along with some more 15mm Quar. I was thinking of using them as unaligned spindle drones, albeit 3 for the price of 4 (not that 65 points evenly divides by 3 or 4 models in any case). 

So there you have it! These, along with Commander Firestorm total out my total painted minis for the month of October.