Monday, November 28, 2022

And they went 'Wee! Wee! Wee! All the way home!'


Yes, I did in fact say that during the game itself. 


Murl & Screech and I played our usual 1K, 3-way, central objective 40k game the other night and below is more or less a highlight reel of mostly my army rather than a proper report (as I only took a few pics). 

New codex in hand, Murl pulled his Imperial Guard army out of deep storage (of about a decade or so) and gave the new codex a try, leading the way with his ogryn. 

About turn two or three my Breachers emerged from cover and hosed down said Ogryn thoroughly. Murl was not appreciative and in the following turn his Demolisher returned the favor. 

The Remora's seeker missiles proved as ineffective vs. Screech's War-of-the-Worlds 'Cron walker as anything else I've ever thrown at that damned thing! The burst cannons then strafed the Necron lines for two turns or so before they blew it out off the sky. 

On my left flank, I 'took the hill' with 20 carbine equipped troops and proceeded to hose down the Necrons with 40 carbine shots a turn. It was pretty devastating and Screech took heavy casualties. 

At the bottom of turn 4, my center and left flank had just about arrived at the objective (in that little building) enmass. Victory looked assured as no one had any VPs yet with the Necrons having given up on it entirely, content to instead wade into the IG lines for some close combat and short ranged fire fights.

At the top of turn five, two of Murl's tanks rolled in...

...wiping out two whole squads and a few hogs as well. 

However going last, my Hogziliaries ran into to claim the objective handing me victory at the game's end!



Ragsta said...

Really fun little oinkers those, hope you all enjoyed!

Da Masta Cheef said...

We always do! Also was the first time that any of the Hogziliaries survived a game!

neverness said...

Good to see them finally bring home the bacon.

Kushial said...

I kept coming back to look at this as something kept seeming odd to me but I couldn't figure out what it was. It finally hit me this afternoon what it was. Murl isn't flipping off the camera! You went and got sneaky taking those pics!

Da Masta Cheef said...

Indeed, he didn't even look annoyed lol!

Anonymous said...

Wasn’t questioning life choices during that game….votann makes you bitter and hate life/yourself.