Monday, November 21, 2022

The Exalt Champion of...tedium.

The Black Legion's Children of Torment subfaction's exalted champion. 

Ya know, I wish GW would put some more detail on the Chaos marines said no one ever! Seriously, WTF?!? These guys are a nightmare of detailing (Chaos Marines aren't supposed to be the stuff of those kinds of nightmares...). 

The Thousand Sons...yeah, I'm notta fan. 

He does also have a power sword not that it is easily visible. 

I'm using the 'Legends' rules for my Exalted Champion as the *only* weapons fit for an Exalted Champion is a bolt pistol, power axe and combi-melta with no variations whatsoever. Very chaosy, every traitor exalted champion having the exact same stuff. Hell even Primaris Lieutenants who are known for their lack of options have more variety than that!

His armor has 2 shades of pink as well as lavender, each color representing a separate squad sworn to him. Whether or not I'll be able to stand painting three squads of these guys remains to be seen...

Even then this guy technically has an illegal weapons fit, as he has a mere bolter rather than a combi-bolter not that any future opponent will likely mind as it means less shots coming their way. 

Lining up to kick that helmet like its a football! 


neverness said...

I should get a bunch of those Thousand Sons (of bitches) heads for my Space Wolves bases. By why limit myself? All my armies hate those guys!

Da Masta Cheef said...

Indeed, I do have several of them decorating the bases of various armies.

WestRider said...

Chaos Marines are really, really suffering these days from the restriction to only using the loadouts that are on the models sold. And yeah, those Chosen are fiddly as hell to paint. Came out looking really cool, tho, so at least there's that!

Da Masta Cheef said...

Thank you West Rider. We were discussing this sort of stupidity the other day, we figure it’s still fallout from the chapter house lawsuit debacle.

WestRider said...

The impression I've gotten was that at this point, a lot of it is more about people complaining about not being able to build a given Unit straight out of the box (e.g. because the CSM box only comes with a single Plasma Gun, they lost the ability to take two of them in a Squad), or at least marketing idiots thinking that would be a major obstacle to potential players. Given that the last few updates of CSM kits haven't done much in the way of adding in options, they got hit really hard by that. It absolutely wrecked my Skitarii, too. So now we're at the point where a Space Marine Captain has an order of magnitude more options than a Chaos Lord who has supposedly cast aside all the restrictions of the Codex Astartes and embraced the use of forbidden weaponry. Drives me up the damn wall.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Yes, that last point is exactly it! Its just ridiculous!

Thus I take liberties with their wargear to make them WYSIWYG (and generally equal to if not less well equipped than the standard which no one complains about).