Thursday, November 30, 2017

Finally! A game of Battletech!


Scheduling a game of anything with my buddy Rob all but takes an act of congress. Thus after a month and a half (or so) of cancellations, we managed to finally get a game of Battletech in. We played the usual straight up and kill each other scenario, 8k points per side, he was fielding a  medium Free Worlds League lance with uber pilots (by my standards) vs my heavy Marion Hegemony Century (their version of a lance) along with a lone infantry platoon.

Despite the lanes running thru it, we counted the whole thing as a heavy forest. Unfortunately the to-hit modifiers were so bad we did little but just plow through it rather than fight in it as I had hoped when setting up the table.
Well, we tried to shoot thru it, but quickly realized the folly of that...
lol, I called snake eyes and he obliged with his AC20 in point blank range of my rear armor! He was not happy, especially as this was a repeat performance of the same thing earlier in the game vs. the front armor of my Mad Cat!

As usual, my little circus side show was totally ignored despite inflicting minor damage almost continuously...

The game went rather smoothly and was bloody as usual. He ran up the white flag after loosing an apollo and a hunchback. I lost a charger (no surprise there) though both my Cyclops and 'looted Mad Cat' were in really rough shape and about ready to fall back under covering fire from the Stalkers.

All in all it was a fun time, and I'm looking forward to an all Urbanmech (yes, you read that correctly) game vs. Kushial this weekend!

Monday, November 27, 2017

Leviathan Dreadnought WIP 2?

lol, I'm not sure if my earlier post really qualified as a WIP or just a lolz post.

You sure you don't want this to be an Iron Warriors' dreadnought?
All it needs now are hazard stripes!
Now the real work begins...

I finally managed to get to the FLGS for some more black primer, allowing for the initial dry brushed base coat over the entire surface. Its a shame this mini is fully assembled as there are some nooks and crannies beneath the arm/torso areas that will have to remain as is, with nothing more than a simple dry brushing. Especially as I'm loathe to try and pop the arms off as this is a very expensive resin mini.

I did remove its base as that just added to the number of hard-to-reach areas, as such I'll leave that off till the dread all but finished and ready to clear coat.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

The Fem Fa'Tau would like to suggest moderation on this day of American Gluttony...

Yeah...screw that, now pass the turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy-mmMMmm...gravy! Oh and there's pie! Don't forget the pie!!!


A little ways back, I said that I had a plan to revitalize my Beloved Wolfy’s Fem Fa’Tau. It was simple really: Every other painted mini would be a tau mini. And then…Dreadtober hit, and the Tau haven’t been heard from since! Worse yet, I only painted one mini during that time (and then got sick shortly thereafter).

Turns out, I was for once true to my word (well, hobby-wise), and I actually did paint some Tau minis, two in fact. Primarily whilst waiting for the inordinate amount of ink I slathered onto that dread to dry. 

Ya know, they say the camera adds 20 mistakes,
but then you take pics from four different angles...

These two breachers are deceptively difficult to paint, because I’m not inking and dry brushing the hell out of ‘em like I normally do. All the filth and grime that usually coats my minis hides a hellova lot of mistakes, meaning with these I instead have to actually fix said mistakes when painting her Tau rather than just hide them. That said, I do rather like em, as does my Wolfy.

I still need to assemble another three plus their savior drone (or whatever its called) for the squad minimum. Once that’s done, then hopefully we can see how they perform in combat via Kill Team.  

Monday, November 20, 2017

Site Quarantined due to a Nurgle infestation!

Yes, this about sums it up...
Yes, the great unclean one and its countless minions not only launched an all out assault on me last week but had all but claimed total victory by Wednesday. The only reason I even had a Thursday post was because it had been written and scheduled earlier in the week. Regardless, anything even remotely hobbyish ground to a halt and has been at a stand still ever since (unless this meager post qualifies?).

Currently the battle for my survival is still raging, but hopefully the forces of good...(or well, at least my side in case 'good' isn't a proper definition) will have wrested back the tide of contagion to make a proper post later this week. No, I won't have worked on anything new, but I do have a little bit back log that needs blogging about.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

The Sad Cat


On a whim, I picked up an old (mid-1990s) plastic Mad Cat off of ebay for a reasonable price a little ways back. Its an old sculpt and not the best cast, but unlike its metal counterpart, it stays together. Years ago a very frustrated Screech gave me a metal Mad Cat that he couldn't get to stay glued together. Awesome! I thought, only to later sell the pile of parts myself for the same reason, the damned thing wouldn't stay together!

As this is the only clan mech I have, I opted to use it as a captured Clan mech rather than buy a force to go around it. I have 4 inner sphere assault mechs and these 5 together will make for a fun little Marian Hegemony century (their version of a lance). However maintaining a clan mech is far beyond their technological ability. Indeed, even by the Jihad when the Hegemony first started producing their own mechs, they were on par with ancient, obsolete designs! Thus I modified (downgraded) the Mad Cat considerably, and wrote a bit of fluff to give it some background:

In 3067 whilst the Marian Hegemony’s III Legio was garrisoning Ballalaba, the planet was raided by a mixed trinary of Dark Caste bandits. Initially running amok, looting settlements of both supplies and slaves, the bandits were soon bogged down by the Legio defenders. Whilst the Legio vastly outnumbered the Bandits, the Clan mechs, pilots and elementals were far superior to anything the Hegemony defenders could throw at them and they inflicted heavy casualties. However a protracted fight is the last thing any raiding force wants and little more than a week after they first landed, the Dark Caste boosted off world with their loot and disappeared into the void.

Ignoring the extensive civilian losses, the III Legio itself suffered close to a full cohort’s worth of heavily damaged or destroyed mechs and tanks, and infantry losses were even higher. In return, they inflicted unknown damage on the clansmen and only managed to destroy a handful of cargo vehicles and a lone Mad Cat C. 

The Mad Cat, already in a poor state or repair (by Clan standards) fought savagely when cornered, even fighting on (barely) after its ammo bins ran dry! It was finally taken down by none other than Prefect Talawar Marius, CO of the III Legio, piloting his 11-H model Cyclops. The kill shot was an AC20 round to the Mad Cat’s back which disabled the engine. The bandit pilot was dragged from his mech and executed on the spot, and Talawar claimed the machine as his own personal prize.

The damaged machine was well beyond the ability of the Legio astechs to repair, and extensive assistance was requested from their Word of Blake allies who practically rebuilt the mech for Talawar’s use. Word technicians downgraded the clan mech using weapons and technologies which were both within the realistic realm of maintenance and serviceability of the Hegemony forces. Indeed the mech’s operational capabilities were so greatly reduced, that jokingly (and privately) the Word’s engineers referred to it as the ‘Sad Cat’. 

Steel yourself Screech! This
is going to hurt to look at!
First the mech was reskinned with standard armor plate, the Mad Cat was then refitted with a standard fusion engine and inner sphere standard double heat sinks (the latter a gift from the Word in exchange for the salvaged clan weaponry, none of which was operable but nonetheless held valuable potential). 

Opting to go for the Marian equivalent of the original Mad Cat ‘C’ model’s weapons fit, the LRMs were replaced with a trio of Marian rocket launcher 15s in each side torso, the clan UAC-5 and ER medium laser were both replaced with Inner Sphere models, and the AMS was swapped for a small pulse laser. Lastly, in the right arm, in place of the two clan ER large Lasers (one of which wasn’t even fitted to the Mad Cat prior to the raid), the Word of Blake fitted a much shorter ranged but highly accurate large pulse laser. 

Piloting the only Clan Omnimech (well visually, if no longer technologically) in the all of the Marian Legions appeals greatly to Prefect Talawar’s ego. As such Talawar’s Mad Cat approximate’s the III Legio’s ‘totem mech’ to steal something else from the Clans. However, were it to face 'real' clans mechs in battle, neither Talawar nor his Mad Cat will likely survive the encounter.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Just some minor tweaks...


Like Neverness, Friday I made some minor alterations to an existing mini in preparation for this week's Kill Team game. Originally a painboss named Da 13th' Dokta, this mini usually serves as just a nob in KT games, though on occasion he's also been acting Warboss of Da Long Wayz Dezert Groop as well.

As a painboss, his big choppa and docs toolz were just fine, but as one of the others its always irked me that he's lacked a slugga. Not wanting to completely rework the mini, I opted to go the easy route instead.

First I popped him and his spida off of their base. Tossed the spida back into the bitz pile, moved him over a bit and added one of the better painted grots from Da Eleet Grot Mountin Duvishun to his base to serve as his 'slugga'. The grot needed a few touch ups and a wash to match, followed by rebasing and then I sealed them.

Nice, simple and honestly, without the 13th dokta link above to prove otherwise, it looks like they've always been on the base together. As for their performance in our game, I'll leave the details to Neverness since I know he has a bat rep in progress.


On a totally different note, Kushial's dreadnought has reached the 3-color minimum due to the fact that I ran out of black primer. Sad Face. I'll have to get some more this week so that I can continue on with that project.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Trouble’s a-brewin’ in the Appalachian Subsector….

Vox traffic indicates that the ENTIRE Lions of Harlech Space Marine chapter is mustering for an all-out assault/extraction attempt on the nearby Rainbow Warriors’ home world…

Hell, even the Rainbow Warriors don't use pink paint!

MWUHAHAHAHAHA!!! I had to do it! I just HAD to!!!! Seriously, who uses white primer under dark colors anyways??? 

No worries pal, this little diversion will soon be covered by BLACK primer (but that layer o’ pink will always be under there)… Also, I took the liberty of removing the torso mounted parchments, I have something better in mind (and no it doesn’t involve the color pink!). 

I also removed the Space Wolf from the base for ease of painting. Speaking of the base, I may add a rock or two to break up that large expanse of nothing in front. Not sure yet but we’ll see…

Monday, November 6, 2017

Caged Lions


Look who's trapped in my mud-slow paint queue...

Aways back Kushial came into a horde of Battletech tanks for a steal. Looking thru his extras, I asked how much he wanted for a lance of Manticore tanks. Knowing that hobby funds are sometimes tight for me, he asked if I'd paint a dreadnought for him in exchange for the tanks. Sure, works for me!

A few tanks in need of a refurb...

The Dreadnought to be painted is a Leviathan with storm cannon and grav-flux bombard. Yeah that sounds scary, though to be honest I have no idea what those weapons do. I asked if his color scheme was lavender with pink accents, to which he curtly replied no, lol.

I suppose I could paint the Contemptor lavender and pink, but following my Salamanders dread and the Leviathan, that would be like painting 3.5 dreads, so I'm pretty sure its safe from that fate!

Instead a Lions of Harlech Contemptor was supplied along with the Leviathan to act as a sort of color guide. Speaking of, I know that Kushial and Neverness played a game of 8th ed Sunday, however these two weren't present for the battle as they're currently in my possession, so Neverness: you're welcome!

Thursday, November 2, 2017


 Take 2 (due to blogger deleting the 1st version of this).

A little ways back I bought some minis and bitz to make a Deathwatch Kill Team for Kill Team (fitting no?). When they arrived I tossed them aside as Dreadtober was in progress. However now that that's over its time I started putting these guys together. 

Smurfs, why does it always have to be Smurfs...

As I was perusing ebay I came across this guy: The Ultramarine Vael Donatus. However at first glance my mind read the words Veal Donuts, lol! Come on GW, surely when that name was tossed around the room, somebody must've made that connection! Luckily there's no such thing as a veal donut right? the google!

Wow, seriously people?!? What the actual fuck??? 

Yup, veal donuts are a thing.
Thanks Malta, you've just ruined donuts forever, moving on...

Still looks AWESOME!
So anyways, I got Vael for almost the same price as a single generic space marine because-yeah, Ultramarines are that popular! I didn't want to field him in his stock configuration and swapped out his artificer-forged bolter (because everything Ultramarines is AWESOME!). Instead, sticking to his boy scout heritage, he's now armed with an astartes assault shotgun just like he did when he was a lowly scout (though admittedly the ammo of the DW shotgun is vastly superior).

Not to totally beat up on the Smurfs, Vael will at least serve as my Deatwatch kill teams' watch sergeant. He's highly respected by all of his team's members save one, the lone ANGRY MAHREEN, Floyd Uberson (I linked to that post purely for the hilarious-to-me Ferengi comment beneath Floyd's pic). Floyd will soon to be repainted/pauldroned into DW colors and insignia. 

I wonder who threw that choppa?
An Ork? Or was it Floyd?
The enmity between these two began with Floyd's insistence on calling Vael (you guessed it) Veal Donuts, and will no doubt throw a wrench into every well conceived plan (which is cover for the fact that I never actually have one of those when playing...).