Tuesday, March 28, 2023

The Incandescent Coyotes & Votann meet their doom. Again. As usual...


Note the wounds to the Kratos sustained in just TWO turns...

I teamed up with my buddy Rob in what turned out to be yet another futile attempt to beat Screech's Necron horde last weekend. I was fielding my Incandescent Coyotes which rarely win, and was allied to Rob's Votann which have never won. No, it wasn't looking good from the outset. 

Tell the Chapter Master that this is just bullshit man! BULLSHIT!!

Screech was fielding 2k points of of his (official GW) Krylon gold & (3D printed) glowy yellow horde. The coyotes, unfortunately only clock in at about 700 points, so this week's 'allied contingent' was the Kratos which was wholly ineffective (will have to see if the Smurfs can have any better luck with it). 

The coyotes always need an allied something just to hit 1k points, and no matter what it is they usually come out on the losing end though they do have their moments (skip towards the end of that one).

These little guys pack a good wallop, but withered under the Necron onslaught.

Already a nightmare to paint and not looking to spend any more $$$ on them, I think it's time for the Coyotes to redeploy elsewhere (though the Razorback is likely to take up residence in my display case). 

Despite the poor showing all around, Rob's painted Votann nonetheless inspired me to paint one out of my own squad of them. After a bit of experimentation, this is what I came up with:

These guys are really just an excuse to base minis with the purple sand again.

Squad '6' I believe...

The unit is 'league affiliated' to Rob's Urani-Surtr Regulates.

Not too bad, I think I'll paint up the few more who are amongst the the horde of half painted and/or just primered minis that crowd my desk. 

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Traveling to the Galaxy's Edge


An AT-AT, from the infantry's perspective...

Nope, no painting from me here of late. Last week I was on my honeymoon in Orlando and after spending most of the week with Mickey, we rounded out our stay with a visit to Disney's Hollywood Studios, mainly to visit the Galaxy's Edge. 

I think I need to paint a SW Legion R2 Astromech up like this.

I only went on 1 ride as 70 minutes is pretty much my limit on waiting for one (it was Spring Break after all), though my Best Man Screech and Loren, my wife's Maid of Honor had no such limits and went off to enjoy the other Star Wars rides waiting 2 hours apiece for them! 

For those wondering, we had a destination wedding in Orlando, and thus our small bridal party joined us on said honeymoon.

Left to Right: Conor our officiant, Loren, myself and my wife Kristy, her our son Frankie, and Screech. My uncle Claude was also present, just on the other side of the camera.

Long lines aside, the place is AMAZING!!! As such, this post is just to share a few pics from the The Galaxy's Edge (leaving out the seemingly hundreds more from the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, the wedding itself & more...). 

The AT-AT's chin cannons fired streams of water at passers by.

Apparently Han & Chewie were hauling strollers.

I didn't get to see Po Dameron's black T-70 X-Wing as there was a 2-hour wait to get to it.

The souvenir shops were all fantastically done in an Outer Rim market look!

Just one of the many impressive displays tucked away in a gift shop.

I have one of these made out of legos. 

The soda bottles look like thermal detonators!

I could post many, many more but in the end they do they place no justice. Rather you should go & see it for yourself, just not during spring break. 

Monday, March 6, 2023

SWL 1.4 FD Laser Cannon Team


This little lady has Badass written all over her!

My woefully ineffective pizza cannon from the battle of Hoth is complete! As you can tell by both the crew and basing, this one clearly wasn't used in that debacle. 

I originally had pondered adding camo netting to the cannon, but figured the energy build up in that dish would likely ignite it and thus left it uncamouflaged. 

In hindsight, I ought to have used the gun captain above as my little army's generic officer. That said I was wary of popping her off of the base as 3D printed minis have an alarming habit of losing their feet when you try to rebase them.

The gunner with his eyes on the cannon's sites. 

Honestly I'm not quite sure why I stopped work painting it previously, as this was almost done. A few touch ups on the crew, inking followed by a light dry brushing on said crew and all that was left to do was the basing. 

A better view of the gunner and battery pack. 

I was careful to not obscure the quadrant lines which are used for firing arc purposes.

As you can see from this aerial view, the base blends really well with my deck railing!