Tuesday, March 28, 2023

The Incandescent Coyotes & Votann meet their doom. Again. As usual...


Note the wounds to the Kratos sustained in just TWO turns...

I teamed up with my buddy Rob in what turned out to be yet another futile attempt to beat Screech's Necron horde last weekend. I was fielding my Incandescent Coyotes which rarely win, and was allied to Rob's Votann which have never won. No, it wasn't looking good from the outset. 

Tell the Chapter Master that this is just bullshit man! BULLSHIT!!

Screech was fielding 2k points of of his (official GW) Krylon gold & (3D printed) glowy yellow horde. The coyotes, unfortunately only clock in at about 700 points, so this week's 'allied contingent' was the Kratos which was wholly ineffective (will have to see if the Smurfs can have any better luck with it). 

The coyotes always need an allied something just to hit 1k points, and no matter what it is they usually come out on the losing end though they do have their moments (skip towards the end of that one).

These little guys pack a good wallop, but withered under the Necron onslaught.

Already a nightmare to paint and not looking to spend any more $$$ on them, I think it's time for the Coyotes to redeploy elsewhere (though the Razorback is likely to take up residence in my display case). 

Despite the poor showing all around, Rob's painted Votann nonetheless inspired me to paint one out of my own squad of them. After a bit of experimentation, this is what I came up with:

These guys are really just an excuse to base minis with the purple sand again.

Squad '6' I believe...

The unit is 'league affiliated' to Rob's Urani-Surtr Regulates.

Not too bad, I think I'll paint up the few more who are amongst the the horde of half painted and/or just primered minis that crowd my desk. 


neverness said...

I think I like how that Squat fellow turned out. That purple sand works well with them.

Da Masta Cheef said...


neverness said...

No problem. But,, why did you leave the base rim unpainted, don't you usually paint them a kind of blue?

Ragsta said...

I regret not grabbing a Kratos when they were 40% off at Wayland :(

Da Masta Cheef said...

@Neverness: It's painted in celestial grey, very similar to the color I primed the mini. I'll probably prime the rest OD green, but will match the base's rim color which, like the purple sand was done just to be different.

@Ragsta: Yes that is a regrettable deal to have passed on, sorry bud. Mine was on sale as well, don't think it was that much of a discount though!