Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Paint box


So, I was listening to the latest Independent Characters podcast today while at work and they were discussing making room for 'hobby time' in between the rest of life (there was also a mention of b.smoove on there as well). They suggested painting on lunch break at work or something like that and Geoff asked how would you transport your newly painted minis home, and to myself I said 'duh, with a paint box'. It then occurred to me that most people have a paint table, not a box.

I have a perfectly good, old drawing table for hobbies however as a large horizontal surface, it is as usual covered with stuff (most of which hasn't moved in so long, digging through it would be like an exercise in archeology). Anyways, after spotting the box in a craft store with Mom several years back, I said I'd like it for Christmas, and indeed it was under the tree . (note: Mom has never liked gaming, so its a bit ironic that one of the most valued items in terms of contributing to it was purchased by her)

Anyways, here it is:

Anyways, its nothing fancy, probably cost $20ish. I added some foam into the slots to hold minis in place during transport. I keep the glue in a separate compartment for the occasions when it leaks, the foam absorbs it, saving everything else. There's plenty of room for paints, brushes & tools. Decal sheets and even some sprues will fit behind the removable paint pallet (which now has an unbelievable amount of gunk painted/glued onto it).

This is what I used last week when I went to stay at my grandparents, indeed it goes to Grandma's every week. I've also used it when we used to have paint nights at game shops, friends' houses, brought along for touch ups/repairs @ the hotel the night before Gamesday, or just at home. I would imagine this would work well for college kids who live in dorms (or live in studio apartments like I used to) and are pressed for space.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

...and It's back to the grind...


Well I had a good vacation! Lots of relaxing, little day trips around here, visiting with family, and no rainy days. So all in all a good time. Much painting was also done, with everything I brought with me being painted (finished the last minis up this afternoon), bases still need to be flocked of course. The 728th Sabbat Irregulars are starting to look like a fire support unit. Anyways, here they are:

(note: Someone dropped their chalice of whine on the heavy stubber base.)

And here they are with the lascannon team & Sabre that I already had:

Saturday, September 18, 2010



Well, as I've mentioned before, i have the week off, and will be spending it with folks at my grandparent's house. Its only about an hour from here, but lacks a computer, so there won't be any new posts next week. My stepmother has an iPad, so I may be able to post a comment/reply but that's about it.

I shelved my painting project short list for my renegade heavy weapons instead.

(3) bastion lascannons w/tripods, 60mm bases & crews
(1) quad heavy stubber sabre defense platform with crew
(1) nebelwerfer-ish renegade missile launcher & crew.

Not sure if all of that will get painted (Murl lent me his 3rd siege of Vraks book, which will be a distraction), but either way, that's certainly better than watching TV after it gets dark.

Also, we got in our first round of Dark Heresy last night. Seemed like a lot of fun, our GM is good at impressions, so the various NPCs we run into don't all sound the same (hostilities generally ensue @ that point. However you can't interrogate the dead so our party is a bit clueless thus far...).

Well its a glorious day outside & there is a music festival in town that should getting up to speed by now, so with that, I'll bid you all a good week!

Take Care.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Need some opinions...


I've wanted to add a missile team to my renegade IG for a while now, but next to the lascannon teams, the standard IG missile launcher looks too small (much like my FW heavy stubber team's gun). So I came up with this:

I just popped the barrel off of one of my much neglected lobbas, to try this out. But I'm not sold on it (worse case scenario at this point, I'm out a havoc & vox, the lobba can be reassembled with probably little if any repainting required).
Here's a side by side with one of the lascannon teams:

I would have to pop it off of the base to repaint & reposition the gun to allow room for the crew.

I still haven't decided what to paint next week. While heading over to Grandma's to get my dog yesterday, I realized that Hobby Lobby would actually be open when I past it (for once), so I stopped in & got some primer. So now I'm debating on whether to skip to the top of my list & paint my renegade lascannons & sabre platform next week instead of any of the projects I mentioned yesterday.

Decisions, decisions.....

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hmmm, what shall be next week's project....


Not a whole lot has happened hobby wise since my last post (you can translate that as: nothing). I made a weekend run to Florida for a family get together, so getting everything organized for that more or less ate up most of my evenings last week.

...and speaking of going away...

Next weekend my Dad & Stepmother (and their 2 dogs, which equals out to 4 total) will be down for their annual visit. They stay at Grandma's house as there is more room, however its about an hour drive, so I stay there for the week as well (and that translates to: no blog posts next week as I won't have computer access). We usually make day trips, however at night, there's little to do aside from watching TV. I personally have little use for TV (especially when its satellite meaning we all have to watch the same thing) so instead I just turn on the iPod and paint minis. Since I'm denied my usual distractions as well as virtually all of my other models, I bring a painting 'project' which is something that's usually pretty low on my 'to do' list.

I've been wanting to paint my Renegade IG, as I now finally have all the parts necessary to assemble a second lascannon squad, as well as work on the 2nd Sabre platform that I got for my birthday. However I'm out of primer, and am not making a 40+ mile round trip out of my way to go to the FLGS just for a can of primer (besides being at the top of my 'to do' list, they really don't qualify). So looking at the bottom of the list I came up with the following:

WHFB Orcs (couln't sell them on ebay, so I'm stuck with them)
Chaos Marines (the Havocs most likely) & Rhino
Dark Hands Landraider
City Fight Buildings
Aurora Scouts & Command Squad

The buildings are probably out as they require a rather large footprint, and my cousin & her family (including 2 little ones) will also be in town the end of the week, meaning Ma's house will be an absolute zoo! So I dunno, I'm kinda leaning towards the Orcs, Aurora or Land Raider, but I'm usually pretty indecisive in regards to this sort of thing, so I may not know till I have to load up my truck on Sunday.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Gearing up for Dark Heresy


Well we finally have a date set for out first get together for Dark Heresy, Friday the 17th. I plan on using my Underhive scum (background for him is here) as my first sacrificial lamb, however I'm having to rethink the miniature I will be using for him after realizing I got his gear mixed up with another character. I've made several not expecting them to last too long till I get the hang of the system.

So without a mini to show off, I'll post the mini for my 2nd character, Ekon the assassin:

This is a slight converion of an old Void 1.1 Colonial Marine.

He's not the assassin in the usual sense, as I have him fluffed out as an exguardsman/deserter who leads the nobility of hive Tarsus on Scintilla on 'safari' hunting upper-hive scum. Hive Tarsus is more or less a Hive city in reverse. The nobles live in the bottom, in the cool and darkness whereas the scum live at the top, in the blazing heat of the desert sun. Many fashion iridescent 'armor' to help reflect the sun's heat as they move about the surface (hopefully that helps explain the bizarre paint job).

Here's the fluff I came up with for him:

Greeting’s gentlemen, welcome to the Underhive Outfitters!

Ekon’s my name a Safari’s the game! I’ll show you the greatest thrill you’ve ever had stalking and killing the most dangerous prey the galaxy has to offer. Any ol’ outfit can take you grox hunting. Mindless beasts who will stare dumbly as you put a slug between their eyes, where’s the thrill in that?

There isn’t, plain and simple.

I gotta nice little deal worked out with the Hive Tarsus Administratum, and you’ll be the beneficiaries. I’ll take you up to the outterhive where you’ll be able to cull the vermin of this world. Scum, gangers and if we go far enough (for the right price of course), even the degenerates they call ‘Muties’. Nothing knows fear or runs with the sheer panic of an outterhiver! Hell, sometimes they even try to fight back!

Now that there, THAT’S a thrill that you’ll remember! Sure there’s no meat to eat or trophies to mount, but you’ll be doing the good people of our world a favor by removing such filth from the population. So what d’ya say? A day of thrills, adrenaline and adventure, and you’ll be back in the comfort of the underhive in time for dinner! All the while knowing you’ve done a service for not only Scintilla, but also the Imperium at large! There can be no finer satisfaction than that; indeed you’ll stand proud at the almighty Emperor’s side when time comes for that.


Noooo, no sir I can assure you that you’ll be in no danger! Not with me leading your way. Never have I lost a client while up topside, you’ll be in no danger at all. Trust me.

Now, shall we discuss what sort of package you would like to purchase? I can make several recomm—what? Inquisition!?! Look I’ve gotta deal with the Administratum; this operation is all legit I can assure you! I—what?

Oh, you need a guide you say; compensation's not an issue? Well gentlemen, you've come to the right place! The right place indeed...


Assassin Class

Name: Ekon

Full Name: Ekonlockhatchee

Home world: Volonx (Feral world, Calixsis Subsector)


Involuntarily inducted into the Imperial guard Regiment 44th Volonx Light Infantry. Concealing his anger resulting from induction, and instead appearing to adjust well to guard lifestyle well, he rose to rank of Platoon Sergeant. Ekon was present on Thacian Primus and was caught up in the Thracian Atrocity. Separated from his unit in the chaos and making the most of the opportunity, he was officially listed as KIA, even though his remains were never recovered.

Ekon acquired the garb & currency of a Thracian noble who was also injured (and shortly thereafter was deceased after he thought Ekon was arriving to assist). Utilizing his knowledge and experience from his non-comm. training in the Guard, Ekon booked passage to Scintilla’s hive Primus. Reassuming his true identity he soon gained employment as a security operative for upper spire nobility. After several years, of ‘learning the system’ (which laws to break and which hands to pay off). Ekon struck out on his own as a ‘guide’ leading recreational safaris into the underhive to entertain the spire elite. Documentation licensing his operation was acquired through bribery and blackmail. Regardless, the legality of his enterprise is vague at best. He had learned quickly when working for the nobility of Scintilla, that a few thrones placed in the right hands can turn many a blind eye.

Business was good for a few years until an ‘incident’ in which an up spire tycoon’s heir suffered severe burns over 83% of his body after a misplaced round punctured and ignited a promethium tank. In the fallout Ekon had to quickly vacate his premises. Setting up a new operation in Hive Tarsis under a new company name and he has proceeded on as if everything was as clean, safe and legitimate his brochures tell you they are…

Monday, September 6, 2010

Aurora Scouts


Well it seems doubtful that I'll be able to make the Chattanooga Classic. The tourney itself is not the issue rather the 2 nights of hotel, food & gas. My two friends that are going are trying to wrangle it into the cheapest way possible (as they're also broke), but that would mean one of us riding in the back seat of a Nissan Frontier for 4 hours each way (and everyone knows that those seats aren't functional for anyone above the age of 12). That's a by product of Tennessee I suppose, we all drive trucks. Three will fit into the cab of my Ram, though whomever gets stuck in the middle seat will have no armrests, legroom & spend the trip staring at themselves in the rear view mirror.

So, not needing to meet a deadline I didn't feel like painting another DeffKopta this weekend, instead opting for some Aurora scouts. I had noticed when building some kill teams, that I didn't have enough scouts assembled to even consider them even if I used Telion (not sure if Sp. Char. are allowed in Kill Team). Anyways, so the first half of the squad is done (with the 2nd half planned for some time in the distant future).

The red guy is a Techmarine aspirant.

These are kinda tedious to paint, but I like them. I started some base coats on a sniper squad, but didn't get far.

As for the kill teams, my victories were all but complete save for a single tie (with the tie being by far the best round). My opponent's dice were abysmal all evening. Whether it was an IG vet in cover with a camo-cloak, or a Space Wolf in power Armor, he couldn't seem to roll higher than a 2 to save. Steam rollering your opponent when their dice fair (even after multiple die swaps) isn't too much fun though. We did make the best of it. I can see how horde armies can easily break that scenario, perhaps that was part of Big Jim's killzone idea.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Kill Teams


We're gonna try out the kill team Scenario this evening. Neither of us have the actual book, but have seen it several times and are pretty sure we have all the details down right. The only question I had was whether or not inquisitorial allies are allowed. Lame in something so small yes, but I have a squad that was specifically built to go with several of my inquisitors when they're attached to my IG armies (and for the record, I DO NOT use mystics when doing so, but that's off topic). Anyways, having 5 teams, I'll save that one till last to see if time permits.

Here are what I came up with to try out:

Ork Kill TEEM: 200 Points

Shoota Boys (15)

Rokkit Launcha, Nob w/Eavy Armor Boss Pole, Ammo Runt

USR: Feel no Pain on da Nob

USR: Tank Hunta on da Rokkit Launcha Boy

Lootas (5)

USR: Stealth on Cactus Bob (he's a Mek w/big shoota)

666th Penal Legion: 200 Points (I'll make (1) roll for BOTH squads)


Penal Legions Squad

USR: Furious Charge on Sgt. w/Chainsword

Penal Legions Squad

USR: Preferred Enemy on Kneeling Sgt.

Fast Attack:


Smoke Launcher

USR: Tank Hunter

Inquisition Kill Team: 198

Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Brimstone

Refractor, Incinerator, Power Sword, Frag

USR: Preferred Enemy

Imperial Guard Veteran Squad

Sgt.: Bolt Pistol, Power Sword, USR: Furious Charge

Grenade Launcher, Camo-Cloaks

Heavy Bolter USR: Relentless

Fallen Angels Kill Team: 200

Chaos Marines (10)

Missile Launcher USR: Slow & Purposeful

Plasma Gun, USR: Relentless

Asp. Champ w/Plasma-Bolter USR: Feel No Pain

Vraks Kill Team:200 (uses the Updated FW Vraks list)

Disciples of Xaphan (10)

Sgt: Power Axe, Carapace Armor

Squad: (2) Grenade Launchers, (1) Plasma Gun


Sgt.: USR Furious Charge

Plasma Gunner: USR Feel no Pain

Lascannon Team: Relentless

Armored Sentinel


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