Saturday, September 18, 2010



Well, as I've mentioned before, i have the week off, and will be spending it with folks at my grandparent's house. Its only about an hour from here, but lacks a computer, so there won't be any new posts next week. My stepmother has an iPad, so I may be able to post a comment/reply but that's about it.

I shelved my painting project short list for my renegade heavy weapons instead.

(3) bastion lascannons w/tripods, 60mm bases & crews
(1) quad heavy stubber sabre defense platform with crew
(1) nebelwerfer-ish renegade missile launcher & crew.

Not sure if all of that will get painted (Murl lent me his 3rd siege of Vraks book, which will be a distraction), but either way, that's certainly better than watching TV after it gets dark.

Also, we got in our first round of Dark Heresy last night. Seemed like a lot of fun, our GM is good at impressions, so the various NPCs we run into don't all sound the same (hostilities generally ensue @ that point. However you can't interrogate the dead so our party is a bit clueless thus far...).

Well its a glorious day outside & there is a music festival in town that should getting up to speed by now, so with that, I'll bid you all a good week!

Take Care.


Screech said...

You have to admit, that grenade I chucked was AWESOME! 4/8 dead, and the rest bleeding, dying, or just stunned enough for the rest of the group to finish 'em off. And to think, I still have 2 more...until I find a seller with more. :)

Papa JJ said...

Remember fellas, execution after interrogation... it just works out better that way. I hope your vacation is a lot of fun and restful too, best of luck to you with your painting goals.

Da Masta Cheef said...

@ Screech: Don't get too cocky, had you failed that roll, it would have our party that was wiped out! (and I'll bet Joel will make it a lot harder to find grenades from here on out)

@ Papa JJ: Well we are amateurs, that and just because they were laying on the ground while stunned/bleeding, our rate of fire didn't slacken. Instead it was more like: 'ooh! They're easier to hit now!' And yes, it will be a good week of day trips & painting in the evenings. If the weather is anything like it was today the week'll be perfect!