Friday, September 3, 2010

Kill Teams


We're gonna try out the kill team Scenario this evening. Neither of us have the actual book, but have seen it several times and are pretty sure we have all the details down right. The only question I had was whether or not inquisitorial allies are allowed. Lame in something so small yes, but I have a squad that was specifically built to go with several of my inquisitors when they're attached to my IG armies (and for the record, I DO NOT use mystics when doing so, but that's off topic). Anyways, having 5 teams, I'll save that one till last to see if time permits.

Here are what I came up with to try out:

Ork Kill TEEM: 200 Points

Shoota Boys (15)

Rokkit Launcha, Nob w/Eavy Armor Boss Pole, Ammo Runt

USR: Feel no Pain on da Nob

USR: Tank Hunta on da Rokkit Launcha Boy

Lootas (5)

USR: Stealth on Cactus Bob (he's a Mek w/big shoota)

666th Penal Legion: 200 Points (I'll make (1) roll for BOTH squads)


Penal Legions Squad

USR: Furious Charge on Sgt. w/Chainsword

Penal Legions Squad

USR: Preferred Enemy on Kneeling Sgt.

Fast Attack:


Smoke Launcher

USR: Tank Hunter

Inquisition Kill Team: 198

Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Brimstone

Refractor, Incinerator, Power Sword, Frag

USR: Preferred Enemy

Imperial Guard Veteran Squad

Sgt.: Bolt Pistol, Power Sword, USR: Furious Charge

Grenade Launcher, Camo-Cloaks

Heavy Bolter USR: Relentless

Fallen Angels Kill Team: 200

Chaos Marines (10)

Missile Launcher USR: Slow & Purposeful

Plasma Gun, USR: Relentless

Asp. Champ w/Plasma-Bolter USR: Feel No Pain

Vraks Kill Team:200 (uses the Updated FW Vraks list)

Disciples of Xaphan (10)

Sgt: Power Axe, Carapace Armor

Squad: (2) Grenade Launchers, (1) Plasma Gun


Sgt.: USR Furious Charge

Plasma Gunner: USR Feel no Pain

Lascannon Team: Relentless

Armored Sentinel


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