Monday, June 12, 2017

My first Rainbow Warrior Deathwatch veteran is complete


Curiously, the 'ard coated eye lenses didn't catch any of the flash, instead rendering them into darker pits of blackness... 

For the time being this guy will serve as my Rainbow Warriors Kill Team sergeant. I say for the time being as I have second, identically equipped deathwatch marine in the squad who is still just primed currently. The metallic green helmet arrow, marks him out as a survivor of the chapter's 4th company.  No doubt not that's not the standard green of the Rainbow's former 4th company, but more of a decorative flourish. Perhaps in recognition of his initiation into the Deathwatch.

His bolter arm's Mk III armor has been scavenged from a deceased Red Corsair.  The bolter which is an old and obsolete, though apparently still serviceable design was likely also of battlefield salvage. His other arm is bionic and the chainsword is in the Rainbow's standard livery for weaponry.

I tried using a different color for his helmet's eye lenses, but shaky hands prevented me from any success and after a bit of frustration I opted for just glossy black against his matte black armor. I figured 'what the hell, it works for Darth Vader, right?'

Don't hold your breath on my usually scheduled Thursday post. Real Life has reared its ugly head, and I'll be so busy after work these next few days that I predict absolutely zero hobby time till maybe Friday.


neverness said...

Wow, that looks really tight...good work!!! I dig that shoulder pad especially.

Oh, can we call this guy Green Arrow?

Da Masta Cheef said...

Thanks & that name never occurred to me, but I suppose its inevitable