Thursday, June 29, 2017

Leaving the battlefield of the Red Sands for awhile…


I’m kinda tired of both painting my red armored Grymn, as well as using their red sand flock for seemingly everything. Its cool, its different (or rather it was…), and I will no doubt continue to use it (the sand as well as the color scheme) on unfinished projects.  Luckily I have a bucket load of Grymn, still unpainted and some still unassembled. So starting a new contingent really doesn’t hurt anything aside from consistency across the army when on the table. 

Currently, my Grymn serve as Outremar Imperialis Auxilia allies to my Alpha Legionnaires, with the abhuman healot provenance (i.e.: Squats). Curiously (and unfortunately) the provenances for Auxilia are only available when you use a force commander. As an allied contingent, that precludes using any other option. 

However I’ve been wanting to try using the Imperalis Auxilia Platoon Command Cadre as my allied contingent’s HQ choice. Unlike IG command squads, this little (no pun intended) unit can be outfitted in various ways, and acts as sort of a Swiss army knife. No provenances though, sad face.

As such, they’ll serve as just ‘regular’ humans which in effect makes the good ol’ ‘regular’ space marines of 30k True-scale by comparison. 

(And suddenly off topic and on the ol’ soap box: Do you see that GW? If you hadn’t made your human infantry so fucking out of proportion to what they should have been vs. space marines in the 1st place, then this massively stupid, fluff-retcon from hell that are the Primaris-Sigmarines wouldn’t have been necessary. They may in general be pretty models, but your fluff reasoning for them is just fucking awful! Rant concluded aaaaaand, back on topic….)

Anyways, where was I? Ah yes, the Grymn. I opted for a simple ‘test’ color scheme, and here it is:

Ta Dah!!!

Simple, easy and quick to paint…yeah, I like it. The base however, not so much. I dunno, I just painted it grey and flocked it, hell the Ork bit was little more than an afterthought to cover the opening that was visible in the slotta base. I’ll probably scrape the flock off and redo it as a desert base like I’ve been using on my Rainbow Warriors. Those in general look better. Still as a test minis goes, this one is the 1st of many more just like it I’m sure. 


Paint Recipe: (for my own reference):

Armor: Vallejo Green Grey

Clothing: Vallejo German Camo Orange Ochre

Leatherwork: Vallejo Red Leather

Wash: GW Agrax Earthshade (slathered on as per the norm)

Drybrushing: the usual Bleached Bone.

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