Monday, October 31, 2011

My weekend dreadnought


Real life has been kinda rough here of late (more on that below) however painting minis (and indeed gaming in general) makes for an ideal escape from reality for several hours. As such my mini gaming (40k & otherwise) has picked up considerably in the past few weeks as I seek distraction. Three games were played last week, with a few highlights of the third one to be seen here.

Also last week, I picked up an AoBR dreadnought off of ebay for less that half the cost or a regular dreadnought box. Sure it lacks the options of the boxed set, but $44.50 is a bit much in my book, especially as for what? another $20 tops? I can get a FW dreadnought that looks far prettier. No I thought I'd just go on the cheap this time around. Anyways, it arrived Saturday in the mail, and with no plans for the evening, I set to work on it, finishing it up yesterday.

It came out pretty good I think. I dressed it up a bit adding a regular dreadnought base, heavy flamer, searchlight, smoke launcher & several purity seals from my bitz box. It still needs iconography but I am out of materials to make some Aurora custom decals. I also need to figure out what will be written onto its leg & torso scrolls, but for the time being it's 'done'.

I wanted a full HQ roster for the Aurora army, but with only 2 slots available, the librarian & chaplain are found vying for the same slot. However using this as a chaplain dread (probably just make it venerable) cures that problem (of course this only matters when I'm not running them on a split force org. list). At some point I need to get a drop pod for this guy too. My old Dark Hands ven. dread. w/multi-melta attested to the waste of points that this mini can be w/o one.

And now on a personal note...

In general I've kept my personal life off of here, however this time it will directly effect this blog, so I'll give it more than just the token mention. I will be going on hiatus from blogging here shortly. My stepfather is about to lose his short & brutal war with cancer, and I'm expecting the 'the call' to come now any day. My Bags are packed, arrangements made, etc.

Bob's been a central figure in my life for a little over a quarter of a century, and he's going to leave this world far too soon. Its going to be pretty rough for us (well even more so than it is now). I'll be bringing my paints with me, so whenever it is that i return to the blog, I'll have something to show you. As I said above, painting minis is a wonderful way to escape reality for a bit, and while I can't hide forever, the occasional respite will be needed. The photo of Bob above was taken @ my sister's wedding just a few short months ago.

Take care.

Da Masta Cheef

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