Friday, February 10, 2012

The Tyrant's Legion, v.2


Okay, so a few weeks back I decided to make a variant list of my renegade IG using the Tyrant's Legion list. I posted a pic of a Red Corsair to use as a Centurion and my idea for that list. Of course as you now know, that Corsair resulted in the gift of a gorgeous Red Corsair army landing on my doorstep, and consequently threw the Tyrant's Legion idea into confusion.

The Corsairs are all on custom resin bases, whereas the IG they would be leading are on standard bases. Side by side, they don't mix well and I had considered scrapping the idea all together. However the Legion army would only require a few models extra and I had already ordered some stuff to that end. So I've decided to just go with it and leave the new Corsairs as an entirely separate entity.

First off, is my new Centurion. One of the gifted Corsairs was broken & ill equipped to fit into the current CSM codex. He was missing one arm and the other had a lightning claw, which neither aspiring champions, nor TL Centurions can have. So I removed him from his pretty base (discovering that they're all pinned in place), gave him a standard base, made a head swap and then re-armed him (literally).

Currently he's about half painted. At some point I want to add sentry guns (which amusingly, are both immobile & listed as fast attack!) to this army. So I figure that the auspex in his right hand is really just his remote control for them. I wasn't sure if it would be odd having the techmarine shoulder pad, however most of the techmarines pictured in the Badab war books lack servo arms, so it's really of no concern. Besides, having had an Iron Hands army several years ago, I kinda like the idea of having a (former?) techmarine in charge (well that and having a 2 wound techmarine again).

However the one unit that really made me want to make a Tyrant's Legion army was the 'Corpse Taker'. The Corpse Taker is an apothecary who's sole purpose is to collect gene seed. It doesn't matter who's (the Tyrant isn't picky), nor does it matter if the loyalist marines who still have their gene seed are even alive! He and his 'dissection servitors' are going to harvest it anyways! I'm surprised that FW hasn't yet made any models for this unit.

I just combined the SM apothecary bitz with a regular CSM, and added a servo-skull. The dissection servitors were just given new arms from the possessed marine sprue & some old and long since cannibalised Epic Knight Paladins. Given his role, I've yet to decide if I should paint him white or not...

And as for the original Centurion. It only seemed appropriate to have him fight with the Red Corsairs proper. So I painted up the base vacated by the damaged Centurion above, demoted hm back to a mere aspiring champion (though its hard to call it a demotion, all things considered), and he's now the first fully painted model in the army. Huzzah!


Brian said...

Looking good.

Mordian7th said...

Very cool! Always been a fan of the Red Corsairs, and the Tyrant's Legion list is rather cool. I definitely like how your Corpse Taker and retinue is coming along - really looking forward to seeing them painted up. Keep up the great work!

Da Masta Cheef said...

Thanks guys!

neverness said...

That is looking good!