Monday, July 2, 2012

Magic Standard Part 2


He has a shield for the days in which he is used as a BSB rather than just a GS standard bearer.
Well I got the standard bearer himself painted over the weekend at least. Rather than just paint him wearing green & yellow like the rest of my army, I thought I'd do something a bit different with my great swords. There is a recurring character in the Mathius Thulemann series that is a member of the Black Guard of Morr, Captain Erhart or something like that. I always kinda liked the character and to me, the Black Guard more or less seemed to fit the description of Great Swords.

I didn't want to paint his armor just black with black clothing though, as I was afraid it would look too bland. Instead I opted for the metal armor with a heavy black wash over the whole model to darken it up. Looking at googled images of armies of Morr (such as Dave Taylor's amazing example) they're usually painted black & purple, so I opted for the purple here. I may alternate between those two colors as the primary clothing color for the uniforms of rest of the unit.

Staying attached to its pole, yet another magical ability.
As for the standard itself, here it is prior to inking last night. Again, it was bathed in badab black, and will be dry brushed and/or highlighted sometime this week. I need to go hunting around to see where I can find a drill bit thin enough to pin that pole. I'm thinking of a paper clip's diameter. There is a little bit of overlap of the two surfaces for the glue to bond to, but I once again have to wonder @ GW's design philosophy.

 These games are supposedly marketed towards kids rather than the veteran players such as myself. Yet I can't see how they can expect a kid to pay $25-$30 on the empire BSB model, and put this together w/o rage quitting the game after breaking it, or gluing the snot out of it only to have it break anyways, etc., (and then telling all their friends about it the misery of the experience). For years they have made models where glue joints were simply mind boggling. Especially at load bearing points.


Once pinned it ought to be alright I guess. Once complete I'll have to work on a magnetized tray for this regiment just to keep this model standing up.

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