Thursday, October 4, 2012

...and now for some fluff bunny Eldar.


4 in one week! (take note Hive Angel)
Last week in looking for something to paint, i decided to work on some Eldar. While not a neglected army, there's still quite a bit of it to paint (okay, truth be told, that describes all of my armies barring the Orks...).  Anyways, I painted and flocked a pair of rangers first and followed them up with a pair of exodites.

The rangers are of the older type and it didn't occur to me till I was almost done painting the Siam-Hann one, that his base is pretty beat up/melted/or something. But whomever glued him down, used a lot of the stuff & rather than have to start over, I left it as is.  Despite being outcasts, I usually see rangers only painted in the colors of their parent army (something I've always done in the past myself). Instead I'm opting for a more varied look. The majority of the squad (3 probably) will be painted for Siam-Hann and the other two for other craftworlds. The green one below is from Biel-Tan and I have to say, his armor blends soooo much better with his cloak than does his counterpart, lol!

Ironically, on my city table, the cloaks draw attention rather than hiding them...

Finishing those rather quickly, I then painted up the remaining two models of my Exodite Avengers. Nothing fancy or anything, just two more grunts to finish out the unit.

Having painted these for my fluff bunny army, they then took to the field vs. Screech's Space Puppies Monday night. Predictably they lost (only 4 VPs to his 8), though they gave a good accounting for themselves in casualties inflicted (though not units destroyed, one grey hunter here, a few over there...).

We played 'Purge the Alien' (ironically enough) with the straight across the table deployment (forget what its called). We forgot about night fight in both the beginning and the end (someone remembered mid-game, but I guess that model died...). He stole the initiative, which makes for 3 consecutive games...forget it, if I win the set up roll, am just going to have my opponent go first, as they will be anyways!

While a few Exodite avengers died to that turn of events, it worked out well as the dragon knights were able to pop the landraider that was thundering across the table on turn 1 (giving me 1st blood). The 'deathstar' that fell out of it was not amused  & charged the knights and challenging their accompanying Warlock. However fighting against mere 'Mon'keigh' was beneath him and he declined (and later fled in panic when the knights were slaughtered).

That worked well cause rather than bother with the various psychic divinations, my farseer  demonstrated that guide and DOOM! still work just fine. Indeed, turn 2 and 30,000 shuriken rounds later, the deathstar was reduced to the wounded SW lord, the WG termie special character, and a lone grunt (who proceeded to wipe out that whole flank).

Oh well, such is the fate of fluff bunnies...

The rangers did well as their rending rules combined with precision shots took a heavy toll on the the puppies on their side of the board. I also had a very small allied contingent of Storm Wardens who got to kill a few puppies in their tabletop debut. I had used my dirt cheap Siam-Hann Autarch rather than my Exodite one on the griffon. The problem is, that at 1500 points, I only have one build with the Exodites. So unable to fill in the missing 60-odd points, I yanked the bare plastic guardian squad, and that left room for a fairly basic Storm Warden Captain and a 5-man tac squad (most of whom survived).

All in all it was fun, and Screech got to win in 6th ed, which ought to tone down his nerd raging about the new addition a little bit...I hope...


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Okay, moment over. Now if only USPS would deliver my rule book (currently en-route to Timbuktu, no doubt) so I can break the game...again.

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I was there ...

I was there the tree huggers fought the headless angels.

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