Monday, May 13, 2013

That's 'MISTER Trashcan' to you buddy!



We played another marathon game of Battletech this past Saturday and Hive Angel took copious notes and photos meaning a battle report will be forthcoming. However I can't resist, and need to mention one particularly glorious moment in the game for me (later in the game I had an equally disastrous moment with a different mech, but I'll let Hive Angel blog about that with glee...).

So on to my moment of glory!

I fielded 2 lances of my Legion of the Rising Sun, and a mixed armor/mech lance of what was initially podunk militia, but I instead fluffed up as a newbie (and short lived) merc unit call the 'Ruff Puffs' (a nick-name taken from the Vietnam war). As such here it is:

The Ruff Puffs are a newly formed Mercenary command, and this is their first contract. As such, they're trying really hard to do a good job (especially as they have to pay off the C-bill loans for their new equipment)!

Impressed by the LotRS, they were hoping to facilitate good relations with their fellow mercenaries and have even offered to let the Legion command in on their strategic planning. Unfortunately, all attempts at inter-unit coordination have thus far been rebuffed. Indeed, the Legion has thus far ignored the Ruff Puffs entirely as they keep getting (quote) 'their worthless asses' in the Legion's way...

The Commander of the Ruff Puffs fielded the unit's only mech, an Urban mech.  As bad as that thing is (which is solely why I bought it) its even worse when maneuvering thru trees and hills. Seriously, jumping to and fro is the only way it can get anywhere (and even then only barely)! So after 3 or so turns of wallowing in the trees, the Urbie finally got into a firing position, and chose to piss off its only viable target, a King Crab assault mech. In general that's a really bad idea for something as crappy as an Urbie.

Firing a shot with its LBX-10 autocannon, it hit with 6 rounds (the LBX is basically a giant shotgun), rolled 2 lucky center torso potential crititcal rolls with a double snake eyes, and then manged 3 engine hits, KILLING IT IN ONE SHOT!!!

Bow down before me!
 Such glory shall never be repeated by my Urbie I am sure,but what a glorious moment it was! If there is any survivng gun camera foatage, then it would make for an excellent marketing tool, or possibly a morale booster for the poor bastards that get assigned to pilot Urbies.  His moment of glory was relatively short lived. The Ruff Puffs, like their Vietnam counterparts were wiped out, though at least the Urbie pilot should have been able to eject and escape to safety...well, at least until his creditors found him. At that point, P.O.W. would probably be more of an appealing fate...

I'll leave all of the juicy details on who killed what and where to Hive Angel. It was a good game though, and one of the rare games that went to completion.

He also purchased a bucket load of mechs, still in the blister from a local guy who went on a spending spree at one point, but has been selling off his collection at a steep discount! As such I put in an order for a lance of mechs for the bargain price of $20! On top of that, Hive Angel gave me 2 more! Whether it was a late Christmas gift, early birthday present or both is no matter as they're much appreciated! Thanks again!

Oh, and to all who may be interested, gifts are always accepted...

And one last bit, once again, there was little accomplished on the painting front, other than the Goblin Infantry Support Vehicle below, painted in LotRS colors. It performed rather well in its battlefield debut I think.

After 3 photos, this was the least blurry, and I gave up trying to get a clearer photo. Caffeine FTW!


Hive Angel said...

Despite losing the King Crab so early I didn't lose the pilot or the mech so in theory it is easily fix. I think the big thing is I did pretty good attitude wise when it happened.

However it was cool to watch the Crab plow through vehicles to get to the Trashcan and destroyed it.

Hell to me not agreeing to floating critical rules, lol.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Indeed, its hard to lose an assault that early on, and I can attest to that. Though you saying no to the floating crits immediately came to mind when I rolled the double snake eyes.

Sadly, the first shot that the trashcan made in anger, is liable to be the best shot if ever makes.

eriochrome said...

Battletech just does not look right to me anymore without the Robotech designs.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Meh, when people want $20-$40 per mech (wishful thinking even before the new Robotech kickstarter) just because it's beat up 20 year old 'unseen' mini, then I can do without them.