Monday, August 5, 2013

...aaaand this week in 'tiny tank antics'...


Rob unsurprisingly ran an almost carbon copy of the Steiner lance that he had used the week previously. This is quite fluffy actually as house Steiner is known for its lack of imagination. In return I fielded a Draconis Combine combined arms company and whilst casualties were light (in terms of losses, i.e.: 1 mech and 1 tank vs. Rob losing just one mech), there were a lot of really beat up machines on the table! Rob felt he was in worse shape than I, so on turn 8 he ran up the white flag and fled the field, huzzah!

Given his love of heavy Gauss Rifles and AC20s, my mechs were more of the long and medium ranged sort, with 2 of them sporting precision ammo to make their shots count (to no avail in the Dragon's AC5...).  The mechanized infantry and tanks on the other hand were outfitted to get in close and get their hands dirty. Thus, in our usual urban battlefield on which we usually play, my tanks and infantry went right up the center and inflicted a death by a thousand paper cuts (in exchange for a death via big guns). My cicada mistakenly followed them leading to it's demise. :-(

First up, I bought and built some GHQ M-113 ACAVs for use as tracked mechanized infantry (with MGs appropriately enough). Boy let me tell you there was some serious cursing and swearing as i was gluing on (and often dropping) those microscopic MGs! Mech. inf. platoons are supposed to have 4 vehicles, but only 3 fit on a standard sized hex base, meaning I have enough to field a second platoon (which is assembled though not painted yet).  In their battlefield debut, these little tanks got the killing shot on a surrounded and thoroughly beat up Blitzkrieg (god that's ugly!) when they hit the exposed AC20 ammo bin!

While I failed to kill the Fafnir this week (Again, quite ugly. In fact I'm thinking of naming Rob's units the 'ugly Duckling Brigade'), I certainly ruined its day with a crappy little tank. A ML variant Scorpion was immobilized by a single LBX blast (typical) and was summarily ignored by the nearby Fafnir. However the Faf had taken quite a good pounding by turn 8, when the Scorpion got a lucky snake eyes critical hit on the Faf's right side (using the right side hit direction chart) it hit the heavy gauss rifle! Taking a full 25 point internal hit all but ripped the right torso from the mech!

...and that's when the white flag went up.



Kushial said...

I managed to fight Adam's mechs to an inconclusive draw myself. Lights and mediums flying all over the board was a bit interesting. I still don't know how my Clint was still in the game. He was past the armor and into the crits in 5 locations and was about to be in 2 more. Quickdraw and Hunchback did ok, but I loved how the Panther performed. I think for my next game I'd like to pair up with Rob or you Corey for a BV game rather than a preset force from the starter box.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Sounds good, we've got plenty of time to work something out for a game