Thursday, October 23, 2014

My 500th blog post!!!!


Most people I know personally will (all to frequently) say that I don't know when to shut up. Looking for new audiences, I turned to teh interwebz and by the 500th post, you'd think I'd be hard-pressed to find something to ramble on about...right?


I have no intentions of stopping my incessant bitching, whining, ranting, posting half-assed battle reports, showcasing whatever it is that I'm currently working on, and of course my incessant gramatical errors. In the beginning...(all the way back to Janurary 2010, wow!) Da Long Wayz Dezert Groop was almost exclusively a 40k related blog. Since then...this blog has gone in all manner of gaming directions, and 40k is kinda a rarity these days. Oh well, nothing stays the same right?


In an attempt to inject a bit more 40k back into Da Groop, I plan on having a forthcoming (and most likely intermittent) series called: The state of my 40k. In these posts I'll detail what state (in most cases sad) my armies are currently in, my future plans on expansion of them (if any) and what the potential threat is for them popping up on ebay (which is nothing new for me, as any of my long-time readers will already know).

Speaking of my readers...check this out:

Holy shit Batman!!!
Ya know when I started this blog, I also pondered buying one of these to go with Luckily in my case, that shirt isn't accurate. My 'test blog' perhaps, but not this one, and I thank all of my readers for that! Honestly, thank you! Without you, I might not have become a narcissist.

Now my minions-ermm, uh fellow gamers (?), read on...

Yes, now if you've read this far into my glorious  ego-stroking-extravaganza, then there is a (potential) reward for you...if ya want it of course.

It is well known that my general impression of the new Ork codex is much like my thoughts on 7th ed 40k. Basically, they both suck! As such my Ork Army has (State of my 40k SPOILER ALERT!) suffered heavily in its war with the great devourer itself. Yes, I'm talking about ebay. That said, I still have more HQ choices than I'll ever need. As such, since this is my 500th post, I figured I'd give away a member of Da Long Wayz Dezert Groop to you! (sorry, right now we're too poor to offer ya something new)

Thus I offer up to you: Masta Blasta!

Suck it Spess Puppy players!
He's metal, not that FAILshit! Lacking any other meg-nobs, he's served as a Big Mek in my armies for years, racking up many victories in the process! He also comes with his trusty (but not pictured) Fenrisian Attack Squig!  He's wearing SW colors not out of respect (no self respektin' Ork haz dat for da beakies!) but out of pure mockery!

The usual method for this sort of thing (Read: I stole the idea from other blogs) is to just leave me a comment on this post by say...7pm EST on Sunday, and then I'll put all of the names in a hat, pick one out, and announce the winner in my next post (jeez, talk about milking this shit out...), and I'll ship it out after getting their mailing info (and yes I'll ship internationally).

So, here's to 500 more...


The Mad Mek said...

Congratulations! 500 is a huge milestone. Looking forward to reading more.

Greg Hess said...

Congrats on your 500! Don't fret too much about 7th and the orks. They get stronger every codex release. It's just hard being first!

I can't even remember the last time orks were in the top ten bracket for tournaments, and now they're showing up left and right!

The green tide is strooooong!

Mordian7th said...

Congrats on the 500th post, man! I always look forward to seeing your posts, and I look forward to 500 more! :)


Da Masta Cheef said...

Thanks Guys!!!

Admiral Drax said...

Belated congrats, Masta Cheef!

Sorry I'm late to the party, mate: week from hell at work meant that blogfollowing was negligable last week.

500th is a great thing - keep on rocking!

NB: I played as orks over the summer, for the first time ever - they were really good fun!

Da Masta Cheef said...

Thank you Admiral, especially as your blog was one of my inspirations on starting my own!