Thursday, May 21, 2015

My 1st FULLY painted Grymn Militarum squad!


Blue Squad is ready to go!
For me to have a fully painted squad of...well, anything is something of an accomplishment. Currently the Exodites have the most painted squads after the Orks lost all of theirs via the ebay exodus. Whereas, for a faction that has only ever been played twice, in different game systems and where both outings were dismal failures...for me to have any of them painted is simply miraculous!

But, I love my Grymn, so there you have it. 

In fact, my Grymn are about to get some reinforcements via some more Noble Knight Trade-in credit (to be mailed out this weekend). When that arrives I'll have a 25 Grymn Platoon, a veteran squad (which brings up my Gyrmn to be comparable in number to my various IG armies of the past) and an Embittered Noble suffering thru punishment duty (which will count as a: Lord Commissar) to lead them. Add to that an armored Sentinel, a Grymnquisitor and his flunkies, the Garvus Lighter, and a Grymndicare assassin, and while that won't be quite 1k in points, its getting pretty close!

Suck it GW!
Also, as I mentioned in my last Grymn post, I have shredded a hacked Russian Astra Militarum PDF codex. The downloaded PDF clocked in at staggering 398 pages!!! However my Grymn Militarum Codex has been condensed down to a mere 20 pages, front cover included. Sure there's no fluff or artwork in it, but I'm always dreaming up/revising my own fluff for my Grymn and posting it on here. So that isn't required for a codex, especially as there are very few in our local gaming group who care at all about the Grymn anyway.

That and most GW fluff these days (BL novels excluded) are either recycled for the most part from the prior codex, a none-to-descriptive paragraph about a war in which the opposing side was pasted on a timeline, or little more than a marketing driven add-on designed to sell the codex's newest, shiny, and expen$ive additions. In all honestly, I haven't done anything more than skim the fluff in the last few codexes I've bought as in general it was terribly disappointing. As for the lack of artwork? Heh, and how often to you see that complaint about the new-styled codexes online?


Its such a great (and these days, short lived) $50ish value that you get out of those new codexes isn't it?

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