Thursday, December 17, 2015

Khurasan Hovertank painting begins...


Just a quick post tonight as I'm quite tired and I've only just started this project. This is a Sword class hovertank from Khurasan that I'll be using for my Buffet Assault Group army for Gruntz. The camo scheme, which is still in the base coating stage was inspired by a winter/urban camo scheme painted by Dwartist for one of Khurasan's other 15mm tanks (just scroll down a bit).

No paint aside from primer has been applied to the turret yet.
There will be a Buffet Assault Group decal on that rear panel!
From an aerial point of view, the camo does break up the silhouette nicely.

Looks good so far I think despite being as clean as it is, but have no fear-by the time I'm done it'll be dusty and filthy as a tank properly should be!

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