Thursday, February 2, 2017

Captain Bob


Not sure what legion's colors will be
on the partial Mk IV helm on the base
I've always liked the Dark Vengeance Dark Angel captain mini, and on a whim I bought this one off of ebay a few weeks back. They're literally a dime a dozen on there and like most that are available, I got this one for a pittance. I thought this would make for a good 30k Dark Angel, as all it would need is a simple head swap and larger base.

True, the Mk VII power armor was developed during the Heresy, but I thought a Mk IV helm would look better not to mention it wouldn't have the ridiculously grandiose decorative wings which are liable to interfere with close combat and/or catch on every low hanging tree branch. 

Locally, Bob is our resident Dark Angel aficionado, and after the ass-whipping he handed my Alpha Legion this past weekend, I would remiss if I didn't mention the fleeting moment of unbridled glee I felt when I wrenched off this mini's helm, as I decapitated it with a pair of pliers the other day. Thus, in that moment he became: Captain Bob.

Like Captain Woo (who also still needs to be painted), this mini is likely to be a one-off paint job. I don't plan on having a single marine painted in the colors of each of the HH Legions, but I'm sure there will be a few at the least.

Speaking of last week's game, I was pondering alterations to my Alpha Legion army and was coming up blank. The army was built more on aesthetic appeal rather than table top effectiveness. True, I still have a dreadnought to paint and assemble, but I'm guessing that I'll need some more bodies on the table to give me some options. Thus I will be buying another squad here shortly, once some hobby funds are available via my current ebay auctions

Of course last week, rather than more marines all I needed was a rhino or two to transport my marines right thru that wall of bolter fire, but rhinos are boring to build and paint. Of course not having my Vanquisher stunned and then blown up in short order would have helped immensely as well, but those are the breaks...


neverness said...

I really like those HH marine jetbikes. Have you considered those?

Da Masta Cheef said...

its just the cost and FW's notoriously bad quality control that make me loathe to purchase them. Honestly, a FW 30k landraider variant or sicaran tank would be my first choice before the jet bikes (cool as they are).

neverness said...

I can understand that. I get 'Fellblade' envy each I see one of those in a blog post. That thing just rocks!

Da Masta Cheef said...

You could sell your baneblade company (or that squiggoth that you'll also never build) to finance the purchase
one of those...