Monday, July 31, 2017

New Recruits!


A few weeks back I got a minuscule *bonus* from work, and before it was consumed by the great maw of daily expenses, I ordered another Mk III tac squad for my 30k Salamanders. Whilst I’d have preferred Mk IV marines, the Mk IIIs were about $4 cheaper so that’s what I got. 

The first four of ten...which sounds like something from the Borg collective, lol.

In my Sally’s battlefield debut, Bob let me borrow close to 30 marines to flesh my army out to 1500 points. I did appreciate that, but would rather just use my own minis. This squad filled the holes in my roster that the painted Alpha Legionnaires left on their exit. True, I won’t be fielding any 20-man tac squads anytime soon, but I can at the least hit the 10 man minimum. Likewise my Fire Support Squad’s also back up to the 5-man minimum. 

I added Vexillas this time as well. I didn’t use those when fielding the Alpha Legion, as they were always trying to conceal their true identities, so have squad level banners didn’t seem appropriate (though I suppose they could have been used for misdirection as well). That and I figured they’d snap off at some point. Hopefully the latter won’t occur with these (I’ll keep ya posted).


neverness said...

Are two of those guys carrying hoverboards on their backs? That is awesome! I haven't seen those since the RT days and I wasn't aware thst they were in 30k.

Let me know if you need any flight stands.

Da Masta Cheef said...