Thursday, April 19, 2018


Seriously what the hell? 

I opted to try Neverness' approach and took these finished
photos outside in natural light.

Oh, I know I said. I'll put aquilas on 3 sides, and then paint the feathers in a rainbow of colors! Sure. Sounds great. Unlike the marine's pauldrons there's no edges to help hold the bristles in
line, instead all that's needed is a steady hand. I can do that

The blue circle with the number 3 on the turret marks this out as having originally been the 3rd predator assigned to the Rainbow Warriors' 9th Company. 

Well yes...apparently. 

Note the two service studs on the severed head. Clearly this was a marine, though from what chapter or renegade warband is unknown.

But it was a fucking nightmare to actually do! And of course after accomplishing that feat from hell, there comes the fact that this is the last surviving tank from a dying chapter. One whose last few marines have more important shit to do (like surviving) to not bother with cleaning the grime and filth off of the hull. As such, said filth obscures about half of the detail on those rainbow-painted-aquilas (which in hindsight might not be such a bad thing given my sloppiness).

So...once again, this tank is painted and ready to die do battle on the table top.

Anyways, the damned thing is done barring the clear coat (which I'm out of currently). I like it. Its filthy yes, but that's my usual preference for tanks anyways. So I guess for the Rainbow Warriors its onto either some more tactical marines, or else Primaris Lt. Budderbarz.


Mordian7th said...

Very cool! I dig how that turned out!

Da Masta Cheef said...

Thank you sir!

neverness said...

I thought painting those feathers would be an excerise in insanity, but I see that you do, in fact, have the necessary strength to prosper. Well done! Look forward to those meds in the paper cup, you have earned them sir!

I have noticed that you no longer are using your photo-box for taking mini pics. What happened to it?

Da Masta Cheef said...


I still have it, but it often seems like more trouble than its worth though (and that doesn't include the kitties trying to get into it).

Yes the rainbow feathers does qualify as insanity. As such the Rainbow warriors will always be few in number.

Admiral Drax said...

Just gorgeous! Love it!