Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Rearming the Troops (Literally)


Yes I know havoc champions can't use signums, but they look cool and besides, did the Astral Claws' signums really cease functioning just because they started shooting at their brethren?

In and amongst the slow crawl of progress that is my painting queue, I've been repositioning several of the characters that I got from Kushial. Mostly this is just a straight replacement/swap of the arms and weapons, but occasionally the head as well. Whereas in the case of the captain there in the center, he is an amalgamation of several minis along with some bits poached from my meagre collection of spares. 

A little battlefield debris has been added also (mostly skulls). Indeed, the last four bolter grunts needed to complete my first Astral Claws tac. squad received basing skulls/bitz as well, however as they're now primed black they don't photograph worth a shit. 

Clearly  enough for two armies...

One thing of note: the two Forgeworld Apothecaries are REALLY cool minis that I've always wanted! That being said, I'm using the Chaos codex for the Astral Claws meaning they have no place in the army. As such those two as well as that captain with be siphoned off with some other extras that didn't fit in with the claws for a second small Black Templars army. 

Come didn't really think I'd paint all of these in the same colors did you? 


Kushial said...

Actually, I'm surprised you're planning to paint them all in only TWO color schemes. I was expecting three minimum and possibly four. But there is always time for repaints before you get through them all I suppose. LOL

Monkeychuka said...

Maybe the signums have IFF built into them which gets messed up when you target Astartes. Nothing that a few votive candles and sacrificial offerings couldn't fix tho.

Da Masta Cheef said...

@Kushial: Well 'two' is the plan...BTW, that BT Captain already has your name on it!

@Monkeychuka: lol, perhaps. Best I can figure is interference from the plasma gun on the one and poor maintenance on the other (and the latter is always an excellent 'quality' to have in a Havoc Sgt.).

Kushial said...

I never had luck with the signums. I'd always roll a 3 for the adjusted roll and then a 2 for whoever the sgt wasn't helping. Never did work out right so I just started shooting the bolter instead LOL And hmmm, I haven't had a Black Templar army since ..... 3rd Edition?