Friday, October 16, 2020

She's Back!!!


Well it took me a bit, but I finally repaired the ruined paint job of my Fem Fa'Tau Fire Warrior Shas'ui.  It didn't take too long actually, especially as half of the mini was fine as is, rather the delay was more psychological than anything. One thing of note that I don't think I mentioned originally is her helmet. It's a 3D printed variant produced by Onos Industries, I thought I had bought 10 but instead had only ordered 5. 

Note the lavender once again poking out of the hole in the hatch just for Monkeychuka.

Oh well, the pulse carbine equipped Fire Warrior is the worst of the lot, so a minimum sized squad isn't much of an issue I guess. It does make it so that every Fire Warrior/Pathfinder/Breacher type has it's own unique helmet style to correspond with their specific gun type. 

Speaking of the Fem Fa'Tau, I've started work on my new crisis suit commander. Nothing too flashy as of yet, still just in the base coating phase. Not sure if I'll keep the flight stand or not. Whilst it would likely negate the fear of ankle breakage, it's position, despite my best efforts doesn't quite line up with the feet, meaning said ankles would always be under tension. 

Sorry Siph, but your boys ought not have gone looking for souvenirs in this neck of the woods... 

On the Spess Mahreen front, the Incandescent Coyotes Rhino has achieved the 'Woolly Bear' state. It's been easier going this time around now that I know what route I'm actually taking. Next step is onto the detailing. 

I guess two is a charm?

Lastly, Neverness and I played our annual Orks vs. Orks game at the FLGS last weekend. Just in case you missed it, you can find the battle report here


Siph_Horridus said...

How very dare you! Haha

neverness said...

I think you should just change the chapter to the Woolly Bears at this point.

Da Masta Cheef said...

@siph: Lol, a captain named after you, and a Relictor decorating my base 2 weeks later...hope that doesn’t make us frenemies!

@Neverness: Nope. Just these two vehicles will resemble said catapillars.

Monkeychuka said...

Jobs a good'n! You could always pin the Crisis Suit with a paper clip or something to counteract the weak ankles. I also like the name 'Woolly Bears'.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Ack, pinning! Sausage fingers tends to wreck more models than fix them when it comes to pinning and no, the chapter will not be renamed for the 4th time! (though apparently their motorpool has been)