Thursday, November 19, 2020

The caves have arrived!


With the pieces fitting together like a puzzle without a picture to go by, I'll likely never assemble the same board twice. 

I love this stuff and as I've stated previously, I need moar!!! This bunch here clocked in at $100 and it almost fills a third of my game table. Better yet, it fits under the table top meaning it can be left in place when we're done playing.

These won't really work for spess mahreens and their 32mm bases, indeed 25mm bases are the biggest that'll fit but really, this screams 15mm gaming!! May have to sell some 40k armies to finance some more hexes. Anyways, enough jabbering just look at the pics:

Damned Hobbit sized entrance!

As you can see, 25mm bases just barely fit into the passageways.

And even those are a bit too big for some hexes.

Psst, you see anything over there?  yeah, peeking over the cavern walls, lol.

High crested helms are probably not recommended in caves and caverns. 

15mm minis on the other hand...yeah they're prefect! I've been wanting to break into some sort of 15mm gaming for awhile due to the vastly reduced cost and storage needs. Even going so far as to simply halve the ranges of everything in regular scale 40k for simplicity's sake. If anybody could recommend a good system it would be appreciated. 

A much better fit!

A squad of my 15mm marines getting ambushed by some sort of alien horrors!

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