Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Renegade IG Lascannon Squad is Finished!


I finished the last team late Sunday night, and less than 24 hours later my newly finished squad that I spent so much time painting, died its first death! Typical. Of course that happens to anything that's newly painted, a right of passage I suppose. They did successfully kill a Carnifex before a chewed up Genestealer squad led by a Brood Lord tore them limb from limb. Corner deployment & 2 squads of outflanking stealers, cringe. It brought to mind a post on BoLS a little ways back where someone was crying that the Imperial Guard were totally broken & had ruined 40k. Heh, hardly! Straken doubled back & held the line for a little bit, but there's little to do against that onslaught (a brood of hormagaunts arrived along with a lictor, all in my corner! His dice were with him). In the end the Nids won with my Sabbat Irregulars contesting the Nid objective (shocked that I almost pulled out the tie) while a lone Genestealer sat on mine. Another close game with horrific casualties on both sides, so can't complain.

The last team is probably my favorite of the bunch. On the first two I positioned the lascannon back off center to give more room form the crew. On the last I did this as well as positioning it a bit off to the left (looking @ it from the front) so I could put both crewmen on the same side. I wanted to show a little more interaction between them. True, heavy weapons squads don't have Sergeants, however the gunner with the bolt pistol is clearly in charge! Even though the loader is apparently ignorant of the fact that he can't actually use it. This squad does pose a dilemma though. Prior to their completion my 'howitzer' squad (missile launchers using modified OOP Ork Splatta Kannons) was the pride of my army. Until I laid the army out on my coffee table last night with both squads sitting aside one another. Side by side, well...the howitzers look terrible to me. Sigh...dunno, will leave them for now. My Tau Broadside arrived from Forgeworld yesterday, so will start work on that (or something tau, tired of Renegades for the moment).

Just a quick addendum after my last comment. After posting this I tinkered around converting a FW Nurgle preacher (the skinny one with the cloak) into an adept of the dark Mechanicus. Guess I'll start the Tau tomorrow.

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