Friday, April 2, 2010


So, how much stuff can you put on an Ork Warbike & yet still have it still be mobile? Turns out, quite a bit. Now, I've always avoided bikes because I can't seem to roll higher than a 2 when it comes to armor saves. When I first started using ebay, my SM bikes were some of the first to go.

This bike however, dunno where/when I got it, has been on the shelf for years, on the table...only once that I can recall. I tried to give it away @ one point, but the new Ork bikes had just come out, so that was a no go. So I started fiddling with it on & off. I've decided on making him into a 'Not-So-Big Mek'. He'll hang back & wait for a vehicle to break (which won't take long) and then turbo boost over to fix em' up!

I've removed the hideous guns that stuck way out, replacing them with big shootas from the old trukk. Added a bed roll, Mek's toolz from a Gorka Morka Spanner (mek), and a big choppa from a Gorka Morka Nob (just in case something outflanks an' needs a good stompin!). A Forgeworld glyph is on the back, a targeting crosshair on the front and he's gotta little back pack from somewhere. The best part is his grot oiler who's ridin' shotgun. I have a rounded Calvary base coming as well (I got it when I an ordered econobox mini case [PERFECT for BFG fleets] from the Warstore). I'll start painting on this this weekend.

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